Ch 4: Here kitty, kitty, kitty!

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Legolas crown prince of mirkwood was very exited, he was only 13 years old and still very much a child by the standards of his people. He was travelling with his father the king with a great many guards returning to the caves after a visit to Lothlorien. Travel was safer now after the defeat of Souron but there were still remnants of his evil in the world so it was wise to be careful.

Just last night the scouts had discovered a gathering of evil men in the forest performing some vile magic using animal sacrifices. The king had taken a party of guards and obliterated them as a matter of course for no one enters the greenwood without the leave of the king. But there had been a complication; they had found a great white cat among the bodies, unconscious but quite alive. It was also quite obviously far from home for no such beast had ever been seen in the west before. As the king had sensed no evil in her (she was in fact a female cat) he had ordered that she be brought back to camp with them to be healed before being sent on her way.

This was what had Legolas so exited, because of his skill with caring for animals he was allowed to be in charge of taking care of her and he was very proud of the fact that his father trusted him with such a task.
He had sat up with her all night waiting for her to awaken, when morning came and she still slept he had slipped outside to relive himself and to steal some breakfast from the cooks.
As he returned he had herd the sounds of her distress and had run the last short distance to the tent where she was staying. He opened the flap to find her standing already in the middle of the tent staring directly at him with shockingly intelligent eyes. He stood frozen in awe at the sight of her for a moment, she had been impressive sleeping but standing she was truly magnificent to behold. She stood 3and ½ feet tall at the shoulders with paws nearly the size of a mans hands and was almost 4 feet long from hip to shoulders, plus a good foot and a half of tail. Her form was lean but the muscle and sinew of her was visible even through her thick fur and her shoulders and hindquarters were shaped for speed and endurance.

Standing in the tent she could almost have been mistaken for a small shaggy pony, except for her face. It was like that of a tiger from the far jungles of Harad only lacking any colour. She had the ruff of white fur around her neck but none of the black markings, and the powerful jaws of the carnivore full of sharp teeth to match as well as the wickedly sharp claws on each toe that were spasmodically sheathing and unsheathing themselves in the way cats do. The only touches of colour on her were the small tufts of black on the tips of her pointed feline ears and the black tip to her undeniably fluffy tail

The most shocking things about her however were her eyes, they were not vertically slit pupils as a cats should be instead she stared at him with round black pupils in the centre of grey green irises very clearly conveying a great deal of distress.

He walked towards her slowly holding out his hands to show her he meant no harm, murmuring soothing words to her in the beast speech. His words seemed only to confuse her further but he kept trying, then suddenly and to his great surprise a voice sounded clearly in his head as the lady Galadriel occasionally spoke and asked quite clearly,

"What Am I? What happened to me?"

Legolas stood frozen for a moment, then acting purely on instinct answered in the same way,

"You are a cat, you were hurt last night by evil men and my father told me to take care of you"

Her reply was unexpected and made Legolas gape with wonder,

"But I'm not a cat! At least I wasn't yesterday; I was a human, now I don't know what I am."

She seemed calmer now for some reason but Legolas didn't take the time to ponder that.
This was something far beyond his knowledge and in the way of many small children thought immediately of his father as the wisest of all beings, Surely his father would know what to do.
He spoke to her once again, growing more familiar with this new way of communicating,

"Wait here I will go and get my Adar, he will know what to do."

And with that he left at a dead run to find his father and tell him that the strange cat had Awoken.

King Tharanduel of Mirkwood was rather concerned, these humans they had dealt with last night were like nothing he had ever encountered and he had no idea what kind of ritual they had been performing or weather it had been successful. After decimating the group and destroying the altar and camp he and his soldiers had searched the area for anything that could have been summoned.

To his great surprise they had found a very strange creature in the clearing in front of the altar, an extremely large white cat. The creature was immense but quite alive and quite unconscious and it had occurred to him that it may have been drugged to be used as a sacrifice by the brutal cult. He had extended his senses into the beast to see if he could find some clue as to its origins but all he had found was her gender and the fact that he could not find a single scrap of malice in her directed towards any sentient being.

He had decided to take her back to camp until she woke and question her then when her mind was more aware and she might be able to answer in the way of beasts. He had put her in the care of his son who was showing a rare skill in the handling of all kinds of beasts for one so young and he had been watching her all through the night. He himself had spent the night wondering the purpose of the ritual that had been interrupted and had so far come up with nothing. Suddenly there was a commotion outside of the tent and young Legolas came rushing inside and skidded to a stop speaking rapidly,

"Ada, Ada the cat is awake and she says she isn't a cat that she is a human and I didn't know what to do so I came and got you. You need to come talk to her Ada she seems really upset.

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