"Gabs, hurry up or I'm leaving for lunch with out you!" Katie screamed at her coworker as she entered her office.

"Hold on just a minute." I continued to read the email that was displayed on the screen.


I'm so glad that we have been talking. It has given

me somethin to look forwardto each and everyday.

I hope to meet you one day and finally discover who

Smartie00 really is. I'm going to be busy with traveling

the next few days, and with catching up with an old

friend, so I may not write as much. I'll be expecting an

email from you tomorrow though! )


I gazed at my laptop and soon closed it and grabbed my purse. "C'mon. Let's go." I said as she locked her office.

I waited in line for Panera Bread. Finally, I approached the cash register. "I'll have the tuna with Brocolli and Cheese soup. Oh, and a medium Diet Coke." I paid and continued to walk. As I waited for my food, I heard a familiar voice. Troy? No, it couldn't have been. He lived out in Chicago. "Miss, your food." The worker woke me up from my thoughts. "Oh, yeah. Thanks." I said as I grabbed my tray. "Gabi?" My heart stopped. I was speechless as I turned around. Lo and behold, my old high school flame, Troy Bolton. I set down my tray on the counter and nearly knocked him over and hugged him.

"I can't believe it. I've missed you so much." He said caringly. "How did we loose contact?" "You moved. I've been trying to call your house, but your mom moved too I guess." It had been nearly 6 years since they had last seen eachother.


"Troy, I really don't want you to leave. Why can't you just stay here with me?" I whined as he dropped me off at my dorm room.

"Gabs, I have to go. This is the only place where I got excepted and has decent basketball. I promise we'll keep in touch. I love you Gabi." He said as he pulled me into a hug. As he walked out to his car with his possesions he handed me a locket. "You don't know how much you mean to me." I said staring into his eyes. Soon after, he got in his car and drove away.

End Flashback

I broke apart of the hug. "Troy, we broke our promise. Listen, I have to go." I grabbed a napkin and a pen from my purse. "Listen, just call me and we'll catch up." Troy stood there speechless as he stared at the napkin and watched me go. I didn't even bother eating lunch. I stormed off into the office. I was so mad at myself. What in the fuck did I just do, and why? I loved Troy. I knew it, he knew it, I think just about everyone who went to high school with us knew it.

I sat at my computer.


Isn't it strange how the past comes back to you? It

brings back so many memories, those good and bad.

But I think that everything happens for a reason. Maybe

That's why things turned out to be so bad. I also hope

that we meet one day. Listen, I also have to go catch

up with an old friend. I'll be expecting you to write back,

so don't take your precious time. Heh.


I clicked send. As I did my cellphone rang. "Listen, Gabs. I was wondering if you'd want to go to the park. We really have to catch up on things. I don't like the way we left things off today." I was relieved, "I agree. Does right now sound good? I have to get out of here." We both agreed and I shut off my laptop and grabbed my purse once again. I walked to the park that was across the hall. Troy was standing there, awaiting my presence.

"Listen, I'm sorry for what happened. The only thing that we can do is start new. Listen Gabs, I loved you, and I will always love you." I stood there speechless. I didn't want to get hurt again. What happened when he had to go back to Chicago? Was I supposed to stand here and get hurt again? "Troy. I'm kind of talking to someone." He looked down at the ground with that dissapointed look on his face and mouthed 'oh'. "I'm sorry." "For how long?" "Well, to be perfectly honest, I met him on the internet. I haven't met him yet, but we've been talking for a few months now." I stopped, noticing that I was blushing in embarassment, "Wow, I bet I sound rediculous right now." Troy nodded his head, "No it doesn't."

The rest of the time they spent together was silent. "So, why haven't you met him yet?" Troy asked, kicking the dirt just to see it rise up and fall back down to the ground. "He doesn't live around here. We promised to meet as soon as he came into town." "Well, he's a lucky man." Troy stated as he started to walk away from me, once again.