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Summary: Winry is new to high school. When she meets Edward Elric,a boy who is supposed to be cursed, and starts to fall for the blonde, what will happen? Is he truly cursed? Ed/Win

Dancing in the Rain

Chapter One

Winry Rockbell was normally a confident student. Normally. Normally she ruled the school, knowing the ins and outs of every fabrication. She was the top dog, the queen of the world. But not here. Oh no. A new school meant new people, new faces, and unfamiliar halls. The worst part, was that she was at the bottom of the food chain again, and would have to work her way up. She sighed, running a hand through her hair. It wasn't as though she was the head cheerleader at her old school. Heavens no! She was the one everyone looked up to, the one everyone wanted to be like. She was different. The girl that always had a wrench on her somewhere and could handel anything mechanical.

Her parents had to move because her father had lost his job. The only reason she agreed to it was because her new school had shop class as an option. She loved mechanics. Anything she could take apart and put back together made her happy. Every time her parents got some new gadget that Winry hadn't explored, well, let's say, she couldn't always put everything back together again.

The girl was lost. She was heading down the hall. She had just picked up her books from the office, and was trying desperatly to find her locker. Two fifteen... two fifteen... The girl nearly bumped into a man while she was searched. In the process of avoiding, she lost her books and they went tumbling to the floor. "Crap!" she cursed, before looking up at the man. He looked defiantly taller then her, his eyes held a deep dark colour that matched his hair with a slight mysterious quirk to them. "I'm sorry!" she said, bending down to gather her books.

"You're new here aren't you?" he asked, bending down next to her to help.

"Uh... yes," Winry said awkwardly. "I'm Winry Rockbell."

"Roy Mustang," he said, handing her the remaining books. She smiled coyly, soaking in his features. A blonde haired girl headed down the hall. Her hair was done up and she seemed to have a stern look in her eyes. She stopped next to Roy, planting a kiss on his cheek.

"Hey Roy," she said with a smile, her eyes flickering momentarily over to Winry. "Who's this?"

"I'm Winry," she answered, before Roy could speak. "I'm-"

"New here? Yeah, I heard we were getting a new kid," the girl cut off before she could finish her sentence. "Name's Riza, and you seem to have already met Roy." She glanced over her shoulder at Roy. "Well, here's a bit of advice," Riza said, catching Winry off guard. "If you meet a guy named Edward Elric, steer clear of him! He's a bad egg, cursed kid. They say that anyone who gets close to him is cursed forever." Winry raised a confused eyebrow at this. With that Riza shot her a smile, and grabbed her boyfriend's arm. "Well, we have to get to first period. Nice meeting you!" she said, as she dragged Roy down the hall.

Winry blinked, before she suddenly realized she had forgot to ask them where she could find her locker. "Wait!" she cried. "Where can I find locker two fifteen?" Riza and Roy didn't hear her. They had already disappeared into the crowd.

Winry sighed, looking down at her books. She took a deep breath, collected her books in her hands and headed down the hall.


She had finally found her locker, then stumbled off towards first period. She had math first. Stupid math. It just had to be on the opposite end of the school from her locker. She cursed under her breath, finally arriving. As she stepped inside, she nearly fell back as an airplane flew in front of her face. The bell hadn't wrung yet, so the kids were enjoying their free time. Chattering filled the class, people were sitting on desks, facing each other. One kid was writing on the chalkboard, it was total chaos. She managed to get across the room to the other side of the classroom, where the teacher was seated on his desk, casually reading a book. "Um.. sir?" she asked.

The man looked up, a casual look on his face. "You're the new student?" he asked. She merely nodded. He glanced p with a sigh, to the back of the class. He jabbed his thumb in the direction of an empty seat. "You can sit there." he said, returning to his book.

'Thank you." she breathed, moving towards the back of the class. She took her seat, looking around at the kids enjoying themselves. Someone came and sat in the desk in front of her. She twisted the chair around, and Winry realized it was Riza. "Oh, hello Riza.' she said. She hadn't known they would be in the same class.

"Hey Winry. Too bad, it looks like he put you way in the back." Riza said, leaning on the back of the chair. "I'm up at the front."

"Is Roy in this class?" Winry asked out of mild curiosity.

Riza shook her head. "He's in 10-B." She said. "So he has Science first."

Winry nodded, as the bell gave a loud and painful ring. Some of the kids groaned, as they got to their feet to take their seats. The teacher as well gave a small groan, placing a bookmark in his book and getting to his feet. He headed in front of the class, taking his sweet time, as if waiting for something. He glanced down at his watch as the door opened. A blonde haired boy that seemed unusually short headed through the door, his books casually under his arms. He wore a long sleeved black top and white gloves, which Winry found odd. It must have been thirty degrees out. Why on earth was he wearing gloves?

"Well," the teacher said with a small sigh, looking over at the boy who had just entered. "Edward Elric. I'm glad you finally decided to join us."

Winry's eyes widened as she heard the name. Edward Elric? The boy that was supposed to be cursed? He certainly didn't look too cursed, and he didn't look too threatening. He was kind of... cute. The boy snorted at the teachers accusation. "Shut up Paul." he said with an annoyed look, as he headed towards his desk.

'That's Mr. Meadows to you!" the teacher snapped, pushing up on his glasses. Edward snorted, as he headed back through the room, taking a seat in the desk next to Winry's. Her eyes fluttered over to him, trying to get a closer look at him.

He had long blonde hair, tied back in a braid. He didn't seem too buff, or too skinny. He seemed pretty normal enough, aside from his attitude. He looked up from his books over at her, and she caught sight of his golden eyes. She nearly gasped from surprise. They were so enchanting she could look at them all-

"What are you staring at?" he snapped, before looking back over at the board, sinking in his chair.

Winry turned her eyes to the board as Mr. Meadows started going over whatever they had been working on. There was something hidden in those amazing golden eyes of his. Sadness. That's what it was. There was anger, but it was pathetic compared to the amount of sadness. What had he been through? Why was he so sad? And for that mater, why was he cursed?

"Winry." the blonde looked up as her name was called. She looked over at the board, trying to soak in all the information she could.

"Yes?" she asked, looking from the board to the teacher.

"Answer question Four." She scanned the question and went pale. She had never even seen an equation like that before! Her old school was way behind this one!

"Fourteen squared," she heard someone hiss.

"Fourteen squared." Winry answered without hesitation. Mr. Meadows seemed pleased.

"Very good. Now class, when we have this sort of..." he turned back to the board, droning on about his lesson.Winry glanced round the classroom, trying to figure out who had helped her, when her eyes fell on Edward. He had a frown on his face, and he was facing down in the other direction, his pen tapping annoyingly on the paper. She glanced at the paper, where the numbers 'fourteen squared' were written messily on the paper. She smirked and turned back to the lecture.

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