Malfoy stepped out of the fireplace on the main hall of Malfoy manor, cursing stupid lawyers that couldn't solve minor financial problems and had to drag him out of his home on important days. He left his cloak on its usual place and called for the house-elf.


A pop was heard and the creature jumped over excitedly in front of him. His mother had brought this particular elf from Hogwarts, it had been a gift from Dumbledore for Draco and Hermione's weeding, and apparently it had been suffering depression because it longed to take care of a family.

Draco had never before considered the possibility of a house-elf experimenting depression, Winky certainly hadn't shown traces of it since she had been living in the manor, the female elf had been ecstatic when she had realized there would be a baby to take care of.

"Yes Master Malfoy Sir!"

"Winky I don't want any more disturbances today, if someone calls you tell them that I'm not available, I don't care if they say it's important, not even if someone had found a way to revive Voldemort, you understand?"

"Yes Master Malfoy! Mistress is waiting in the garden with guests."

Draco nodded and walked towards the back garden, confident that he would not have any more interruptions; he wanted to just enjoy his second son's first birthday party and forget about the rest of the world. He got out from the house and quickly scanned the gardens, pleased that all the guests were well attended and looking for his wife.

The gardens of Malfoy manor were huge. A big part of them was reserved for exotic plants and there were trees scattered all over the extension of it. There was a zone clear of plants where only grass covered the ground and where the children could run free, said zone had been adorned for the party with lots of balloons, fairies and magic hangings. A bunch of children were running about the clearing or playing at the swings, the sand box or with the toy brooms and wands provided. There was even a mini pool full of balls. The older kids were getting in and out of a maze made of thick vines which had obstacles, mud traps and fake monsters that were easy for the children to vanish.

Malfoy's eyes wandered over the place to where they had arranged the garden furniture. Most of the parents were there contently relaxing while their offspring ran wild about the garden; Draco spotted his mother talking animatedly with his godfather and Mrs. Granger. Hermione's mother still sported an awful scar that ran over the entire right side of her body, face included, and she moved about on a muggle wheel-chair, but apart from that she had recovered enough to live an almost independent life and she was a loving grandmother.

Malfoy smiled to his mother when Narcissa's eyes met his and then continued looking. Goyle and Longbottom were talking over Goyle's wife, who was cradling her four month old son lovingly. Some chairs away he spotted Lilith, Alice and a very pregnant Artemisa; the blond man wondered where their respective husbands were.

'Misa looked his way and waved a hand in greeting, Draco waved back and was about to go over to their table when someone grabbed his arm. He turned around to look into the gorgeous dark eyes of his wife.

"Finally, you're here. What did Mr. Laurens want?"

Malfoy smirked and kissed her temple while answering.

"Nothing really important, he's incompetent, I'll replace him with someone who can actually solve minor problems by himself than bother me every time something looks amiss."

"Well, you're in time for lunch. I'll start serving it in about half an hour."

"Why don't you let the elf take care of that?"

"Winky already has much work to do, and she helped making sandwiches and pumpkin juice for the children. I don't want her overworked. Now why don't you go greet our guests?"

Malfoy rolled his eyes at his wife but smiled and just let her be.

The house-elf had been the very first disagreement they had have in their marriage, as soon as the couple had set foot on the manor, newly arrived from King's Cross station, the creature had popped before them to bow and present itself to its new masters. After a second of shock Hermione had immediately raged about elves' rights, slavery and such things.

Luckily for Malfoy, Harry had seen fit to give him a 'parent talk' in the absence of Mr. Granger, and had mentioned Hermione's somewhat extravagant ideas regarding house-elves, so the blond had been expecting her outburst and had an explanation about house-elves' nature ready.

Hermione hadn't wanted to be convinced, apparently she had met Winky before and considered that the creature had been badly wronged, which actually served to Draco's cause as he pointed out to her that the elf had now a new chance with a new family and that they could mend things over and make it possible for the tiny creature to be happy. Hermione had considered it and seeing Winky's eagerness to be accepted in the house she had relented, but she still didn't allow for the elf to have too much work.

Malfoy looked at his wife while she entered the manor again and left her to do whatever preparations were needed for lunch, he turned his attention towards the garden again and soon spotted Blaise with an ex-housemate, Andrew, Lilith's husband, and near the maze he could see Potter with a glass of pumpkin juice in one hand and talking to Bill Weasley.

The Weasleys were still on good terms with Hermione but Bill was the only one that Draco actually liked; he and his wife Fleur visited the manor frequently for business and Fleur and Hermione had grown to be good friends.

Besides Bill, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley visited briefly, they rarely heard word about Percy and Charlie, Hermione visited the twins once in a while during shopping trips to Diagon Alley and Ginny had finally gotten over her crush with Potter and had moved away to France.

She was due to marry during the next month and Malfoy was desperately looking for any excuse that could prevent them from going to the celebration. He had no desire for Hermione to get in touch again with the little red-headed bitch, in his opinion his wife and Potter had been too lenient forgiving Ginny's attitude over the years, besides, they may encounter Ronald… Draco didn't feel capable of restraining himself from hitting the red-head with every curse he knew the moment he saw him.

Ron Weasley had never fully recovered from the Aprioris Homus potion, but a few months after leaving school he had started to behave almost normally, he had looked for Potter and of course, the black-haired wizard, being the Gryffindor he was had listened to his long time friend's apologizes and had decided to give him another chance. Ron had tried to talk with Hermione and Harry had coaxed her to go listen to him without telling Draco.

The reunion hadn't gone well, in the beginning it had seemed that Ron was willing to accept that Hermione was married to Malfoy and lived happily with her husband and new born son; the girl had almost hoped that they could have the old Ron back again, until the red-head had started to drop hints of how much better Hermione would be if she had married Weasley instead of Malfoy and how it was still time to correct the mistake, the girl had understood then that their friendship would never be fully reestablished and had returned home saddened by that.

Still Draco hadn't know what had happened and it would have stayed that way if Ron hadn't attempted to kidnap Hermione some days later during one of her trips to Diagon Alley. He had successfully apparated her and baby Ryan, who was in her arms, to the Burrow and locked them in a room while he went for some money, telling her that they were going to leave the runt behind. Hermione had been shocked for about two seconds before blasting the door open and going to the kitchen in fury, nearly giving Mrs. Weasley a heart-attack and breaking in tears in the matron's arms.

To say that Draco had been furious was an understatement, the only thing that had prevented the blond from murdering Ronald was that Hermione had already sent him to St. Mungos' and after that the Weasleys took great care in keeping the problematic young man far away from the Malfoys. Charlie even took his brother to Romania with him to let things cool down and hoping that Ron would forget his obsession. However everyone knew that Ron would be dead if Malfoy ever laid eyes on him again.

Draco shook his head to clear it from weasel's thoughts and walked over to join Blaise and Andrew, the two ex-Slytherins greeted him and continued their conversation, every once in a while the three men stole glances towards the play zone, checking on their respective children. Draco soon spotted his younger son, Ethan, who along with another boy and two girls was getting all dirty in the sand box, though, what the aforementioned box contained was not sand any more, it seemed like it now had a suspiciously slimy pink substance. Surely one of the children had just had a spark of accidental magic, but despite being covered with whatever the material was the curly locks of white-blond hair of the boy were still visible.

Draco smiled fondly at his child before continuing listening to Blaise.

Ethan had inherited his looks after his father; he had Malfoy's features, grey eyes and white-blond hair which was a bit curly, undoubtedly a trait he got from his mother. Their first born, Ryan, had brown eyes and straight dark blond hair, Draco always had the impression that Ryan even pouted like Hermione.

While thinking about his older son, Draco noticed a little troop of children emerging from the maze. Five year old Ryan at the front was closely followed by a red-headed child, Arthur, the older one of Bill's children. Next came two identical black boys, Blaise's children. Draco was still somewhat amused by the fact that Blaise and Alice had managed to have twins.

And last of all there was a little girl with black, messy hair. Potter's first born.

Draco scowled worriedly at the girl for a moment, but she seemed to be fine. He always wondered why the little brat insisted on following the four older boys wherever they went rather than stay behind with other nice girls her age. Granted, the boys weren't so much bigger or older than her, Ryan and Arthur were five and the twins four, Potter's girl was three years old and already a trouble-maker same as her father, but the boys were not saints and they liked to play rough sometimes. Elaine frequently ended up with scars but she insisted on following them and cried if for some reason she was prevented of doing so.

At that moment, Hermione's amplified voice announced that lunch and cake were ready and called the children to eat. Some parents had to step aside to avoid the horde of brats running to the promise of cake; some were stopped by worried mothers that insisted on cleaning their offspring before letting them sit at the table. Draco smiled at Ryan when the boy brought his disheveled little brother before him.

"Dad! Bro can't eat cake! He's slimy!"

Little Ethan laughed and hugged his brother who immediately looked horrified and tried to disentangle himself.

"Ugg!! No 'than! You got me slimy too!"

Draco smiled at his sons' antics and with a move of his wand got them both clean.

"There, you can go now to eat."

Ryan grinned and happily dragged his baby brother towards the table where their mother was waiting for them. The majority of the children stayed at the table long enough to have a bite or two of the sandwiches and to devour a piece of cake and then promptly ran over to the play zone again. Some mothers were mortified, and Draco was amused to see that Longbottom's wife just ran flustered about the garden following her hyperactive three year old daughter, trying to get her to finish at least one sandwich.

When all the children vacated the table the grown ups finished their lunch, and Hermione brought over a salad, tuna-fish snacks and butterbeer for complement. After eating, Draco returned to chat with Blaise while quietly surveying the children. This kind of parties were a mess, no wonder his own father never allowed something like this to happen in the manor. Malfoy looked over the garden at his guests; Lucius would be furious if he saw this, just imagine, beyond the party there was Bill Weasley, a Weasley in Malfoy manor! Not to mention Potter, a few other Gryffindors like Longbottom and Draco's muggleborn wife. Lucius must surely be squirming in his grave.

Draco was indulging in those thoughts when Potter's loud complaint reached his ears.

"Malfoy! Your son is picking on my girl!"

Draco sighed, it was always the same, what could Potter expect if Elaine was always following the boys? He turned over to him wondering what it would be this time. Did one of them pulled on her hair? Or had she fell and no one waited for her to stand and continue running? He looked at an annoyed Harry holding up a screaming Elaine who was rubbing her eyes like mad.

"What is it Potter?"

"Your son pushed her away!"

"He did?"

The girl almost sobbed.

"I… I… wana go in the maze!!"

Malfoy raised an eyebrow and looked over to the maze, sure enough the four boys were there, seemingly preparing an assault on the place, Draco understood, surely the boys were playing war or something like that and they didn't want the little girl following them around, he returned to look at the upset child.

"Elaine, they're boys and it looks like they're going to be fighting and doing all kind of damage to whatever gets in their way… You can get hurt you know?"

"Don' care!... I wana play!"

Draco scowled at the loud girl and then at her father.

"You know, this is your fault Potter."

"Mine? It's your son who pushed her!"

"And who lets her go around messing with the boys? She always ends with scratches and scrapped knees!"

"Your son should be careful when she's playing with them!"

"Ryan? It's her the one that should be careful!"

"He's older Malfoy! He should take care of her!"

"What the hell! Why should he?! She's not his sister!"

"Why you!!"

They glared at each other while Elaine continued screaming, it was getting on Malfoy's nerves, and he wished Artemisa was there with them, she would never tolerate such a display from her child!

"Fine! Just to get her to shut up! Ryan!!"

The boy straightened his head from where he had been busy drawing a strategy on the ground and looked over to his father.

"Come here Ryan!"

The boy stood up reluctantly and walked over to where his father and "Uncle Harry" were.

"Ryan, you pushed Elaine away?"

"We didn't!" cried the boy indignantly. "We told her to wait outside! We're gonna fight dragons, she cannot come!"

Dragons? Draco couldn't remember dragons being in the maze; Potter looked slightly amused and tried to reason with the boy.

"Surely she can go with you and see how you're doing it."

Ryan looked scandalized.

"'Course not! What if she screams and frightens them?"

Harry raised his eyebrows in disbelief while Malfoy pressed his lips together in an effort to not laugh.

"I'm sure it would be ok Ryan, just let her follow you."

"But dad, she's going to slow us down!"

"You don't have to wait for her, you can continue your way and she'll eventually find you."

Harry glared at him.


"What?" He looked over innocently at Potter, the black-haired man was about to rage at him.

"Alright." Said Ryan rolling over his eyes. "But if a dragon eats her it's not our fault!"

"Sure son; now Elaine, stop the screaming and go with them!"

As if by magic the girl shut up and grinned widely, her dark eyes were red from all the rubbing but not a single tear had been shed, Malfoy scowled at the two children while they made their way towards the rest of the group, he could see that the other three boys were less than happy with the news.

"The little brat, I swear she does that on purpose just to annoy them."

"Don't be ridiculous Draco; she's only three, why would she do that?"

"Well, she's your daughter Potter."

Harry glared daggers at him, but both men turned to watch Ryan arrange his little troop on a line and then face the entrance to the maze, the boy raised his arm and the children charged to their objective with a war scream, little Elaine following them excitedly, screaming just as loudly.

The parents shook their heads in amazement and then proceeded to argue whether it was proper and safe for a girl to play with the boys or not, knowing full well that whatever they said would not be taken in consideration by Elaine.


That evening, Malfoy and the last of his guests were enjoying tea in the sitting room, waiting for Hermione to return from her mother's home. Artemisa, Alice, Lilith and Fleur were talking animatedly about baby stuff while their husbands talked about Quidditch and remembered old times. Draco looked over at one corner of the room, where Potter was happily playing with the children, the blond was amused at the ease with which Harry lowered himself to the rugrats' level, the children simply loved to play with Uncle Harry.

Draco frowned at the man presently doing a rather ridiculous imitation of a horse. He still didn't know what had possessed him to allow Potter to enter his home and come in close contact with his sons, the man's behavior was not very reliable and Draco had not yet forgiven him for the "Ron episode". Still, Potter had slowly and definitely wormed his way into the manor and their lives without Malfoy knowing how exactly it had happened; he supposed that being married to Potter's best friend had something to do with it and the fact that Hermione and Artemisa had grown close sure must have helped.

Draco sighed and returned to his conversation with the more mature men in the room. After a while the fireplace lit up and Hermione arrived home, just in time to say goodbye to Andrew and Lilith who were taking their tired three year old daughter home for bed.

As soon as the ex-slytherins were off, Fleur leaned into her husband's ear and suggested to go too. Bill nodded and started saying his goodbyes while his wife went over one of the larger coaches where their two year old daughter was sleeping peacefully. Arthur protested that he wanted to continue playing but his father pointed out that it was getting late and even though the children were still playing loudly it was clear that they were starting to feel exhausted. Fleur went over to Hermione to say good bye.

"That was a lovely party 'Mione, you're very good."

"Thank you Fleur, I'll be seeing you later."

"Of course."

"Blaise, I think we should be going too." Said Alice, her husband nodded and accompanied her to retrieve the twins, who protested between yawns that they were not tired yet, their mother looked amused at their half closed eyes.

"Come now Leo, Philip, you can continue your game the next time you visit."

She lifted a twin while Blaise took the other, the man looked over at the mess the children had been doing with their toys and smirked to Draco.

"You know, you should start a child care service, seeing that all these brats practically live here."

"Just because the lot of you, as their parents, see fit to drop them here! Potter's house is just as big as mine, why don't you leave your progeny there?!"

"Are you nuts? I don't trust that crazy house-elf he has, and it's a nice house but the beach is too close for my comfort, besides, your garden is bigger and you are my sons' godfather, so bear with it!"

"Great! I'm stuck with your little nuisances because I have the best house! That's wonderful!"

"Oh, don't fret Draco." Said Hermione, joining the two best friends. "You love to have the children around, you even complained when Harry said that he was considering to have Elaine booked on a kindergarten."

"Of course I did! No goddaughter of mine is going to a muggle school!"

Harry rolled his eyes at Draco's extravagance. He had wanted Hermione to be his daughter's godmother and of course Malfoy had come with the package, he didn't really mind, Draco was good with the children, even though he still insisted on keeping up the proper appearances and tended to put on his cold façade when in public.

Harry had no doubt of Malfoy's love and devotion to his family. The savior of the wizarding world knew that the only thing that had prevented Draco from doing him bodily harm when he had stupidly tried to revive Ron and Hermione's friendship, was that Hermione had talked on his behalf.

Still he had been banned from Malfoy's manor for a long time despite Hermione's complains to Draco that he was being childish and ridiculous. It had taken Bill's sworn oath that Ron was far away in Romania, and Artemisa's reassurances that she had verbally pummeled her then fiancé, and that she was not going to let him do anything stupid again. In the end, Harry had been reduced to beg for forgiveness and Draco had grudgingly allowed him to visit Hermione again.

Malfoy and Harry had spent some time avoiding each other and then back to their childish quarrels until Hermione had had enough and had forced them to talk and solve their problems. Of course they had yelled at each other and to Hermione for the most part of the "talk" but eventually they had gotten out of their systems everything that had needed to be said between the two and had started to act like grown ups and responsible adults… for the most part…

Given time they got to know each other and to establish some kind of friendship. Hermione had been most pleased when Harry had asked them to be his daughter's godparents and even more when Ethan had been born and Draco had actually proposed Harry to be his godfather, thus actually ending years of Slytherin-Gryffindor enmity and leaving testament of their new acquired friendship. Harry smiled briefly at the memories and then proceeded to say good bye to Bill and get hold of his daughter, preparing to leave too.

The Potters were the last to go, Harry holding both a sleeping Elaine and his pregnant wife lovingly as they apparated away. Apparition was not normally safe for a pregnant woman, but Harry had enough power to ensure that all of them made it to their destiny without complications. Artemisa hated the floo in her condition; she got nauseous every time she tried it.

When they were finally alone, Draco called for the house-elf to clean the room and then turned to see Hermione cradling their baby boy and Ryan yawning at her side. He smiled to them and took his firstborn into his arms, and both parents carried their exhausted children upstairs to their respective bedrooms.


After a quick shower to get him rid of dirt, Draco helped Ryan to change on his pajamas and tucked the boy in bed, handing him his favorite plush toy, a leopard that had seen better days, Blaise had gifted it to the child on his very first birthday and Ryan had fell in love with it immediately and never again let go of the stuffed toy. Draco had not been amused at Blaise's choice of animal but at least it had not been a lion.

Ryan asked for a story but Draco had not even opened the book to find a suitable tale when the boy had been sleeping soundly. Draco smiled fondly at his son and returned the book to its rightful place in a bookcase near the bed, then he rearranged the blankets around his child's little form and kissed him tenderly on the forehead.

Five years. Five years of a normal happy life. Malfoy smirked remembering that some of the pureblood wizards that had been attending their marriage party had assured that they wouldn't make the week together. The poor fools, what would they know? Draco loved his family, his children were perfect and he had the most beautiful and intelligent wife that one could wish. Of course they had had their fights and disagreements and they'd like to kill each other once in a while, which couple wouldn't? But they had always found a way around the many differences between them. They were happy.

Malfoy turned on the night light that was on his son's bedside table and scowled at the picture resting there. It showed him and Hermione cuddling in the train compartment of Hogwarts' express, both of them fast asleep and Draco seemed to be snoring. He huffed at the image, if he had known that Blaise had borrowed Alice's blasted camera he sure as hell hadn't have fallen asleep! The only reason for the picture to be framed and exposed was because Ryan had found it about a year ago while he rummaged in his mother's old trunk, looking for interesting things that he could use as toys, he had liked the picture and had begged to be allowed to keep it, and everybody knew that Draco couldn't say no to his child.

So the picture had been framed and Ryan had took immense delight in telling to anyone that would listen how much his mommy and daddy loved each other while showing the picture and pointing out that he had been inside mommy at the time. It had been a bit embarrassing but Draco had not have the heart to make his son stop and endured the amused looks of countless of different people until Ryan had let the picture to rest.

Malfoy sighed and shook his head in mild amusing; his children were going to be the death of him. He smiled again at the little bundle in the bed and noticed that Crookshanks had curled on his usual spot at the child's feet. Hermione's cat had resulted to be part kneazle and it had taken to Ryan from the very start. Draco wasn't sure that letting pets to sleep in the same bed as children was healthy, but he had learned in the hard way that a kneazle always had his way, and had discovered that the thing had indeed sharp claws.

Draco sighed again and caressed his son's soft hair for a while, then got quietly out of the bedroom in search of his wife.


Hermione looked lovingly at her baby boy while he hugged his favorite stuffed dragon in his sleep, she loved her children and she was grateful for the life she lived as Mrs. Malfoy.

It had not been easy, the Malfoys after all had always been among the highest social circles and there were still some things that Hermione's raising just didn't grasp, she didn't see the sense to all the formality and protocol, social attendance at Ministry or important families' reunions were sometimes the minor of her worries. Add to this the fact that never before had been a "contamination" to the Malfoy bloodline, the most conservative pureblooded families had seen her marriage with scorn and looked upon her with pressed lips, but Hermione soon discovered that a bonus of being a Malfoy was that no one dared to said a thing about it.

It was rather satisfying to walk around a hall on her husband's arm and wave in the purebloods faces how happy they were and that their blood purity prejudices were obsolete. The only real problem Hermione had had regarding her marriage had come from the manor itself. The portraits of generations of Malfoys were truly scandalized at the notion of a mudblood in the manor, their discomfort turned to rage when they realized that said mudblood was in fact the Mistress of the manor.

Hermione had endured a complete day of insults and threats from several portraits until Draco had burned to ashes the first portrait who had dared to insult his wife in front of him, said portrait had resulted to be his great-great-grandfather. From that moment on the portraits shut their mouths in front of the Master of the manor, and to ensure that they'll behave in his absence Malfoy did a special dark spell, cursing them all into silence. The portraits had been enraged but no longer able to make their discomfort known and the couple had been satisfied with that.

Work had been an issue at some time, Hermione had first considered to get a job at the Ministry, but soon had realized that it was not for her, now that she was a Malfoy every employer would be looking for her favor and she didn't want to deal with the political machinations of greedy ministry agents.

The Malfoys owned several states and profitable business, some of which included production and process of potion's ingredients, dealing of magic artifacts and mines that provided precious stones for some of the most prestige jewelries. Hermione didn't feel particularly attracted to help manage the family businesses, though she did it from time to time to help Draco.

The girl had been almost desperate to find something in which she could put her knowledge to work and Fleur came up with a solution, she had quit working for Gringotts in order to spend more time with her son and she had started to research ancient spells and was trying to improve modern ones, she wanted to create new spells and charms. Hermione happily joined her and the two of them had started a kind of magic lab, they even did Arithmancy charts on occasion for some establishments that required them.

Hermione looked at the pile of gifts that her baby had received and smiled, she had two very spoiled boys, three if you take their father into account, but it was ok, they had rules too and even when the children knew that they had their father around their little fingers, they also knew that if they misbehaved or do very bad things they'd had to face punishment, and no amount of puppy dog's eyes would move Draco when he had to correct his offspring.

Yes, Draco loved his boys. Hermione looked at Ethan and thought about the effort it had taken to convince Draco to have another baby, he had not even considered the possibility, having been an only child himself he just was used to have it that way. When Hermione had mentioned the convenience to give Ryan a sibling Draco actually had asked "What for?" And his wife had felt frustrated and had ranted for weeks about how spoiled Ryan was and that she won't have her son to become a bully and a prat like his father had been, besides, she didn't want the boy to play all alone in the big house, contrary to what Blaise had mentioned, the other boys didn't "practically live" in the manor, they only visited frequently, it was not the same as to have a sibling.

Finally Draco had understood the point and they had have Ethan, granted it had been quite an accomplishment, Hermione didn't know why but it took almost two years for her to get pregnant, Draco had blamed it entirely on the house, he couldn't prove it but he was sure that the ancient manor had some dark magic running through its walls that prevented the Malfoy women to get pregnant more than once.

Surprisingly Narcissa had agreed with her son, pointing out how Lucius never had wanted to be intimate when they were away from the manor, it was a tradition in Malfoy family that they only had one heir, the few Malfoy couples that had have two children had been because their first born had been a girl.

So Hermione and Draco had spent a week of vacations in Greece and Ethan had been conceived. Hermione had felt so satisfied to have fooled the ancient Malfoy traditions than she had walked trough the manor with her two boys, making a point of telling Ryan the names of every portrait they found and thus showing off her offspring to the indignant portraits. Later on she had felt ashamed of her childish behavior towards people that had ceased to exist long ago and had confessed her deed to her husband who had enjoyed the tale immensely and comforted his wife, telling her that everyone needed to do something childish once in a while.

Hermione sighed in remembrance and looking at her son again she turned on the night light. Someone entered the nursery and she felt strong arms surrounding her waist.

"Is he asleep?"

"Yes, he's exhausted. I assume that Ryan didn't have a tale tonight?"

"He was snoring before I had finished the first sentence. I doubt that either of them would wake up in the night."

Hermione giggled and turned around to kiss her husband, Draco returned the kiss with passion while intertwining his hand in Hermione's hair, his other hand wandering over her body. They ended the kiss when they were out of breath.

"Let's go to our room, I want to have you comfortable in the bed so I can play with you."

Hermione smiled wickedly at Draco's words and waited as the blond leaned into the crib to kiss his baby good night, then they walked to the corridor and closed the door quietly.

Once outside Hermione looked longingly at the door for some precious seconds.

"Everything alright love?"

"Yes." She turned around to face Draco's intense eyes. "I really love my boys, but sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have a girl."

Draco rolled his eyes at her and he lifted her into his arms, making her gasp in surprise.

"Draco! What are you doing?"

He kissed her lips passionately and started to walk down the corridor to the next door that was of their bedroom.

"Well, if you want a girl so badly, I think that we should start planning our next vacation."

Hermione's eyes brightened and she surrounded Draco's neck with her arms, giving him kisses all along his jaw, while he opened their bedroom's door and carried his wife to the bed.

The End.


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