An Unbroken Promise

By:FMA4EVER (can't spell to save my life!)

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Naraku had been dead for a couple days now, and yet Sango was not as happy as the others. Naraku was dead, Kohaku had his memories back, and Inuyasha and Kagome were going to be mates! Why shouldn't she be happy!

Sango sat on a hill looking up to the diamond sky for help. said you wanted to be with me after Naraku was dead and your wind tunnel was gone...and Narakuisdead and your wind tunnel is gone...why don't you want to be with me!

A few, stray tears fell from her sparkling, sadden eyes. "Sango?" A voice murmured.

Sango slightly turned to face the handsome (yet perverted) munk, Miroku. "Yes?" She replies soflty.

Miroku sits down beside her and lays his staff next to him. "Sango? Do you..."Miroku tried to say.

"Do I what Miroku?" Sango urges him to continue.

"Do you still love me? After all this time..."

Sango gasps at his question. "Well...of course I do Miroku...I thought you didn't love me!"

Miroku turns to face his love. He takes her hands into his, causing her to blush. "How could I ever stop loving you? me the honor of bearing me a child...and being my one and only."

Sango gasps once again. He had finally said all the words that her heart had yearned for. He wanted her to be his one and only!

With tears in her eyes, Sango replied, "Yes...yes Miroku...I will...I will bear you a dozen sons and daughters!" Then Sango fell intoMiroku's arms crying tears of joy.

After a few moments of silence Miroku says aloud," say a dozen?"

Then a loud slap is heard through the land and a moan of pain from a rather perverted munk.


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