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Warning: Rated because of language, yaoi, and a suicide attempt in later chapters!

Summary: Yugi is depressed after Yami leaves for the after life. Ryou and co. try to help him get through. What happens when Seto comes into the picture? No flames pweexe R&R

They say when it rains, an Angel is crying…

Ancient Egypt

Egypt, land of the pyramids and pharaohs (a/n: And sand…can't forget that!). In the middle of a large town a great golden palace stands tall. Numerous towers can be seen from miles away reaching up onto the sky.

The palace was even more beautiful on the inside. Fluffy red carpet ran throughout the palace, with white marble underneath (a/n: uh….just go with me!). The palace contained more than a hundred rooms, each with a huge four poster bed. The sheets were made out of Egyptian cotton (a/n: which I heard was pretty darn soft) making the beds very comfortable to sleep in. Through the many twists and turns of the palace, one could easily get lost, even those who have lived in the palace for many years.

The throne room was located in the middle of the palace. Large double doors led into the throne room from the main entryway, a long carpet led up to the throne. The throne itself was made out of a stone, painted a pale blue color with a dark blue cushion (a/n: tee hee I had to put blue in there somewhere…). On the throne sat a handsome man with lightly tanned skin, and mysterious crimson eyes (a/n: wonder who that could be…). He had multi-coloured hair that stood up in the most odd style. He was the Pharaoh, Pharaoh Atemu.

Atemu sighed and rested his chin in his hand, rolling his eyes for what seemed like the millionth time that afternoon. He was in the middle of some meeting, something about a war? He couldn't remember, he wasn't really paying any attention in the first place. "Pharaoh Atemu!" Atemu was knocked back to reality by a high-pitched voice yelling his name…

"Huh?" He looked towards the voice and came face to face with coffee coloured eyes. "Oh, hi Mana. Can I help you?"

"Come on Pharaoh, you should be listening to what these people have to say. They know about the village and all the surrounding ones. They know what's going on."

"I know I know, it's just. I have a lot on my mind." Atemu replied.

"What are you thinking about?" Mana asked politely, kneeling next to the throne.

"I was thinking…never mind."

Mana nodded sadly and stood up. She was worried about the Pharaoh, he had been acting like this ever since he had gotten back. In fact, where had he gone? And why was he gone for so long? Those questions, along with many others, remained unanswered, and Mana didn't want to bother the Pharaoh by asking them. So she just left them, stored in the back of her mind until later.

Meanwhile…Domino,Japan 2004

"Come one Yugi you have to come out sometime. You can't keep yourself locked up in there forever." Ryou whined, banging on Yugi's bedroom door again. Ryou stomped his foot on the ground and brushed some of his hair out of his eyes. "Yugi if you don't open up, I'm going to knock down this door, do you hear me?" (a/n: ooooh Yugi made Ryou maaaaaad!)

No response came from Yugi's side of the door and Ryou was fed up with waiting. "Okay here I come." Ryou backed up until his back came in contact with the wall before launching himself at Yugi's bedroom door. His right shoulder connecting with the wood and a sharp pain ran from his shoulder down his side. He slumped against the door holding his shoulder. (a/n: Hey he never did that before, and 'sides it hurt 'nyways!)

He stood up and hit the door again with more force. "Yugi please open the door." Ryou pleaded banging into the door again. (A/N: This kinda sounds funny when you think about it hehehe)

On the other side of the door Yugi sat on his bed staring out the window. He really didn't care what Ryou wanted him to do, he wanted his Yami back. Why had he let Yami leave in the first place? He wanted Yami to be able to get his memories back. He was happy for Yami.

Tears welled up in Yugi's large amethyst eyes and he quickly wiped them away with the back of his sleeve. Ryou ran into the door again, begging Yugi to come out. He knew he was worried about him. He knew all his friends were worried. For the past three days they have been coming over nonstop trying to get him out. But he wouldn't come out unless Yami came back. True he was being selfish, but, he wanted his Yami back more than anything in the world.

A short while after Yami left, his grandfather, the only living relative he had left, died of heart failure which dug Yugi in a deeper hole of depression. After the funeral, Yugi locked himself in his room and wouldn't come out for anything, not even to eat. Yugi looked down at his thinning body. He didn't care.

"Yugi, please…please." He heard Ryou start sobbing on the other side of the door.

Yugi got up and wobbled over towards the door, his legs weak. He gently placed his hand on the doorknob and unlocked it. Ryou heard a soft click and looked up. He grabbed the door knob and twisted. He almost cried out in joy when it turned, opening the door but his eyes widened with shock as he looked over his friend.

His once bright eyes were now dull and void of any emotion. His face was paler than usual and his clothes seemed two sizes too big for him. His hair was dull and fell forward a bit. Ryou quickly got up and made his way over to Yugi. "Yugi?"

Yugi looked up into Ryou's concerned brown eyes and smiled a bit. Ryou hugged his young friend as tears made their way down his face. He didn't think Yugi would ever open the door. He felt Yugi go limp in his arms. "Yugi?" Ryou pulled away looking at Yugi. Yugi's eyes were closed and his breathing was laboured. Ryou almost went into shock, he shook his friend a few times desperately trying to get him up. When Yugi didn't respond, Ryou reached for the cordless phone that was laying, untouched, on Yugi's desk a few feet away and quickly dialed 911. 'Please don't die Yugi.'

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