Across the Ocean

By Dominus Princeps

A.N., ZOMG I am teh s0rryz for the long wait! Oddly enough, the advent of summer has not offered any time for me, but I will teh work on this story!

Chapter Eight

Medli shrieked as she fell up to her neck in cool water. Link chuckled at her response.

"You might wanna move," he said. Medli struggled her way over to him and blinked as a reflex as Komali dropped into the water. Makar, safe on Medli's head, was only barely wet.

"I think we're gonna have to teach you how to swim, Medli," Link remarked, looking at their surroundings. The water was neck deep to Medli and only got deeper. The door was apparently underwater.

"You won't be able to fly with wet wings, so I guess it's okay to use them like big paddles..." Link said. Medli made a whimper of discontent in her throat.

"Link...I'm not meant to swim..." she whined. Link raised an eyebrow.

"That may be, but unless you want to sit around here for a while, you'll have to learn. Here, Aryll, you teach Komali, since he probably is already a decent swimmer. I'll work on Medli," Link instructed. His sister nodded and swam quickly over to where Komali was standing in the water uneasily.

"Okay, Medli, can you unfurl your wings here?" Link asked. Medli morphed her arms into wings. They floated on the surface of the water.

"Alright, now watch me swim: see, I use my feet like a bellows while moving my arms like I'm pulling the water," Link demonstrated his stroke on the surface of the water.

"Um..." Medli tried it. She began to sink, and when she sank, she flailed. Link caught her by the waist.

"Here, I'll hold you up. Now, try it," he instructed. Medli imitated his stroke using her wings like big fins. It was a fairly powerful stroke, but Medli had trouble coordinating her legs with the stroke.

"Almost. Now do your legs," Link encouraged. Medli was hard coordinating both her arms and her legs to move in synch when she had used only her wings her whole life.

"There, you got it! You got it!" Link grinned widely. Medli almost gasped. It was like flying, but with more resistance. However, one didn't have to gauge the winds or ride thermals.

"Try diving. Remember, take a deep breath before you dive; that way you can stay under longer," Link instructed. Medli took in a deep breath, heard Makar do the same, and then dove under. The water was a clear blue and shifted in front of Medli's eyes. She swam around near the bottom for a little bit before standing up to surface.

"I saw the exit of this room. Shall we go?" Medli said to Link.

"Aryll, has Komali learned how to swim yet?" Link asked his sister.

"Yeah, he got it quickly!" Aryll replied. Komali surfaced, hair dripping.

"Good thing my guitar's made of waterproof stuff; otherwise, this would be really bad for it," the blond girl said. Link looked back to them and then dove underwater. Medli followed him, with Makar hanging onto her ponytail as she stroked through the water with her wings. She easily caught up with Link; while he may have been swimming for a lot longer, her wings pushed through the water better than his arms. They swam quickly through the tunnel under the water with Aryll and Komali close behind, then surfaced, gasping, in a huge, domed room. The water made beautiful reflected designs on the ceiling. Link looked down into the water and gasped.

"This water must be a hundred feet deep! At least!" he murmured, amazed. Medli looked down with him.

"Wow..." Komali said as he looked around the room. They spotted an island in the center and swam for it. They pulled themselves ashore and looked around the room.

" looks like the only door we can get through is that one," Link pointed to a door on the far side of the room. They nodded and jumped into the water again.

" far down do you think you can swim? Here, I'll take Makar," Link eyed Medli. She shrugged, took a deep breath, and dove under. She swam as quickly as she could downward. After twenty or thirty seconds of hard paddling, Medli's lungs began to burn. She turned back to the surface and swam powerfully for the light, her buoyancy helping her rise. She broke the surface gasping.

"That was pretty far...but nowhere near how deep the bottom is. You probably got fifty feet down, but it looks at least a hundred," Link sighed. They swam over to the small mesh platform in front of the door. Oddly enough, the door had a doorknob, and the whole affair looked out of place in a temple. It looked like a door that one would encounter in a normal city. Link turned the doorknob, held it for the three (and Makar on Medli's head), then closed it behind them. They were in a room with a deep channel on water running down the center. The water in the channel was running very quickly, so Medli guessed that they wouldn't want to fall in. Seeing as the end of the channel wasn't visible and probably was underwater somewhere along the line, she made up her mind not to slip into the channel. They looked around for some sort of puzzle, but apparently it was just a long room with a deep channel. The five of them ran down the room to the door. It opened as Link turned the doorknob. They were then faced with a room full of large, four-legged, blue, cyclops spiders...standing on the pool of water in the room!

"Holy crap," Komali blinked. He and Link unsheathed their swords and stood in front of Medli, Makar, and Aryll as the spider-like creatures noticed the group and began hopping across the water's surface to greet them. The creatures squeaked and squealed as Komali and Link hacked at them; while Komali only cut legs and thoraxes, Link's Prism Sword let loose with spear-like projectiles of rock. The deadly stone spires either pierced nearby spiders or were aimed at more distant ones. When the room was clear, Link and Komali washed their blades of the green bug blood in the pool in the room and then looked around.

"Looks like there's a switch or two underwater...Medli and Komali, do you think you can swim hard enough to get down there? I know I'm not powerful enough to get down there," Link turned to the Rito.

"For aerial folk, we sure are swimming a lot," Komali grinned. He dove into the water, unfurled his wings, and stroked over so that he was above a pressure pad.

"You'll have to dive to get it. Remember: press hard, then come up," Link instructed. Komali nodded. He took a deep breath, then swam powerfully down, his wings almost perfect for the environment. The one thing that was a disadvantage was that his feathers were wet and thus were a bit heavy. Nonetheless, he swam easily to the pressure pad, inverted himself, and pushed off the pad in order both to press the pad down and to rocket to the surface. Both actions were accomplished. To everyone's surprise, this caused the water level to rise up around ten feet. The problem was that Komali now had to swim far more than he had anticipated. The surface was so close...his lungs were burning, and his throat was sucking...nothing. He broke the surface as spots began dancing across his vision. Komali took a desperate breath and stroked over to where Link and the others were treading water.

"Can you see anything that we can do from this position?" Komali asked.

"If the water were a little higher, I bet we could get to that platform right there," Link pointed. They followed his finger.

" you think your Iron Boots are heavy enough to send you straight to the bottom? I could help you swim back up if you carry both of us down," Medli suggested.

"Yeah...but what for?" he asked.

"There's another switch. I saw it, too, while I was down there. I bet it raises the water level another bit," Komali explained. Link shrugged. Medli wrapped her arms around his waist.

"Deep breath!" Link said. They both breathed in deeply and then sank quickly, their combined weight and Link's incredibly heavy Iron Boots causing them to rapidly descend through the water. They hit the ground almost right on the switch. Link stepped on it hurriedly and then unequipped his Iron Boots. He pushed off the ground and kicked with his legs, holding to Medli with his arms. She swam through the water using her wings. They broke the surface gasping but alive. The water, indeed, had risen another few feet, allowing them to reach the platform that had the apparent exit on it. They all pulled themselves onto the platform, water streaming from clothing, hair, and skin. Link opened the door to the next room. He stumbled and fell into a shallow pool. The door had no step after it—it dropped three feet into the water.

"Some kind of reflecting pool? It's not very deep..." Aryll frowned as she surveyed the room from her vantage point in the doorway.

"Come on, let's keep going! Who knows what the Black Knuckle is up to?" Link urged. The rest of them nodded and hopped into the pool. The room was square and had a single island that rested a little off center relative to the room. Link hoisted himself up on the island and looked around.

"See anything?" Medli asked as she waded through the water.

"One Hookshot target...but it doesn't look as though it leads anywhere," Link frowned.

"Get it anyway. What's the worst that could happen? I mean, there's no other obvious exit," Komali shrugged. Link took out the Hookshot, aimed it at the target, and fired. The head of the Hookshot stuck in the target, and the chain began retracting. However, the target apparently wasn't sturdy enough to hold Link's weight: it fell off...pulling the ceiling with it! A large section of stone fell not two feet from where Link had landed in the pool. The water began churning. Link barely made it onto the stone island before the water had turned into a huge whirlpool.

"Just pulling down that target made the water do all this?" Aryll watched the violent churning of the water.

"Apparently. But what's this gonna do for us?" Komali sighed. As if to answer his question, the island they stood upon began spinning and descending into the center of the whirlpool.

"I'm scared..." Makar whimpered.

"Beats the Shadow Temple any day of the week," Link muttered. They sank deeper and deeper into the whirlpool until the platform ground to a halt. They looked around, but all they could see was raging water. Link frowned. Then, his eyes widened.

"Hold your br-" his words were cut off as the whirlpool stopped abruptly. The water rushed around them, hurling the group through a tunnel in the wall of the room. Suddenly, a different current caught them, pushing them toward what they hoped was the surface. It was, and they all took breaths of cherished air.

"I wish we knew how to bottle air like submarines can..." Aryll sighed. Makar shivered.

"I like water, but that whirlpool was really too much," he shuddered. Link looked around.

"Some kind of channel..." he remarked. Link dog-paddled over to a small ledge. Pulling himself up, he looked around.

"There's a curve a little further ahead. Let's get there and then see what's up next," Link said. They swam up to the curve and were suddenly gripped by a powerful current.

"Damn! It's strong!" Komali cursed, "Should we fight it?"

"No, go with the flow," Link said, grinning belatedly at his triple rhyme. They merely treaded water as the current sucked them around a bend.

"Does it strike you that this current is really fast?" Medli asked.

"Yeah..." Aryll remarked. They heard a roaring.

"Oh...crap," Link sighed, "Waterfall."


Tetra shaded her eyes with her hands as she looked toward the horizon. The Tower of the Gods was just visible.

"Just ahead, Miss Tetra! Should we maintain course for the Tower?" Gonzo asked from his position at the ship's wheel.

"Yes! Trim the mainsail when we get within coasting distance of the Tower of the Gods, Gonzo!" Tetra called back above the roar of the waves. The first mate nodded and stayed his course. When they were within the coasting distance, Niko and Mako trimmed the mainsail, allowing the ship to coast on its momentum. Soon enough, the pirate ship and its crew were inside the ring of columns and slowly coasting toward the entrance to the Tower of the Gods.

"I'm gonna take a dinghy in. Drop anchor and wait for me. I won't be long," Tetra said, lowering herself in a small rowboat.

"Tetra!" Goto called over the side.

"Goto? What's up?" Tetra called back.

"...Be careful. And don't do anything stupid!" the dark-haired man said. Tetra shook her head and put the dinghy's oars into the water. She rowed into the Tower, shivering at the cool breeze inside. It was warm, even hot, outside, but inside, in the somewhat mildewed, shady Tower, it was cool. Tetra rowed over to an open mouth that once spewed water. She hoisted herself into it and began her climb of the Tower. Much later, after many empty rooms and solved traps, the pirate reached the top of the Tower, where a giant bell hung.

"I hope this is all I need to do to open Hyrule again...I know the King of Red Lions said something different, but I think that boat's lost some sense since my father's spirit...well, anyway, I'll try ringing it," Tetra sighed, pulling out a grappling hook. She swung it a few times before letting it fly loose. A perfect throw! She held on and jumped, swinging back and forth, making the bell ring. Its ring seemed quiet and hollow, not a rich sound as one would expect from such a large bell.

"Silly, silly girl...weren't you listening to the King of Red Lions? You need more than just this bell and your meager power to open such a portal to the Kingdom of Hyrule..." the Black Knuckle chuckled. Tetra lost her grip on her grappling hook and crashed to the ground. She quickly picked herself up and unsheathed her shortsword.

"Now, now, little girl, I don't think that'll do much good...not when you saw how well Link's magic sword did. I'll let you live on one bring me the sword Link stole from me. Will you do it willingly, or will I have to torture you and keep you under my will?" the massive warrior asked.

"You'll have to take me first. My crew and I-" Tetra began fiercely.

"Your crew is dead, or in the least, useless. Look over the side..." the Black Knuckle said, a smirk evident in his voice. Tetra looked over the side of the Tower and choked as she saw the wreckage of her ship.

"How could you...?" Tetra whimpered. When she turned, the Black Knuckle was standing right in front of her. Before she could dodge, the Black Knuckle caught her by the neck and lifted her into the air. Tetra's frantic kicking was no match for the sheer strength of the heavily armored sorcerer. Her eyes rolled back into her head, and she went limp. The Black Knuckle laid her across his shoulder and called a cyclone to carry the two of them away.

"Fool girl. I honestly wonder if they think they've got a chance. After all, my past displays of power have been more than sufficient to strike fear into any heart," the sorcerer frowned.


Makar worriedly jumped up and down on Link. The Korok was the only one of the five who'd kept consciousness. His woody body wasn't harmed by the impact of the water, and he didn't need to breathe, in the strict sense of the term. Giving up on Link, Makar moved over to Medli. He hopped up and down on her stomach. Her face contorted, and she coughed water up. Makar continued to hop on her stomach, causing her to cough more water. She opened her eyes and hugged the Korok.

"Thanks, Makar...where are we?" the Rito girl asked.

"I think we should wake the others up first," Makar squeaked worriedly.

"Oh, yeah, of course! What was I thinking?" Medli smacked her forehead. She lifted Aryll, as she was the lightest of the group, and Medli wasn't nearly as strong as Link or Komali. Medli pumped Aryll's stomach with her hands. After a few seconds, Aryll coughed water and opened her eyes.

"Ugh...Waterfalls are nasty!" the blond girl muttered, rolling onto her stomach and getting up. She found her guitar floating in the shallows and slung it across her back.

"You help your big brother, and I'll help Komali, okay?" Medli told Aryll. The blond girl nodded and ran over to her brother. Medli rolled Komali over with mild effort and began pumping his chest.

"Give of your breath! I think he can't breathe for himself!" Makar said worriedly, hopping from one foot-stub to the other. Medli took a deep breath, put her lips to Komali's, and exhaled into his mouth. I hope Link comes to after this, Medli grinned to herself, breathing into Komali again. Suddenly, his tongue shot into her mouth.

"Hey!" Medli pushed him down. The Rito prince blushed and turned away from Medli.

"Everybody alright?" Link asked groggily, rubbing his eyes and clearing his throat.

"As far as I can tell," Medli nodded.

"I'm fine," Aryll said.

"Doin' alright," Komali replied.

"Ready to explore more!" Makar said excitedly. Then, with a note of reluctance, "But no more waterfalls."

"Well, it appears we're on another island...can anyone see any kind of door or switch?" Link frowned, looking around.

"There's a Hookshot target!" Aryll pointed to the white ring on a brown plate. It hung above a door.

"Hmm. Let's see if my Hookshot is strong enough...everybody hang onto me," Link pulled the odd apparatus out from behind his shield. Everyone grabbed him and hung on as Link fired the spear from the barrel of the contraption. The spear caught, and the chain rewound itself...pulling the five of them through the air onto the platform below the target.

"That is a powerful little winding mechanism..." Komali breathed. Link opened the door (which, again, had a knob) and waited for everyone to enter the room before closing the door. They faced a large, rectangular room with a door on the other side of it.

"Empty...five Rupees says there's someone I'm gonna have to fight..." Link sighed, walking for the door. When he got near it, metal bars slammed in front of it.

"Get ready," Link said coolly, unsheathing his sword from his back. Komali unsheathed his shortsword from his waist and held it in ready stance. Aryll stood near Medli, looking back and forth between Link and Komali.

"Is Komali a good fighter?" Aryll asked.

"I don't know. I've never seen him fight," Medli shrugged.

"I know my Big Brother can take anything he faces," Aryll smiled confidently.

"Your brother is a powerful fighter," Medli sighed, "and a good person, too."

"You're a nice girl, Medli. I'm glad my brother is with you," the blond girl put an arm around Medli's waist.

"Thanks, Aryll. You're nice, too, and I'm glad that Link has you for a sister," Medli put an arm around Aryll's shoulders and hugged the girl to her.

"Komali, watch out!" Link cried. The Rito prince ducked a wild swing from a gigantic tentacle. They all turned and faced a huge octopus with a large, spiked shell on its back.

"A Rather Large Octo!" Link gasped. Medli snorted.

"What? It's not a Big Octo..." he muttered. Komali slashed at the Octo, but his attacks rebounded from the sea creature's rubbery skin. He jumped back from another tentacle lash and turned to Link.

"How do you think we can defeat it? Its unprotected skin reflected my attack, and that shell covers the rest of it..." the Rito prince frowned.

"Maybe its back is its weak point. I'll distract it, and you check around back," Link suggested. Komali nodded. Link began shouting and attacking the Octo's tentacles. The beast made a funny noise and began flailing its tentacles at Link.

"Aha! There's a bulbous thing on its back, right below the shell. I'll try that!" Komali called.

"Nice work!" Link said. The sound of a blade cutting flesh reached Medli's ears. Suddenly, the Octo went wild, its tentacles beating the air and ground in a crazed manner. Link tried to dodge the attacks, but one caught him square in the chest, and he was sent hurtling to the ground, where he tumbled several times, then was still.

"Link!" Medli cried.

"Big Brother!" Aryll yelped.

"Swordsman Link!" Makar squeaked from atop Medli's head. They ran over to his side.

"I' fine. Come on, it's not dead yet!" Link winced, rubbing his rib cage and getting up. The Octo was now facing off with Komali, presenting its back to Link.

"Alright, Komali, I'm going for it now!" Link called.

"Hurry!" the Rito prince said, ducking a thick tentacle attack. Link leaped at the Octo, swinging his Prism Sword in a powerful two-hand jump attack. The sword connected and also unleashed a powerful rock spire on contact, embedding the rock in the Octo's weak point. The monster went absolutely berserk, thrashing and flailing its tentacles all around. In its ballistic rage, it nailed both Link and Komali in a devastating one-two punch. The Octo suddenly turned its sights on Aryll, Medli, and Makar. Makar squealed with fright and buried his face in Medli's hair. Aryll shouted at the Octo to get its attention.

"Aryll, you can't fight!" the Rito girl hissed.

"I'll keep its attention; you summon something!" the blond girl replied, jumping up and down and waving her arms. The Octo steered over to attack Aryll, but stopped dead in its tracks as Medli's summoned Stalfos swung a destructive mace attack right into its weak point. The Octo shrieked, tipped onto its back, and let out a last breath in a funny sighing sound. Its body disappeared in a puff of purple smoke, leaving its shell behind. Medli looked into the shell and found a small blue crystal. She picked it up, rolled it in her palm, and frowned.

"What is it?" Link asked, wincing as he walked over to Medli.

"I don't know. Hey, Link...are you sure you're all right?" the Rito girl put a hand on his cheek.

"I'm fine, babe. It just hurts a bit to breathe," the blond boy dismissed her. Medli put a hand to his ribs and felt one at a funny angle.

"You've got a broken rib, Link," she frowned at him.

"I've had worse, Medli. I'll drink some Red Jelly and suck it up," Link said, pulling out a bottle of the foul-smelling medicine. He gulped a sizable quantity down and shuddered at the taste.

"You alright, Komali?" Medli asked her fellow Rito.

"Hand me some of that medicine, Link, I got some nasty bruises," the prince muttered. He finished off the medicine and handed Link the bottle back.

"Yuck!" he stuck his tongue out.

"Yeah, it's not delicious," Link chuckled. Medli handed Link the blue crystal.

"What do you think it is?" she asked. Aryll took a look at it as well.

"It's pretty. I bet it'd make a nice necklace," the blond girl smiled.

"I remember what that is! It's a Fragment of the Sea!" Makar squealed with delight.

"A what?" they all turned to look at the little Korok.

"I've heard of them from the Great Deku Tree! They're magical crystals that allow for better movement in water and also allow land creatures near them to breathe underwater," Makar said.

"Cool! So, if I hold this crystal in my pocket, everyone around me can breathe underwater?" Link asked.

"As far as I know. Let's go try it and find out!" Makar replied excitedly. They walked through the now unbarred door across from them and looked into a dark, deep pool. Link put the Fragment of the Sea into a pocket with a button and a zipper so he wouldn't lose it and dove in. He surfaced thirty seconds later.

"Wow! It's really easy to swim, and I can really breathe underwater! Come on, you guys! But, stay close. I don't know how far the range of its effect is," Link breathed, excitement clear in his voice. The others jumped in and swam over to him. On the count of three, they dove and swam deep down into the water. Medli took a breath, and found that the water flowed in and out of her lungs smoothly like air normally would. Powerful magic... she thought to herself. Plus, it was really easy to swim, almost like gliding on a constant thermal. After five minutes or so of swimming downwards, the group reached the floor. The Fragment of the Sea apparently let them see better underwater as well, as it was fairly easy to identify the door that led out of the room. Link opened it by turning the knob, and they swam out into a room with a huge whirlpool that flung them around in a wild circle. The whirlpool didn't drain into any deeper part, so apparently the water was just being churned about. Link pointed to a crystal hanging in a dragon statue's mouth. He made a motion for everyone to follow him (so nobody drowned) and swam with the current so that he could get to the statue. Everyone held onto a tooth of the dragon's mouth while Link tried to hit the statue with his sword. His grip kept slipping, however, and the whirlpool's tug messed with his aim. Komali tapped his shoulder and mimicked the motions for firing the Hookshot. Link nodded and sheathed his sword, then pulled out the Hookshot. He cocked it and fired it. The spear shot out forcefully enough not to be moved by the current and struck the crystal. All of a sudden, the whirlpool stopped. Link put his thumb up, signaling everyone to swim upwards to see what could now be accessed. A hatch was visible on the ceiling. They all swam for it. Medli began to feel a tugging at her feet. The whirlpool was starting again! Link yanked the hatch open and grabbed onto the ledge it offered. Komali grabbed his ankles, and Medli his ankles, and Aryll last. Makar hung doggedly onto Medli's ponytail. In a feat of strength, Link heaved everyone through the hatch and closed it quickly behind them. They pushed off the bottom and broke the surface quickly.

"Water breathing is okay, but nothing beats fresh air," Komali sighed, spewing water from his lungs. Link swam over to a ledge and hoisted himself up, then opened the ornate chest sitting on the ledge.

"The Big Key. Excellent!" he grinned, pocketing the gilt key.

"And there's the door! ...fifty feet up," Aryll frowned, pointing at the door which was far above them. No ladder or clear way to the door was visible.

"Maybe we missed a switch or something. I'll swim down and look for it," Link said. He dove down and swam quickly into the dark water.

"So what do you think of saving the world?" Medli grinned at Aryll and Komali.

"It's more work than I expected. Link makes it look so easy!" the Rito prince frowned.

"Komali's right...but it's fun nonetheless. I'm just glad I can help out my Big Brother in any way possible," Aryll shrugged. Suddenly, the water level began rising quickly.

"Looks like Link found the switch..." Komali grinned. They had to work to keep on the surface, but soon enough they could reach the ledge with the door. Link came up beside them.

"We gotta hurry and finish this temple so we can then go find those two Medallions and fight the Black Knuckle!" Link said, opening the door. They were faced with a familiar scene...the room with the island in the center. The island was either not fastened to the bottom and floated or was on some kind of column that rose with the water, because the water level was much higher than when they had first come in, yet the island was still on top of the water.

"Think we should dive to the bottom and see what's there?" Link grinned.

"I'm starting to hate water..." Makar whined from his position on Medli's head. They dove from the short height of the doorway and swam quickly to the bottom. It was dark at the bottom of the deep, deep pool, but the Fragment of the Sea let them see at least the twenty or thirty feet around them. Link swam over and found a crank-like mechanism. It took all four of them to turn it, as it was hard to move it in the water. Makar wasn't much help, as he didn't have hands or the mass necessary to have any effect on the mechanism. Slowly but surely, the four of them turned the crank until it couldn't be turned anymore. A dull grinding noise could be heard in the water. They swam upwards for what seemed like an eternity. Apparently, the crank had raised the water level again. Soon enough, light could be seen filtering through the water. They broke the surface and took grateful gulps of air. Now, the island was much larger, and instead of appearing to be land, it now looked merely like a slab of stone.

"Does anyone hear the sound of something big swimming?" Aryll asked. Link looked down and yelped.

"Everyone on the island!" he cried, swimming frantically for the slab of stone. They all quickly hoisted themselves onto the stone island just as a gigantic fish leaped out of the water, snapping its enormous jaws and showing off rows and rows of saber-like fangs. It soared clear over the rocky island and landed smoothly in the water again.

"Now how are we gonna fight that?" Komali frowned.

"I'm gonna swim for it. Does anyone know how to fire a bow?" Link pulled his Hookshot and sword off his back.

"I'm a decent shot," Aryll offered. Link gave her his bow and quiver of arrows. He put a hand on the Fragment of the Sea to make sure it was safely in his pocket, then dove into the water. Aryll nocked an arrow to the bowstring and drew the arrow back. She let an arrow loose as the massive fish swam near the island. The arrow struck the fish in a soft spot right next to its eye. It writhed in pain, not noticing Link sneaking up on it. He let loose with his Hookshot, piercing the fish's eye and drawing him to it. Link attempted to stab the fish, but he couldn't build enough momentum to swing his sword very hard in the water. The fish somehow sent electricity coursing through its skin, electrocuting Link through his Hookshot. Link withdrew to the surface and hauled himself onto the island.

"'s tough!" he panted, shaking his head. Medli brushed a soaked blond lump of hair out of his face.

"Hey, I've got an idea! Makar, you can summon Knights, right?" Medli suddenly pulled the Korok off her head.

"Well, I can summon Wizrobes who can summon Knights," Makar replied.

"Do it, and I bet that Knight can throw Link at the fish when it jumps again. Then, he can attack it and probably hurt it a lot," the Rito girl suggested. Sure enough, the fish jumped again, receiving a pair of arrows to the belly from Aryll. Makar summoned a Wizrobe and told it to summon a Knight. The muscular warrior picked Link up and prepared to hurl the boy at the fish. The fish chose that time to hurl itself onto the island. Surprised, the Knight instead threw Link into the fish's mouth. Horrified, they could only watch as the fish swallowed Link and dove again, apparently satisfied. Suddenly, it began leaping in and out of the water frantically, flailing and thrashing. A rock spire pierced through its belly, followed by another. It leaped out one last time, and this time Link burst from its belly, covered in slime and fish blood, both of which washed off when he hit the water. The fish died in a burst of smoke, leaving a Heart Container, which Link gratefully took. The stone island glowed, revealing a Triforce symbol. Soggy and exhausted, Link needed the help of Medli and Komali to stand while he conducted Aryll in her song. When it was finished, Link promptly fell asleep. The water level fell to its original height, and Komali, Medli, and Aryll all took hold of Link and swam over to the exit of the temple. They dove and rose to the surface, then left the temple.

"Well, that was nice and short," Medli breathed, draping Link's arm around her shoulders and supporting him with her arm around his waist. She and Komali carried him through the long, long tunnels to the surface, with Aryll cradling Makar in her arms. When they reached sunlight and fresh air at last, Link woke and groaned.

"Man, I'm tired..." he muttered. Komali fell back into step with Aryll, but Link kept his arm around Medli, and Medli kept hers around Link. After a short walk, they made it down to the shore of Tetra's secret spot, where the King of Red Lions awaited. A black hawk was perched on the King's nose.

"The Black Knuckle sends his regards," the hawk spoke arrogantly, turning its beak up at Link.

"A hawk that speaks in our language?" Link gasped.

"He would like you to know that unless you surrender Ganon's saber to him, he'll kill Zelda. He says to find him at the Old Way. Good luck," the hawk sneered, soaring into the air in a few quick wingbeats.

"He's got Zelda? We've gotta hurry!" Link cried. He stumbled into the boat.

"You need a nap...hell, we all need naps. Let's set course and then sleep," Komali remarked. Makar climbed up to the crown of the King of Red Lions' head.

"I'll keep watch. I don't need to sleep like you do," he piped up. Link pulled out the Wind Waker.

"But...where are we going?" Aryll asked.

"The 'Old Way'..." Komali frowned.

"Like the way to Hyrule? Tower of the Gods?" Medli suggested.

"Let's hit Outset for supplies and beds, then head for the Tower of the Gods," Link said. He conducted a whirlwind, but was asleep before the boat had fully risen from the water.