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For what concerns to this story HBP never happened, and they are already in their 7th year, so they are 17 now.

Warning: This chapter has violence and rape in it, consider yourselves warned.

Chapter 01. The Last Resource.

The library was in silence and utterly quiet and Hermione was busy finishing her advanced potion's homework. No one was in the place. Why would they? After all it was Halloween and all Hogwarts' students were at the feast in the Great Hall. Not her, she hadn't wanted to attend the feast, feeling somewhat depressed and furious with everybody without really knowing why. She had fought with Ron that very morning, again, it was getting ridicule; she couldn't even remember what the disagreement had been about this time! What she remembered was both boys telling her not to bother them anymore.

She was sick and tired of it, of being the voice of reason, of her two friends, of having to be the one who always got them to do their school duties, one would think that after all these years they would have learned to do them by themselves. But at their seventh and last year in Hogwarts, they still seemed as childish as when she first met them. They still said they didn't need her bossiness. Well then, to hell with them! She didn't need more troubles or more death escapes in her life; she didn't need them hurting her feelings without even notice or care.

None of them had moved a finger to make her stay at the feast; maybe they didn't even notice she was depressed. She was going to spend the night alone, and the rest of the week too, and all the bloody term if she had to, but they were not hurting her again!

It was getting late, the only reason why she was allowed to be there in the first place was because of her Head Girl status, but she couldn't sleep in the library, so she sighed and retrieved her things to leave.

She was walking as slowly as possible to the castle when she spotted a cloaked figure getting out of it and heading to the forbidden forest, she looked intently at it as a furious wind lifted the hood a little, revealing blond hair. Hermione's heart jumped. That was Draco Malfoy, she was sure of it. And he was heading to the school limits. Hermione felt a shiver ran down her body, she vaguely remembered the last Order meeting, when Professor Snape had voiced his concern that on Halloween Voldemort will have a few new Death Eaters, the image of Malfoy taking the dark mark took a sudden finality in her mind, and she had no doubt that the boy was heading towards his initiation. The next day Draco Malfoy would be a Death Eater. She looked at the hooded figure and, without thinking what she was doing, she left her things and followed.

They entered the Forbidden Forest, Hermione was thinking about what she was going to do now; she couldn't let Malfoy join the Death Eaters. It was silly, she knew she was being stubborn and childish, that she was acting over a infatuation, but she just couldn't stop thinking that maybe there was a nicest side of Draco Malfoy, that maybe if things were different, and if Malfoy's parents weren't so narrow minded, maybe they could fall in love. It was childish! She knew it, Malfoy was just a crush, and she wasn't in love with him! But still, lately she had found herself so many nights wondering... And suddenly she remembered what the disagreement with Ron had been this time, she had been analyzing the fact that Malfoy had changed lately, he didn't make rude comments anymore, he didn't jump to every opportunity to fight with them for whatever reason, it seemed to her he had matured, of course both of her friends had been utterly annoyed that she could think such a bastard like Malfoy could ever change, that he would like to be any other than a murderer, follower of Voldemort, they had told her to think things straight.

She couldn't let him be a Death Eater; she had to find the way to stop him, even if Malfoy didn't want to be stopped. She won't let him do what she believed would be the worst mistake of his life. Maybe if they talked, perhaps she could make him see that Voldemort wasn't a good option and that he'll end up dead or worse, maybe she could find the way to change his mind.

They had not gone too far into the forest, but the magical barrier protecting Hogwarts was already behind them. Hermione tried to go faster, intent on reaching the boy, she took out her wand and soon she had him on her line of vision, she pointed the wand at him and tried not to waver.


Unfortunately, Malfoy had heard her approach, she was making too much noise, and the boy ducked in time to dodge her hex, he quickly turned to face her, wand in hand.


She took cover behind a tree just in time, trying to get a better angle for attacking the boy, she couldn't see clearly, she muttered a Lumos and took a cautious peek around the tree, only to be face to face with the blond boy who didn't waste time in niceties.



The curse hit her square on the chest throwing her to the ground, when it finally subsided she was panting, all her muscles sore with dull ache, she didn't hear Malfoy approaching until he was over her.

"Oh my, look who we have here. You lost something in the forest mudblood?"

The insult lacked its normal venom; it seemed as if Malfoy was saying the word more because he was used to it than because he actually meant it. The boy turned to leave.

"Go to your tower Gryffindor, only fools are out in the forest."

"Cough, Malfoy... wait... where are you going?" She sat on the ground with effort, Draco glared at her.

"That's none of your business mudblood! Get out of my sight!"

"Don't do it Malfoy... You-Know-Who won't give you anything but misery! He'll kill you eventually!"

The blonde's eyebrows lifted in annoyed surprise, this girl was actually trying to stop him?! Well fuck her! He didn't need anyone's pity, much less a mudblood's.

"And why do you care Granger? Wouldn't it be nice for you and your pitiful friends to be rid of me? Maybe you're worried that I'll get the chance to kill you three first!"

"Please Malfoy, don't go to him, there are other ways..."

"And what makes you think I want any other?! Eh? What makes you think I don't want the power the Dark Lord can grant me? Maybe there is no brain after all inside that messy head of you!"

"You don't want it! I know you don't! You're different; you had changed since last year! You don't want to go kneeling in front of a pathetic wizard that can't even get himself rid of a boy...!"


She screamed again and Malfoy wanted to just shut her up. He didn't want to hear her, he had made his choice already and he didn't need a reminder of what he was going to do, not from the people that should care less about his choices.

"You have no idea what you're talking about Granger! Go back to the castle if you can! I'm not going to listen to your nonsense!"

Malfoy turned to leave again, but the pained voice of the beaten girl still reached him, she was too stubborn for her own good.

"Cough... you can't... do it Malfoy... It is not in you! You can't go and do the horrible things they do!"

It was more a hope than a fact and Hermione knew it, but the boy stopped nonetheless, angry grey eyes looked at her.

"You think I can't, what? Murder? Torment people? For someone that has taken a crucio from my hands that's not a very good observation."

He crouched in front of the girl, one of his hands took her by the neck and pushed her to the ground, another took her right wrist and clutched it, making her release the wand at the pressure, she could barely breath.

"Maybe I'll kill you. That certainly would prove you wrong, no Granger?"

He added pressure to his grip, surrounding her neck with his two hands, moving so he was now sitting over her stomach, his legs at her sides, Hermione trashed under him, trying to rid herself of his body, but he was too heavy for her, she grabbed his arms, desperately trying to make him release the grip, suddenly the pressure was gone and she coughed, her hands massaging her sore neck.

"I can kill you mudblood, but then you won't be there to see how wrong you were."

He took on her figure; helpless now under him, and a thought entered his mind. Well, anyway this was going to be his last night, right? No consequences to face in the morning. And just in case he survived, surely wonder boy Potter would be anxious to avenge his friend; maybe he even could make the fool boy kill him. He took hold of the girl's wrists and put them over her head, muttering a soft incantation, making a vine to grew and capture his prey, effectively tying her to the ground, Malfoy then proceeded to open her blouse, Hermione gasped in sudden fear.

"Malfoy! What are you doing? Get off me! Ow!" The boy backhanded her before exposing her torso and got rid of her bra forcefully, taking in her well done form.

"Why, proving you wrong Granger. It seems you don't believe me capable of things like this for some reason, so I guess I have to make you see your mistake in a more graphic manner."

"No! Aaah!"

Malfoy toyed with her nipples, then he started to get rid of the rest of her school uniform, it was a troublesome task with her legs trying to hit him, but a last crucio put her into submission. When finally he had her naked, with only her blouse hanging from her tied arms, he cast another charm to bind her ankles to nearby trees, opening her wide and lifting her a little from the ground, leaving the girl in a comfortable position for him to do as he pleased, Hermione tried to fight her bonds to no avail, soon Malfoy was over her again.

"No! Not like this! Please Malfoy stop it!"


The boy waved his wand a last time at her and she lost her voice temporally, then he returned to roam her body, she had fair, soft skin, it was a shame that he had to do this on the forest's ground, he put his mouth on one of her breasts, sucking and biting the hard nipple, feeling her silent gasps at his ministrations, he continued caressing her roughly, feeling her breathing grew more anxious. He didn't try to prepare her, it was not his intention to make things any easier for the girl, he took her hips and after a moment hesitation he thrust easily into her, ignoring her silent scream of pain and the tears that were leaving trails on her cheeks, he discovered something and was not too happy about it, but he wasn't about to show her that, it would ruin the effect.

"So Granger, still a virgin? Guess the weasel isn't good even for that! Would you tell him who was your first?"

The girl tried to bury her face in her arm, Malfoy didn't mind it, he continued what he had started, intent on hurting her, on showing her the monster he really was.

Hermione couldn't hold the silent gasps of pain as she was used mercilessly by the boy she was trying to save, the boy she wanted and loved. Some dark part of her mind actually liked the situation and she recoiled in fear and shame. How could she? How could she even face her friends again knowing that she was an utter disgrace? Knowing that she had almost enjoyed being raped? Only because her rapist was Draco Malfoy! But he hadn't killed her, and he could have done it so easily. How she dared have hope at this moment!? She almost wished for him to kill her when he finished, it would serve her right!

Malfoy came quickly, forgetting for a precious second who he was and what he was doing. He collapsed over the girl while he collected himself, then he stood and arranged his clothing, without a glance to the female body on the ground he cast a 'Finite Incantatem' and released her, turning away once more to leave.

"Hope you learned your lesson Granger. If I come back, and the beasts of the forest hadn't killed you, I'll be more than happy to tell Weasley what a good fuck you are. You think he'll strangle me then?"

Hermione watched Malfoy's retreating back, and her mind worked fiercely to make sense of his words. 'If I come back… does that mean that maybe he won't?' Something clicked in her brain and suddenly she understood where Malfoy was heading. He was looking for death.

"I'll tell them you made love to me"

The blond boy stopped on his tracks, not believing his ears; maybe Granger was too shocked to realize what she was saying. He slowly turned to the half- naked girl that sat on the ground and eyed her curiously.


"You heard me." Hermione had reached her cloak and held it tightly to her chest, concealing her retrieved wand in it "I'll go and tell them you made love to me, maybe Professor Snape will be a little shaken, but they'll believe me..." she trailed off, quite unsure of what else to say, what would make the boy come just a little closer, she made a desperate try. "After all, your child would resemble you. I forgot to mention that I drank a fertility potion."

Draco was already stunned at the notion of his godfather knowing what he had done, despite everything he still looked at the man as his main male figure, he respected him way more than he respected his own father, his only regret at the decision he had made was that his godfather would be utterly disappointed of him for not being strong enough to take his place as a Death Eater, he almost missed her last words, a child? Surely she was lying to him; there was no way she could have done such an idiotic thing! He walked to the girl again, suddenly wanting to shake her into her senses.

"What did you say? Are you nuts?"


The hex took the boy by surprise, and he collapsed to the ground with a look of shock on his face. Hermione was shaking, she slowly got dressed and tried to stand, the after-effects of the cruciatus merged with the pain between her legs left her muscles weak and sore, she started to cry and couldn't stop; she practically crawled over to the blond and cradled him in her arms, feeling stupid for doing so. After a while she managed to put herself into some resemblance of calm and to control her muscles once more, she stood up and levitated the unresisting body back to the castle. He was not going to die pretending to take the dark mark that night, not ever if she could help it, although it was a slim hope to expect Malfoy to change his mind, she would do anything in her power to make him.