Zypher: Well, since I actually was able to see the actual first season of Yugioh, I came up with this little story that will probably be considered a darkfic to some extent. Anyways, hoped you will enjoy this little story, Yami no Game: Death's Awakening.

Summary: Yugi solves the legendary Sennen Puzzle but with its completion unearthed two demonic spirits that promised to do anything to protect him, even if it means deadly games that will ensure the loser's death. Other than this, there is more that the spirits wants other than their charge's safety.

Disclaimer: Don't own Yugioh or the songs that may show up in the story somewhere possibly. Only inspired by the first series of Yugioh and the You Tube website which is where you can find clips of this series.


Yami no Game: Death's Awakening

Chapter 1


For eight years, one child has worked on a mystical item known as the Sennen Puzzle. But what he did not know was the curse that was known to be part of it. Whoever solves the puzzle will be granted the powers of Death and the shadows itself. But the child only thought it was a myth passed down for many generations.

But he will find out soon that it wasn't a myth.


"Almost done."

The boy who spoke this soft sentence was Yugi Motou, high school student of Domino High and loner. He didn't have any friends and only lived with his grandfather at the Kame Game shop. The treasure, as he called it, that he was working on was a puzzle that he found sitting in the darkest corner of the shop, like it was placed there so it would never be found. He was intrigued by the puzzle and made it his goal to complete it. And so he did, using every spare moment he had to work on it.

After eight years, he was close to being done, but he never knew of the danger lurking in the shadows with the puzzle's completion.

He smiled as he fitted the last piece into place. "Finally, I'm done!" he said with glee. The puzzle now started to glow with a dark light and he watched, curious and slightly afraid. Soon, the glow engulfed him and pulled his soul into the puzzle.


He opened his eyes slowly and looked around before finding that he wasn't in his room. 'What happened? I remember finally completing the puzzle and then a dark glow engulfing me. Where did it take me?' he wondered as he stood up. He examined to room and saw toys and games littering the floor.

He looked up and saw a door that led out and he walked over, opening it and saw he was now in a long hallway, another door, made of metal, sitting across from him with the engraving of an eye on it. There was hieroglyphics written on it that said this:

Whoever opens this door will release two demon spirits from their eternal rest and will only obey the one that has dare do such a task. The one who has opened the door will be cursed with the powers of shadows and death and the spirits will punish those that have tried to harm their master with a yami no game which could mean death to the loser.

Of course, he wasn't taught to read hieroglyphics so he expected the door to be harmless and walked over. He opened it and saw nothing but darkness inside. He walked inside and the door slammed shut behind him, engulfing him in complete darkness. He wrapped his arms around himself as he walked through the dark room.


In another part of the room, two shadows moved before one opened piercing cerise eyes. 'So, someone has completed the puzzle...'he thought before smirking, showing rows of sharp teeth. 'Wonderful.' he thought once more as he woke up the other and they soon disappeared to find the one that has completed the puzzle.


"Is anyone here? Anyone?" he called but got no response. "Who am I kidding? There can't be a soul living in here. I still have no clue where I am." Yugi whispered to himself. He then heard footsteps and looked around.

"Is anyone there?" he questioned but whoever was there didn't respond, only continued walking. Yugi started to become scared at whoever was possibly coming his way and started to run blindly through the darkness.

He heard the footsteps coming closer and felt himself trip, landing on the ground harshly. He covered his head with his arms, hoping that whatever was coming towards him will just bypass him. The footsteps stopped beside him and the figure knelt down beside him.

"Such a being of light that has entered our prison. You must be the one that has completed the puzzle." The baritone voice spoke softly and he felt the person lifting him up.

"My friend, take him to a bed and get him comfortable. If he wakes, answer whatever questions he has to ask." The voice spoke once more and he felt himself be passed off to someone else, only he felt cool scales against his pale skin.

"As you wish." The other whispered and carried him off.


When he was laying upon something soft did he open his eyes. He looked around, trying to look for the one that brought him here and saw a sleek figure over at a table. The figure looked up and Yugi gasped, seeing it was a dragon.

"Ah, I see you're awake." he whispered as he walked over to him but he only backed up. "No need to fear me. I won't hurt you."

"But, who are you?" Yugi asked.

"I'm Aqua and the one that found you earlier was my friend and brother, Yami. We were locked in the puzzle for a while before you released us from the deep slumber placed on us." Aqua explained. He nodded, still watching him warily.

"How did you get trapped in the puzzle? I've been curious about the puzzle and see if the myths are true."

"What myths?"

"The myths about two demonic spirits and the dark games they play upon those that hurt the one who possesses the puzzle. You're not one of those dark spirits are you?" he questioned. "I couldn't say. The past of our lives before we were trapped here have been wiped clean during out slumber." Aqua replied and Yugi hummed thoughtfully. How could they be evil if they can't even remember if they were? He had nothing to fear. With that thought in mind, Yugi only nodded before he realized something.

"Oh no! I must be getting back now! My grandfather must be wondering where I am right now." Aqua waved a hand. "No need to worry, what you are here is nothing but your soul. Your real body is still outside of the puzzle but if you wish to go back, you can." Aqua assured.

"That will be nice. I do have school tomorrow so I need to get to bed. I can come and see you again, right?" Yugi asked. "Yes, you can come anytime when you need us and if you want, we can also come out of the puzzle to accompany you." he replied.

"Ok then." Yugi said with a small smile. "Now, close your eyes and I'll take you back outside." Aqua whispered and he did so. Aqua smirked softly as he became part of the shadows, glowing crimson eyes looked upon him from the shadows as the Sennen eye appeared.

"The curse has yet to begun, little one..." he spoke softly as the shadows engulfed him.

"The yami no game will soon be played and those souls that lose will become our sustenance."


Yugi woke up back in room and in his bed, hearing his grandfather call him down for breakfast. He looked over to his desk and saw the puzzle still sitting there. He smiled as he stood up, moving around the room to get his school uniform and things before walking back over to the table and picking up the puzzle. Finding a piece of rope, he tied it around the loop before slipping it around his neck and headed downstairs.

His grandfather looked to him and smiled, bidding him good morning before he saw the puzzle around his neck and froze in fear. 'How did he find it? I thought I kept it hidden.'he thought. 'He must've found it when I wasn't watching and completed it. I must get it away from him before the first yami no game commences and opens the gates to darkness and death.'

But as that thought came to past, Yugi's shadow seemed to darkened and grew along the wall behind him. Solid cerise eyes opened and seemed to narrow down on him, the Sennen eye glowing just above them.

Yugi watched his grandfather's reaction. "Is something wrong, jii-chan?" he asked and he was brought out of his daze, the shadows behind him returning to normal. "No, nothing is wrong. Go ahead and eat before leaving out for school." he said, deep in his heart worrying for Yugi's safety now that the spirits were released.


Yugi trudged along, somewhat dreading going to school. He was bullied most of the time and no one bothered to help him, seeing him as weak and insignificant. He made it to the school gates and taking a deep breath, walked in. 'So far, so good.' he thought as he made it into the building.

He was about to sprint to his class until he bumped into a large form and fell back. He gulped and looked up, seeing Ushio standing there. "Hey punk. Are you ready for your morning beating?" Ushio asked, looking down at him before spotting the puzzle around his neck.

"Or maybe you can just give me that little trinket."

"I can't." Yugi whispered. "And why not?!" he growled, eyes narrowed. "Because, it's my treasure."

"Well, it's mine now!" Ushio reached down to grab it but when he got a hold of it, the puzzle glowed, becoming red hot and scorched his hand. He yelped and stumbled back. Yugi was shocked at the sudden attack but only watched as Ushio stumbled back in pain.

He held his burned hand and glared at him. "You'll pay for that." Ushio sneered before leaving. Yugi watched as he left before placing a hand on the puzzle, getting up from the floor. He never noticed the glow dimming down.

'Hopefully nothing else will happen.' he thought as he made his way to his class.


Inside the puzzle, Yami looked up as the big bully that tormented Yugi left and smirked. "Muscled, probably a small mind to feast off of but either way, his flesh makes up for that. I think he'll work as a perfect starting meal and of course, all souls that tortured our new master will have to go through a yami no game and I have the perfect challenge for him." Yami said, tongue flicking at his fangs.

Aqua appeared beside him. "But what about Yugi? We can't have him notice this or else he may try and take apart the puzzle once he finds out we're the demonic spirits of the myth." Aqua pointed out.

"Don't worry about that. Our little game won't commence until he's asleep tonight. Besides, he will soon be ours anyway. Something as pure as him will not be lost to someone else. He has completed the puzzle so he will be our mate as you can say once we consume enough souls to accommodate for a body outside the puzzle longer that just to enact punishment onto those that dares to harm Yugi." Yami said.

Aqua nodded and licked his jaws. "Hopefully we won't have to wait long. It's been a while since we had a fresh meal." he said. "I know but I'm sure we won't have to wait too long."


The school day pretty much went without anything happening to him and as the final school bell rang, he calmly left out the school doors, heading home. But as he went past an empty alleyway, he was grabbed by a large hand and dragged in.

The person threw him up against the wall and Yugi let out a pained whimper as he slid to the ground. "For that little act you did to me, you're going to pay for it." Ushio grounded out as he slammed his foot upon Yugi's chest, missing the puzzle slightly and he coughed as the pressure was put onto him.

"What did I do?" he whispered with a cough but Ushio didn't answer, only slammed his foot down on him again, making him cough up blood.

Ushio laughed as he continued to slam his foot onto Yugi's chest, unaware of the puzzle glowing with a dark glow.

He laughed once more but didn't see the growing shadows around them until he felt his foot hitting the wall instead of Yugi. He looked down and saw he was gone. "But how could he have gotten away? I would've noticed it." he snarled, looking around the darkened alleyway.


While Ushio was having too much fun with trying to crush Yugi's chest, he never noticed the growing shadows and Yugi was wrapped in the shadows' embrace before being brought into them. Aqua had his wings wrapped around his small form, gently brushing a strand of hair from his face with his claw. "You're safe now, little one." he whispered as he laid him upon a form of shadows before he left.

While Ushio was too busy looking around for Yugi, he didn't see them coming from the shadows, solid cerise and crimson eyes glowing in the shadows and Sennen eye burning brightly.

"You will pay for hurting the boy, Ushio. Now you must commence in a yami no game for your life."

When he heard that, he turned to see them glaring at him from the shadows and almost stepped back in fear but steeled himself just to stand up to them. "And what if I don't?" he said. The shadows disappeared from them like a blanket, showing him who they really were and Yami hissed, showing his fangs."Then we'll devour you and your soul here and now. You have this chance to save yourself from Death." Yami said.

"Fine. I'll participate in this game of yours." Ushio said and Yami smirked. "Fine by me." he whispered and soon, the shadows engulfed them.


Ushio opened his eyes from the initial blackness and saw him hanging over a pool of dark water. He was shocked and held onto his only support as he looked over and saw Yami in the same position but no sign of Aqua.

"Who are you and why did you bring me here?" he shouted. Yami only laughed. "Why, this is the game. As you can see, were hanging by only a mere rope." he said before a column of cards appeared between them.

"And with each turn, we'll pick a card, whatever is on the card will be how much we move forward. Whoever reached the gem at the end wins. But, if you don't follows the rules," Yami explained, cerise eyes flashing for a fraction of a second. "Then the shadows will consume you and the only thing you will remember is your pathetic life of bullying and scrounging money from the people you hurt." he hissed.

"Fine. I'll go first." Ushio said, picking up one and saw it was three of hearts. He moved forward and Yami back. Yami picked up one and it was ten of diamonds. He climbed up ten and Ushio was dragged down, getting closer to the pool. He picked another one and it was nine of spades. He climbed up, glaring towards Yami who chose another and it was ace of hearts.

The game continued on until Yami was closest to the top. He was only five spaces away and it was his turn. Ushio growled, seeing as he lost his turn thanks to a joker. "This will end this." he said as he picked up the last one and it was indeed, five of clubs.

He climbed the rest of the way and grabbed the gem. Ushio growled and taking hold of his rope, he climbed up as well. "You may have won but that doesn't mean I can't kill you." he said as he pulled out a hidden pocket knife and cut the rope and watched as Yami fell towards the pool but saw something dark appear behind him.

Wings snapped out from behind him and he flipped before taking to the air. He looked over to Ushio, Sennen eye glowing upon his forehead. "You have disobeyed and now you must face the punishment which is death." Yami whispered and soon, the formation of rock that they were hanging on started the crumble and Ushio lost his grip, falling towards the dark pool. Ushio started to scream out in terror as he fell but remember that it was still safe for him for the water below had to be just ordinary water.

"I'll land safely in the water." Ushio whispered but then saw the water start to ripple until Aqua burst from the waters, mouth open wide and rows of needle sharp teeth ready to clamp down on him.

He screamed in fear now and in the moment of shock, thought he was still supported by the rope and grabbed onto it but saw it was cut from when he was trying to kill Yami. He let out one final yell as Aqua clamped down on his upper body and dragged him under the waters with a splash. Yami watched silently, eyes narrowed.

"If you were still alive, let that be a lesson to you." Yami whispered and soon, shadows engulfed the cavern.


They were back in the alleyway now, Ushio's body now devoid of a soul. Blank eyes stared up at the sky as Yami and Aqua stood above him. "Your life was filled with nothing but the will to hurt others but your reign has now ended." Yami hissed.

They made sure no one was walking across the alley opening at the time before the knelt down, ripping away Ushio's school uniform before they started to tear into his flesh. They took away huge chunks, swallowing it whole and licked away any blood that seeped out from the damaged flesh.

They ripped, gnawed and tore flesh ravenously until nothing but the skeleton and blood that pooled around the corpse was left. They stood up once more and Aqua patted his stomach in satisfaction. "That's the best meal I had in a while. Maybe other meals will be just as satisfying." he said, looking over to Yami.

"I'm sure they will. But for now, we must let Yugi get back home. Ushio's soul alone isn't strong enough to let us stay out longer. He may have been strong on the outside but his soul was weak." Yami said as shadows covered the alley once more and soon traveled back to the game shop, leaving only the fleshless corpse of Ushio.


The shadows seeped into Yugi's room and consumed the bed before disappearing back into the puzzle, leaving Yugi's now healed form sleeping on the bed. The silhouettes of Yami and Aqua took over his shadow that showed upon the wall from the setting sun, two pairs of solid gold eyes watching over him.

The demon spirits were now released and plan to give death to those that hurt their chosen one. The yami no games were reborn and no one was safe for Death was upon them.


Zypher: And that's all for the first chapter. This story probably won't be bone chilling scary cause I suck at that but either way, I hoped you have enjoyed and will leave a review.

Note: The challenge that I used was the same one that was used on Ushio in the first series of Yugioh, just changed slightly and involved death, not showing Ushio's true fear which made him into a sniveling child. You can see this episode on You Tube, just search for "Ep.-1 The Battle Starts! A Shadow Game!" but it will take a while to load. There is also another one on there along with clips (two of them being music clips) from other episodes so you can look for those as well.