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Sam woke up in a cold sweat, sucking in a breath of air as he tried to blink away the grogginess from of his eyes. He shook his head in an attempt to get his hair out of his face and turned to look at his brother at the same time Dean turned his head towards Sam. Their heads collided with a soft bone crunching thud as forehead met forehead.

Sam reared back, his hand tearing through the air as he grabbed his forehead and would have fallen off the bed, if it wasn't for the night stand that was next to him. He shook his head yet again, trying to force away the pain and squinted through the dim light at Dean, who – to Sam's surprise- was still asleep, his eyes moving rapidly underneath his eyelids as if he were having a nightmare. Sam leaned back towards his brother, placing a strong hand on Dean's shoulder and gently shaking him.

"Dean." Sam said as he brought his other hand up to his brothers head where it had connected with his own.

'At least he's not running a fever.' Sam thought to himself as he removed his hand from Dean's forehead as Dean's head thrashed to the other side. His right hand clenching shut around the deep blue blanket that was pooled around his waist, his right hand bunching up the gray shirt that he wore.

"Dean." Sam tried again, shaking Dean more roughly than he did the first time.

Nothing happened.

"Dean. Wake up." This time Sam raised his voice as he placed his other hand to Dean's other shoulder and shook him with both hands. "Dean."

Dean jolted upright, yelling, his breathing getting more rapid with every second. Sweat slowly rolling down his tan skin and soaking into his gray shirt. His dull green eyes staring at the wall opposite the bed as Sam started to gently rub circles on his back.

"Dean, it's okay, breath. Just relax." Sam said, trying to the best of his ability to get his older brother to calm down.

It was weird, all of Sam's life it was Dean who always tried to get Sam to calm down, and now it's the the other way around. He didn't know how to do it, he didn't know what to do. What do you even say to someone who's been all the shit Dean went through? The greatest fear the Sam faced right now, aside from getting Dean as far away from this panic attack as he could, was the little voice inside his head that said that Dean remembered everything. How do you tell someone that you have been lying to them since they got out of their coma?

"Dean? Hey, you okay big brother?" Sam said tipping his head down slightly so he could look into his brothers dull green eyes. "Did you have a dream?"

Dean nodded slowly never taking his eyes off the wall.

"You want to talk about?"

Dean remained silent for a few minutes as he tried to calm himself down, breathing in through his nose and out through his mouth.

"It was our father... wasn't it?" Dean choked out as he looked over at Sam, his eyes brimming with tears.

"What?" Sam's eyes widened slightly, the nervous expression unable to hide itself.

"You know what Sam. Why didn't you tell me?" Dean said and shrugged his brother's hands off his shoulders.

"Tell you wha-?"

"Cut the bull shit Sam!" Dean yelled as he rose from the bed. "Why didn't you tell me about dad?"

"I thought it would be better if you didn't know." Sam said as he moved his eyes away from Dean and looked down at his hands.

"Sam? Dean?" Their aunt said as she stepped through the doorway, quickly followed by their uncle. "Is everything okay?"

"Did you know?" Dean yelled turning on both his aunt and uncle, his face a light shade of red.

"Dean." Aunt Laney started but was cut off.

"Did you know that our father hit us?" He screamed but never waited for an answer as he turned back to his brother. "Why wouldn't you tell me Sam?"

"I thought-."

"Thought what Sam? That I didn't deserve to know?" Dean said, letting his anger get the better of him as he pick up the alarm clock on the night stand and whipped it across the room.

Sam got up from his spot on the bed and cautiously walked over to his brother, as if he were about to get scolded. "I didn't think that Dean."

"Then why." Dean said, his voice breaking. "He's our father, you should have told me."

"I thought it would be better if you didn't remember him okay. Dean that man caused us so much misery through out our lives. So..." Sam cut himself off and took a deep breath. "I didn't tell you because I figured that only one of us needed to know about him and you didn't deserve to go through all that pain again Dean. I'm sorry I didn't tell you... I just … I thought it was my turn to protect you."

Dean opened his mouth to say something, but closed his mouth just as quickly. He didn't know what to say. He knew Sam had a good argument, but still... he felt like he deserved to know. He hated the fact that everyone lied to him, but in some way he thanked them. Aside from the fact that the nightmares he had scared him, even though he won't admit it, he knew that they did it to protect him. But that still left him a bit angry, but surprisingly not with Sam.

"I want to see him." Dean said after a few moments of silence, his green eyes staring directly at Sam. "I have to ask him something. I need to see him Sammy."

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