I have done the unthinkable, I started a new story .

Don't worry my other story will still be updated regularly I haven't abandoned it but this idea wouldn't leave me alone until I started to write it.

I read another story about a girl who got turned into a dog when she was sent to middle earth and she got to hang out with Aragorn so I started thinking, what about Legolas?

And since Legolas doesn't seem like a dog person to me, what kind of animal would he allow to hang out with him?

And this story was born. ;)

On a side note, I LOVE PEARLS, I got a real honest to god PEARL necklace for my 21st birthday and I have decided that my goal in life is to get a string in every colour.

Anyway enough ranting from me, on with the story

Disclaimer: I don't own it and I never said I did so bugger off you evil bloodsuckers.

Chapter joke: You laugh because I'm different. I laugh because I farted.

Now on with the first chapter,

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We begin our story in a sleepy country town in outback Australia, but not the Australia we all know. This Australia was in a parallel reality one of thousands of possible planes of existence scattered across the universe.
The point of divergence for this parallel reality was many years ago in a sleepy English village where a small boy called JRR Tolkien lived, he fell out of a tree on his tenth birthday and broke his neck and died therefore never writing The Lord of The Rings or any of the connected works.

This to some people would seem a great and irreplaceable loss, but in truth it had little impact on the world as we know it except that peter Jackson never achieved renown from making the movies and never remade King Kong.

Technology was invented at the same pace and the world political state is much the same and if there is a little less wonder and imagination in the world nobody really cares enough about such frivolous things to be bothered by the lack.
Only children feel and try to resist the strange emptiness left by the striping of all the wonder from the world and only a few managed to keep their wonder of the world intact fast their teens.

Tracy king was one of these children, she lived a simple life helping out on her family's sheep farm and spent all of her spare time (and some work time) trying to keep her imagination alive and imagining having great adventures in strange magical worlds.

It just so happened that near Tracy's farm there was an old abandoned opal mine; which in itself wasn't a very uncommon thing considering she lived in Cooper Pedi but it has a very large impact on this story since the mine plays a very large role in the shaping of her future.

Tracy is about 21 when this story begins; she is an average height, has brown hair that the sun has bleached to blonde at the ends and Grey green eyes. She is stronger than average for her size but that is due to her work rather than something intrinsically remarkable about her.

All in all she is a fairly self sufficient young lady despite still living with her parents. She can cook rather well and keeps the house clean, dose her own washing and helps out her parents with all the rest. She is studying at the local UNI for a degree in Animal husbandry so she can take over the family farm when her parents retire.

Now on the day this story begins Tracy was out in the fields looking for a strayed ewe that was due to give birth in the next few days, if she didn't find it soon she was going to have to go back to the house and get the dogs to track it down.

As she walked past the old mine shaft at the edge of the property she herd strange sounds coming from inside and stopped to look, thinking that maybe the ewe had gone inside to get out of the sun.

As she walked down the narrow passage the noise became louder and she was able to recognize that it was voices chanting something in a foreign language. Ever curios Tracy continued carefully down the shaft to find out what was going on. What she saw at the end of the passage was most definitely not what she expected.

The corridor ended in a small square chamber two sides were simply rough stone, the third however was a brilliantly polished flat square of black opal. It shimmered with a strange inner light that seemed to come from the wall itself and it was from this wall that the sound was coming.

Tracy stepped slowly forward towards the light fascinated by the play of color undulating just beneath the surface of the wall; like quicksilver behind a thin film of glass only far more colorful with the flashes of blue green and fiery red in the opal.
She reached out a hand without thinking to touch the strange phenomenon and quite suddenly found herself elsewhere.

The mineshaft was gone and in its place was a forest clearing in the middle of the night.
The trees were tall and strange and she was facing what appeared to be a large square of quartz crystal planted in the ground in the middle of the clearing. Directly behind the crystal there was a large fire burning and to one side there as a large black stone alter. Tracy figured that by this time she really should be panicking; but the chanting was hypnotic and seemed to block all emotion.
Suddenly one voice spoke over all the others,

"The sacrifice has been summoned; let its form now be changed to one pleasing to the Gods"

Tracy blinked at the word 'sacrifice' she was sure it was referring to her and she didn't like the idea of her form being changed either, she was beginning to feel uneasy despite the numbing effect of the chanting and she looked about her carefully.
What she saw did not reassure her, she was surrounded by people dressed in long black robes standing in a circle around her three rows deep all chanting in the strange language she had herd before. The man doing the talking was behind the stone alter; he stood out from the crowd quite drastically since he was dressed in bright red robes and held a large shiny knife in his hand.

Now she was really starting to get nervous and started to look in earnest for somewhere to run to. Suddenly the red robed guy started to chant again and a light started to build in his hands. Now Tracy really tried to run, she strained with every fiber of her being to run away to anywhere but here but found to her horror that she could not move.
Then the red robed guy turned towards her and pointed his big knife in her direction.

The next few moments seemed to blur together, a strange whistling sound filled the air and the black robed figures started to fall over in great numbers with what looked like arrows sticking out of their backs. There seemed to be faint shapes moving in the trees circling around behind the black robed figures that seemed to be able to disappear and reappear at will as the black robes turned to face them.

The red robe was struck down from the trees in the same way as his fellows however the light from his hands had already been released and flew towards Tracy with unerring accuracy. The light seemed to move in slow motion and at a ridiculous speed at the same time and even though the chanting had stopped and released her from its spell she could not move to dodge it and it struck her engulfing her completely in a bright blue light.
All Tracy knew was that there was light, then there was pain, and then there was nothing at all.

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