The Ghost of You

By: DracoPotterMalfoy-JackEnnisDelMar

Rating: R

Pairing: Jack/Ennis

Genre: Angst/Romance

Warning: This story will contain slash (ie. male/male relationships) and some mild- heavy sex scenes.

A/N: Ok everyone, here is the last chapter for this story, I hope that you all enjoy it and I'm giving you your sex scene, usually I wouldn't just add one but I made it fit in with the story and plus all of my wonderful readers deserve it so ENJOY! I hope that you all enjoy and I would like to thank you all that sat here and read this story as I wrote it. ITS BEEN A BLAST!

Slight Warning: This chapter contains some steamy sex, so if your are under age or easilly get offeneed then please turn around and do not come back. Last warning, this chapter is also another tear jearker, so if your heart breaks with happiness and love easilly then I would have tissue available. Thanks and Enjoy!

"And They Live…Happily Ever After"

Ennis leaned down brushing his lips against the brunet's kissing the younger man chastely before deepening it with a swipe of his tongue across Jack's bottom lip asking for entrance with a small nibble. The stormy eyed man raised his arms resting them on Ennis's shoulders allowing the blonds tongue to search the inside of his mouth with a moan. Jack arched his back Ennis's erection poking his thigh making his arousal known as he moved. Ennis moaned as the young man below him rubbed against his straining cock.

Ennis pulled back taking off his shirt then helping Jack with his before leaning down and kissing the brunets neck causing the younger man to moan and rub his body against the blond's hardness even more. Ennis groaned reaching down to undue Jack's pants tracing his lips down his lover's chest as he pulled the garment off. Jack sighed as Ennis also relieved him of his boxers the blond's lips hovering just over his belly. The brunet felt a light blush form upon his cheeks as the older man caressed his thigh watching him.

His head fall back with a moan when Ennis blew across his sensitive abs. The blond dipped his tongue inside the ivory belly button then continuing to blow softly causing the soft skin there to twitch.

"Your beautiful." he said skimming his hands up Jack's sides adorning butterfly kisses across the younger mans warm skin. Ennis pulled himself back up the brunet's body undoing his own pants pulling off both his boxers and pants putting them on the floor before covering Jack's body with his own pressing there both equally hard cocks together. The blond's soft lips were sucking the brunet's pale neck. Jack rolled his hips upwards rubbing their crotches together making moans escape from both men. Ennis let one hand cup Jack's cheek as he kissed him passionately the other roaming its way down lifting the brunet's leg up wrapping the long limb around his waist still clutching the smaller mans thigh as they kissed breath escaping and entering through their noses to prolong the blissful interaction.

Ennis pulled back and searched through his pants pockets soon finding a bottle of lube. The green eyed man unsnapped the cap, and covered his fingers with the slick substance crawling back up Jack's body spreading the other mans legs and settling between them. Jack moaned lightly as a thick finger traced his virginal opening, and slowly pushed inside drawling a gasp from the brunet which Ennis quickly caught with his own mouth. Pulling back out the older man started to finger fuck the panting teen below him. Jack felt a light burning as Ennis added a second finger the velvety walls clutching around his large fingers trying to reject them.

"Shhh…Relax." Ennis cooed against Jack's ear. "Ya got to relax rodeo." Jack bit his lip and closed his eyes slowly relaxing his body as Ennis instructed. Soon the painful burning turned into a pleasurable burning. As soon as Ennis felt the constricting muscles around his figures relax and let him in he scissored the fingers bringing a gasp from the younger man. Jack arched and grabbed the blanket below him. The feeling was strange…but at the same time it felt so good and he wanted more. The teen pushed against his lover's fingers moaning deeply.

"Oh fuckin' hell please…more." the smaller man whispered. Ennis pulled his fingers out and added another gently pushing three past the wet hole.

"Jack you're so tight." Ennis moaned in which Jack gave an answering mewl shifting slightly at the uncomfortable and yet pleasurable feeling of being filled. Though the brunet knew that there was more to come. The brunet felt all his nervousness, all the pain, everything was pushed aside…no roughly shoved aside when the three fingers inside him curled and pressed against something that made his vision go white and his head to spin. The brunet let out a cry of pleasure as the fingers continued to abuse the bundle of nerves hidden deep inside of his body.

"Please…do it again." was all Jack could say or more likely mumble as he felt another wave of pleasure residing from his prostate. Ennis chuckled, and continued to stretch the tight opening.

"You think ya ready for me?" he asked the leaking cock between his legs growing ever harder to ignore at the sight of his once again soon-to-be lover laid out before him legs spread, and the needful noises coming from the beautiful brunet weren't helping either.

"Yes." Jack mewled. Ennis wasted no time picking up the lube he slicked his aching member resettling himself between the brunets legs. Ennis leaned over and kissed Jack.

"Make sure you relax. I don't want to hurt you." he said in warning positioning his cock at Jack's entrance he pushed three inches of himself inside the tight channel groaning as hot tightness that gripped his cock. Jack whimpered, the pain from before returning, but with more intensity this time. Clutching the seat harder he willed himself to relax around the large cock squeezing his eyes shut as he fought back the tears stinging his eyes. Ennis swooped down kissing the brunets cheeks and lips while running a hand down his lovers side rubbing soothing circles. Soon Jack's inner muscles gave way and relaxed dulling the pain immensely as Jack let out a shuddered gasp. The brunet rolled his hips forward experimentally and moaned at the contact. His blond lover took that as a cue to continue and sunk the rest of the way inside almost growling as he was finally settled to the hilt inside the constricting heat that was squeezing his cock almost painfully.

"Nuh Jack.." he moaned rocking his hips slowly causing friction to flare up both of the participants bodies. Jack wrapped his other leg around Ennis's waist his finger nails digging into the skin of the Ennis's arm while the blond quickened the pace a notch. The green eyed man shifted thrusting himself a bit higher hitting the soft spot inside Jack hard.

"Ennis!" Jack cried arching into the blond who continued to thrust hitting the spot head on each time. Ennis couldn't hold it no longer and placed his hands on Jack's hips thrusting his cock inside the delicious friction making him moan with pleasure. "Jack…" he whispered continuing to thrust. The tent was rocking slowly as they continued their lovemaking the sided of the tent began to collect moisture, the small moans and quiet whimpers were the only thing breaking the peaceful silence around them. A hand pressed against the tent's material, Jack's. His hand was grasping at the plastic material as if he were afraid he would float away from the present world as his pleasure escalated. Ennis was feeling a similar feeling, and it felt so good that he didn't think that he would survive the fall from the cliff he felt himself nearing the edge of.

"Uhh Ennis..." the brunet cried pressing his face against the blonds neck as he came his essences spurting between him and Ennis. The brunet shuddered his velvet heat clutching around his lover's member milking him of his own essence.

"Jack." shouted the blond thrusting once more coming inside the younger man. Falling back against the seat Ennis pulled Jack with him holding him against his chest still nestled inside the panting teen.

"Hell Jack, I love you." the blond said kissing the top of the brunets head. Jack made a small protesting sound as he was lifted off of Ennis's member, and settled back against the blond's chest once more.

"…I love you too Ennis." he replied turning his face up and kissing his new lover.

The next mourning both men woke up in each others embrace. Sunlight seeped through a tiny opening from the tent's entrance and cast a natural beauty on them. As the mourning began to become warmer the tent started to become steadily warmer also. Both men quickly began to wake up.

"Mournin' darlin," Ennis said.

"Mournin' cowboy," Jack replied placing a chaste kiss on the blond's lips.

"We'd better get up rodeo, if we wanna make it to our place by sunset."


Both men untangled from one another's embrace and looked for their jeans and shirts. The age and worry lines no longer lingered on the men's faces. They looked like they had when they first had met on their first summer up at Brokeback Mountain. Once they were finished they packed up what little they had for their camp and left on their horses.

A young woman around twenty years old was driving down the highway heading up to the mountains. She had her truck window down which made her hair whip in the wind. She could smell the beautiful scent as she made her way up the street. As requested by her father, Alma Junior was heading up Brokeback Mountain to release his and his soul mates ashes. They barley had the funeral and the cremation for Ennis. Like her father told her when she went to his trailer, in the closet hanging on the door were the two shirts and in the very back on the floor was the urn containing Jack's ashes. When she had arrived home that day Junior hung the two shirts up on her door closet and hanging the postcard of Brokeback on beside it. Now here she was driving up the mountain to finish her father's last wish. After being described the place in exact detail Alma was heading to the place where her father told her where Jack and He make their sacred place and exchanged their first words of love. After a few more hours of driving and some more directions she found the place that her father had told her. The area that she had arrived at over looked the lake, it was a grassy plain with trees surrounding the area but it had a perfect view of the blue crystal lake. The sun began setting behind the mountains and cast a perfect view across the lake and the little valley. She took both urn's from her truck and walked back up the hill that overlooked the lake. With tears sliding down her face she removed the lids from both urns and took a handful of ashes from each one and released them into the breeze that suddenly picked up. Deep down she could feel the presence of her father and Jack standing beside her. No words were needed to say on how much she loved her father and how happy she was that he finally was able to be with one person that completed him.
It took all day long for the two men to get to their place. At that place they had their first fight where they had bloodied their shirts that now hung in Junior's closet. When they had arrived the sun had begun to set behind the mountains. They watched as a red truck pulled up and a beautiful young woman stepped out. A smile played across Ennis's face as he watched his daughter step out of the truck, but a deep hurt spread through his body because he wasn't able to touch or talk to her. He watched as the young woman walked back to her truck and brought out the two urns's containing the two men's ashes. Ennis wrapped his arms around Jack's waist and pulled him close to chest and rested his chin on the man's shoulder as he watched his daughter let go of their ashes. Tears slid down both men's face as they watched her actions knowing that she loved and accepted both of them. Long after they both watched Junior leave, they both stood there for a long time looking at the lake.

"Well you were right about something yet again rodeo," Ennis whispered.

"Whats that cowboy," Jack replied leaning into his lovers embrace.

"That o'l Brokeback got us good," Ennis replied giving Jack a soft kiss on the ckeek.

"I'm happy that I was," Jack whispered back.

"Me to," Ennis said. After a few minutes of standing on the hill with Jack in his embrace, Ennis leaned foward and whispered into Jack's ear what his heart and soul felt for Jack,"I love you rodeo."

"I love ya too cowboy," Jack replied leaning into the loving embrace.

And the two men stood there, forever to live on Brokeback Mountain with one another, never having to worry about what people are saying about them or Ennis having to worry about Jack being taken away once again by tire irons. They stayed there to live, to hold, and to love one another for the rest of time. Oh and don't forget the best part, they get to drink like they've never been drunk, and have sex like there is no tomorrow.

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