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She Didn't Have Time

The brown haired boy loaded his suitcase into the back of the old pickup and said goodbye to the blond female and the baby before driving off.

"I'm not what you need Anna so goodbye." Hao turned and left not even looking back.

"You hungry?" Anna asked looking down at Emily, her baby.

He said goodbye from the edge of the porch
like she'd been some casual friend
he said "your better off with out me
I'm not what you need"
like her momma had said about him
he started the car
pulled out of the drive
didn't waste any time lookin' back
she watched him go
thinkin' even a stranger
would show more compassion than that

She found Emily's favorite pink blanket and put her down for a nap. She then grabbed a newspaper and opened it up to the classifieds, circling jobs she thought would take her.

"First things first, I got to find a job." She was upset but she fought the urge to cry.

She could've cried but she didn't have time
she had a baby to feed
a pink blanket to find
to rock their little one to sleep
she could've laid in bed for hours
giving misery the power
but she didn't have time

Pirika was glad to baby sit so Anna could go to work.

"You should get out of the house Anna. Who knows you may meet someone." Pirika said as she grabbed her keys to go.

"You know I don't have time for that." Anna said, tired from the days work as she pulled a box of macaroni and cheese out of a cumbered.

she got a sitter, she got a job
'cause she had a promise to keep
her day was a factory and evening survival
at night was exhaustion and sleep
sometimes she felt life was passing her by
and watching was all she could do
her friends said "you gotta get outta the house
and maybe you'll meet someone new"

"Mommy don't forget we have a T-ball game tomorrow!" Emily reminded her mom as they sat down to eat there dinner.

"Don't worry Emily, with as many time's you've reminded me I won't forget!" Anna said looking at the long brown hair her five year old sported.

she could've tried
but she didn't have time
she had a five year old to feed
she had ballet class, piano lessons
and t-ball little league
she could've laid awake for hours
giving lonely nights the power
but she didn't have the time

She was just leaving work at the tree nursery when she saw that she had a flat tire. She cursed under her breath as she pulled out the emergency tire and a car jack.

"I don't have time for this!" Anna complained as she struggled with the car jack.

"Umm... Do you need help?" A man about the same age as Anna walked up to her looking a bit concerned.

"Y-yes, please can you help?" Anna asked still struggling with the Tire.

The man easily fixed the tire then asked, slightly blushing if she would like to get a coffee. She had to think for a moment but said ok after replaying Pirika's words in her head.

not time where would she find the time
to trust a man again
not time for that flat tire
a crowded parking lot and then
not time to just have coffee with the man
who got her tired fixed
she was thinking gosh he's handsome
when he asked do you have kids

"I'm Yoh by the way." He said giving the cashier some money and sitting at a table.

"This is probably silly, but do you have kids?" He asked looking at her hands with no wedding band to be found.

"She's five" Anna said smiling.

She could've lied
but she didn't have time
all she said was "she's five"
he said "I saw the car seat I love kids
does she have your eyes?"
And they sat and talked for hours
giving destiny it's power
she could've been afraid
to fall in love that night
but she didn't have time

"That's great! I love kids!" Yoh exclaimed a smile spreading across his face as well.

"Hay I hear there's a carnival up the road when are you free we could all go!" He added.

"I'm free this Saturday, is that good for you?" Anna was exited she thought he might be the one.

"Perfect where and when can I Pick you two up?" He asked.

Anna grabbed a pen and a napkin and wrought down her information.

"See you this Saturday then!" Anna said walking out to her car and shaking Yoh's hand.

She could've been afraid
to fall in love that night
but she didn't have time

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