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As she turned over, Hermione felt the cold of the floor on her arms and she hoped she had such a bad dream it knocked her off her bed. As she opened her eyes dread washed over her. She was surrounded by dark stone walls that gave the whole room, if you could call it that, a wet and cold feeling. The air was damp and almost unbreathable and her mouth gaped open when she saw the chains bolted to the wall and no sign of a visible entrance. There was one little window at the top of the wall that faced her, it was covered with metal bars and didn't allow much light to come in. She curled into a fetal position and began to cry. So it wasn't a nightmare, she thought. Voldemort had indeed conquered Hogwarts. Where was Harry? Where was Ron? Were they alive or did they parish under Voldemort's will.

She tried to apparate out of the dank room, but she soon realized her efforts were wasted. Some spell must be preventing her from leaving the room. She was very sad, angry and distraught, but she knew she had to pull herself together. Where was she? A dungeon, that was obvious, but where? And whose? Before Hermione could think of the answers, a crack notified her of someone apparating behind her. Instinctively she reached into the sleeve of her robe for her wand, but there was nothing there. No wand, but more importantly no sleeve. She realized then that all she had on was a dirty camisole and her white panties.

The chubby young man, whom she had always seen sneering and happy, now looked sad and angry. As he stared at her feet, he dropped a tattered grey skirt. Hermione slowly bent over to retrieve it without ever dropping her gaze. "Goyle," she suddenly smiled "where are we, where is everyone?" But the young man kept silent and dropped another piece of fabric by her feet. "Gregory, I need you to..."

"Shut Up!" he interrupted abruptly, "you will put on these clothes and be silent doing it."

Hermione came to the realization, Gregory Goyle was not on her side. "No!" She answered defiantly, but Goyle turned towards her and sneered, "I was hoping you'd say that." He pulled out his wand and paused, trying to remember the spell he was told to use. "Evanesco!" He yelled. She looked down and saw what little clothing she had on had vanished. Goyle was staring at her supple and naked breasts. The room was so cold, and her nipples had hardened instantly. She immediately covered herself with the skirt as Goyle paced about the room, still staring at her. Hermione's anger surged, "When I get my wand back-"

"You'll do what, Mudblood?" He said placing his foot on the fabric laying on the floor.

"I'll place you on the tallest statue at the top of the ministry of magic building and see how you enjoy being naked!" She stammered.

"I don't think you realize who you are addressing." And without another word, he raised the sleeve of his robe. There, burning brightly on his arm, was the dark mark. The sole symbol of a Death Eater. "Wow," she said calmly, "Voldemort must have really been desperate to recruit-," but before she could finish her sentence, Goyle slapped her so hard and abruptly she lost her balance and fell to the floor. "Filthy Mudblood, the dark Lord bestowed upon me a great honor and I will make him proud." Hermione had never witnessed Goyle speak more than two words in a single sentence, let alone taking a stand without Draco Malfoy guiding his every step. She was obviously in a Death Eater's mansion, she guessed. Not many wizards still had dungeons in their homes. Was she in Goyle's home or was he doing someone else's bidding.

"A great honor indeed, he sends you down to me with clothes, like a servant, a house elf." Goyle turned towards her and pointed his wand at her. "Petrificus Totalis!" he chanted. The skirt fell from her hands. Her lips and tongue were frozen still and she could not move any limb. There she stood, petrified with no clothing on.

Goyle picked up the skirt and the fabric from the floor. "Filthy Mudblood… I wish I could teach you some manners," he said as his hand cupped her breast from behind. He pressed up against her, so close she could feel what he would have referred to as his manhood under his robe, "but I need to get these clothes on you. Pity." He fumbled with the skirt and put it over her head, pulling it down to her waist, trying to get a feel every time her breasts came near his hands. If Hermione could have, she would have cried. He wrapped the fabric around her back, crossed it over her breasts and tied it around her neck. "Such a shame to waist time covering your skin, when you'll be uncovered soon."

What was going to happen to her now? Even though Goyle was a bumbling idiot, he became a Death Eater and had the backup of many others. Suddenly another crack sounded and then Vincent Crabb appeared. "Goyle" he grunted and almost like they had read each other's mind, they smiled. Crabb grabbed Hermione's left arm, while Goyle grabbed her right arm and in an instant the both of them apparated with her into a sitting room.

Hermione couldn't believe her eyes. She was standing in the middle of the sitting room with many eyes watching her. Sitting on a settee to the left was Narcissa Malfoy, and her Sister Belatrix, both seemed annoyed that their conversation had been interrupted by the appearance of the girl. Standing to his wife's side was Lucius Malfoy, his blonde hair shimmering in the light. His smile was so evil, Hermione just knew he had everything to do with this situation. To the right were Crabb and Goyle's fathers, waiting for his boys to come back, and standing by the fireplace, was Draco Malfoy.

Lucius looked at his two fellow Death Eaters, "You should be proud of your boys… they apparated her here with no visible splinching. Boffy!" he called and with a pop, a house elf appeared. He was old and grizzly, but he quickly levitated and placed a metal collar around Hermione's neck. "You filthy little Mudblood," Lucius continued, "this collar binds you to this home, as a house elf is bound to his master. You can only be freed if the owner of this home, namely myself, choses to release you. You've no doubt noticed you cannot apparate, that is because only a Death Eater can enter or leave this house and it takes two dark marks to apparate a non Death Eater in our out. Now follow Boffy and do as he says." Hermione was still under the Petrificus Spell and stood still. "Oy!" said Boffy. "Mudblood! Oy! The filthy girl heard the Master, follow Boffy!" Lucius walked over to her, and placed his hand between her legs on top of her skirt. Hermione would have screamed, or winced, or turned him into dust… but she couldn't move. "She's petrified. Gregory, my boy, did you defile this young Mudblood?"

"No" Goyle grunted. "Good…" said Lucius "Finite Incatetum."

Hermione fell to the floor, her legs no longer able to bear her weight. She looked up at Lucius and spat on his feet. "You little insolent Mudblood!" He raised his wand and before he could speak Draco came running up "Crucio!" He yelled pointing at Herimone. Hermione screamed in pain a little… it was indeed pain, but nothing she couldn't handle. "Don't you dare disrespect my Father, you filth!" Lucius turned to his son and in a very non plus manner he raised an eyebrow. "Now Lucius" hissed Bellatrix "The boy was just trying to make you proud. He needs someone to practice his unforgivable curses on."

Lucius looked at Draco intensely and said "I want her to follow Boffy to the kitchen and clean the floors." Draco turned to Hermione and aimed his wand at her. "Imperio!" he screamed. His Imperius curse did not need improvement, it was very powerful. "Granger, Kitchen, Now!" Hermione had never been able to resist the Imperius curse, so against her own will, she turned on her heels and followed Boffy.