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Warning: Abuse, drinking of the alcholic breverage... yea thats about it.

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Summary:Basically it's what if they had Max's childhood, Rated T.I just started writing it, R&R please.

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It's not like they didn't know, I mean even if I was tying to hide it from them, they had to know. But I can't tell them… no… that would be worse of for me, I mean come on… you honestly expect me to tell them what I'm hiding from them. I can't… for my safety… for my brothers safety. If I tell them he would get angry, and he will do something. I protect my brothers at all cost, but sometimes it isn't enough, god how can I save him from the evil when I can't even save myself. This stupid guidance counselor keeps asking me all these questions, but if I yell at her to shut up, she'll know. Damn… what have I gotten myself into. Why won't she just let me leave, I need to get home, I need to protect my brother, damn it he could already be there doing god knows what to him.

"Mr. Winchester, all you alright? " I look at her, her face full of concern for my well being… I need to get home, it's already past school hours, he's do home at 5:00… but what if he comes home early… damn it lady just let me leave. "Mr. Winchester?"

"I'm fine, can I leave yet?" My voice was stern but she looked at me like she knew I was hiding something.

"Not yet, you haven't finished answering my questions." Damn this lady doesn't give up. Why can't she just mind her own damn business. "Where did you get the bruises?"

My dad, just tell, she'll find out eventually. "I fell."

"You fell?" I nodded but I don't think she believed me. I'm a good liar, but why is it that this woman can see right though me. "They don't look like you fell, it's ok to tell me the truth."

"I am." Well sort of, I mean I did fall, but I had some help.

"Sweetheart, you don't have to be scared." Good God why won't this woman just leave it be, I need to get home.

"I'm not scared, I just need to get home… now." There's that damn look again.

"Why? What's so important that you need to go home." She's annoying.

"My little brother is home, he doesn't like to be there alone."

"He's alone?" Shit I said to much. "Where are you parents, why aren't they there with him?"

"My mother is dead, but thanks for bringing up the bad memory." She knows something, that look gives it away.

"I'm sorry… where's your father." My father… oh no… it's 4:30, I have a half hour to get home. But how do I get out of here? "

"He's working, he should be home at 5, can I leave now?" Lady if you say no, I will attack you.

"Yes you can go now." Finally, I made it to the door, before she called my name. "I would like to see you again tomorrow if you don't mind." I only shrugged and ran out the door. Running down the halls, teachers yelling at me to walk, but I didn't care about them all I knew is that I had to get home. I needed to get to him, I needed to get to Sammy before my father did.

I ran down streets after streets I ran through the traffic, cars blowing their horns at me as I cut in front of them. I finally made it to my street and ran as fast as I could to our house. I saw a car down another street, it was heading for our house… oh no I'm not gonna make it. Damn it, I forced myself to run faster… I made it the house before the car and I sprinted inside and ran up the stairs to Sammy's room.

"Sammy!' I yelled for him but he wasn't there, again I yelled for him as I ran down the hall to my room. "Sammy!" Please be in here Sammy, please, I ran into my room, and went straight for the closet. I threw the door open. Shit, where the hell is he.

"Dean!" Shit he's down stairs. I ran out of my room, down the hall, skidding and turning to the stairs. I ran down them as fast as I could not caring if I fell, all I cared about was getting to Sammy before he did.

"Dean!" Shit where is he?

"Sammy!" I heard crying and yelling, I ran for the kitchen. "Sammy!" There he was sitting in he corner trying to get away from him, but he couldn't the corner was sufficient enough, it wouldn't hide him from the man who stalked after him. "Leave him alone." The man turned on me, his eyes glassy, tinted with hate. He crept towards me as I stood in my place on the opposite side of the kitchen. "Sammy go hide, now!" My voice was stern but it showed concern for the young boy. He quickly stood up and stayed close to the wall following it to the doorway. The man turned back to Sammy and picked up the beer bottle that was on the table, he threw it. "Sammy duck." The boy went down to the ground quickly as the glass shattered against the wall, pieces of glass falling onto him as he cried out. "Run Sammy. Go hide NOW!" He got back up and scurried away as the man turned back at me with hatred.

"You can't keep him hidden forever." He yelled, his voice booming through the kitchen.

"As long as I'm here, I won't let you hurt him. EVER!" That was it I pissed him off, you never raise your voice to him… but you know what , I could care less, if it kept him away from little Sammy I would do whatever it took. I saw him storm over, he pulled his arm back and threw at me. His fist connecting with my face, I stumbled backwards but I refused to fall. I stared back at him, trying to hide the fact that my face hurt like hell. I had to keep him away from Sammy, no matter what the cost. "You punch like a girl dad!" Yea that's it just piss him off even more.
"You bastard." He closed the gap between us and grabbed my neck. I felt my feet leave the ground, my hands went to my throat, as he tightened his grip. I can't fight him, I can feel m body going limp. Damn it… no I need to stay awake for Sammy… I can't let him get to him not again. I felt his grip let go as my body went soaring through the air. I hit the wall, my body falling heavily to the ground. Oh God the pain that was ripping through my body, I can't even move my arms, my legs, my chest hurt when I breathed. I felt the heat of his breath against my face, the smell of the alcohol made me want to gag. All I could think about was Sammy, how I failed him, I didn't try hard enough… he's going to go find Sammy… and he's gonna hit him… and it's all because I couldn't stop him. I heard the crunching of glass against his heavy footsteps, as he walked away. I wanted to yell to him to leave Sammy alone but I couldn't, my voice was gone, I couldn't yell for Sammy. I heard the door slam shut and then I was left there in silence… cold, dead, silence… silence I didn't want to be there.

"Dean." The voice sounded weak, I heard scuffing against the floor and felt a small hand on my face.

I looked up to see my little brother staring up at me with those big brown eyes. "Sammy… are… you o…ok?" The little boy shook his head slowly averting his gaze away from m eyes.

"I'm sorry Dean."

"For what?"

"I should have stayed up in my room like you told me too, but I got hungry, and you weren't home yet."

"Hey it's…ok… it wasn't… your fault." I felt him rest his head against by chest, his breathing in the exact same rhythm as mine. I could sense he was scared, frightened that our father would come back and hit him. "Come on help me get upstairs and I will take a look at your cuts." I watched as he nodded and slowly helped me as best he could get to my feet. It took us a while to get upstairs but we managed to reach my bedroom. I checked his wounds and held him in my arms telling him everything would be ok, that I would never let dad hurt him again. I looked down and saw him sleeping there with my arm wrapped around him, his head up against my chest, his breathing once again in rhythm with mine. I laid him down in the bed and got up to go wash the blood off my face. When I came back he sitting up in bed with tears coming down his face.

"Hey buddy, it's ok." I took him in my arms and rubbed his back in slow, steady circles, just mom used to do for me when I was sick. "Everything will be ok." I rubbed his back until he fell back asleep, and I layed him back down in the bed only this time I laid down next to him with a protective arm around him. I wouldn't let anybody hurt My Sammy ever again.

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