An Adventure in Chicago

by Susie Owens and Georgia Bentz Rated. PG Disclaimer: We don't own them. Georgia owns Jesper and Jassa Murdock.
Copyright 2001 .
Part One

Ten year-old HM Murdock was seated at the dinner table, eating supper, when all of a sudden Grandpa spoke.

"HM, your Grandma and I have been talking. How would you like to take a trip to Chicago with me, to attend Farmers Meeting, and take a little vacation at the same time?"

HM looked up at his Grandpa and with his mouth full said, "Yeah I would."

"Good. We start out tomorrow", answered Grandpa.

Yay "said HM jumping up and down

Grandma looked around at the exchange going on. She shook her head, and wondered at HM's enthusiasm. "You want me to help you pack tonight HM?", she asked.

"No I can do it. "Replied HM

Okay", said Grandma. She started to clear the plates. "Jesper, a word please", she asked.

He nodded his head and waited for her to speak.

"You keep an eye on him at all times Jes", she pleaded. I don't want him getting lost, or hurt, Chicago's a big city."

"Don't worry Jassa. I'll keep an eye on the boy."

She nodded. That's exactly what she'd wanted to hear.
That night HM was too excited to sleep. He was sure that this little trip would be exciting. And with Grandpa. He loved going anywhere with Grandpa.

His Grandma came into the room. "Hey sweetie time for you to go to sleep."

"Oh Grandma I'm too excited, just think... Chicago... I've heard some neat things about it..."

Jassa sat down on the foot of the bed, "Well I know Sweetie, but you need your sleep. Grandpa's leaving' mighty early."

HM nodded, and Jassa tucked him in. "Good night my little traveler", she whispered. "Good Night "

The next morning HM was up before the rooster. He bounded into Grandma and Grandpa's room. And jumped on their bed.

"Grandpa, Grandma, time to get up", pleaded HM.

Jesper groaned and sat straight up in the bed. "I see you are up bright and early"
"Yeah", grinned HM. When are we leavin' Grandpa? Please hurry we got to catch the plane Come on. Grandpa.

Grandpa chuckled as HM's questions rapidly fired from his mouth. "We've got plenty of time HM". He answered soothingly. "We don't have to leave the house until at least ten."

HM looked a little sad. "Okay Grandpa."

"In the mean time gets your chores done."

"And I'll make breakfast", said Grandma.

"Grandma can we have my favorite breakfast today? Please."

"Yes HM."

"All right!"

Grandma reached for her robe, and threw it on. Tightening the sash, she plodded to the kitchen. And beginnings making the breakfast HM was so excited. He loved pancakes with chocolate chips in them.

He couldn't wait to eat, but the chores waited, and he needed, to get them done, like Grandpa' ordered. So off he went into the barn. To milk their cow. He talked to the cow, soothing her, so that she wouldn't kick him. Then it was time to feed the horses.

Soon after that he gathered the eggs and soon the chores were done. He raced back inside, and grabbed his suitcase. Then he entered the kitchen, and sat down at the table. He was just in time, because the pancakes were done. His mouth water at the smell of the pancakes.

Grandma turned around, and smiled. She handed him a plate piled high with pancakes and syrup. HM ate very fast he wanted to get going. He was going to be on a plane. And he loved planes. He soon got up and went to get his Grandpa.

"Grandpa where are you?", he called throughout the house. "We're gonna be late."

His Grandpa came in dress in his Sunday best and sat down to the table.

"Oh Jesper there you are", said Grandma. "HM's looking for you. You'd better eat."

Grandpa grinned, and ate his pancakes. "I know I heard him", Grandpa grinned again. "Jessa, how about some coffee?"

Jassa nodded, and went to pour him a cup. Just then, HM raced back into the kitchen, and saw Jesper.

"Grandpa, let's go "

"In a minute", answered Grandpa. "Can't a man swallow coffee first? It's not even ten yet, and you're all hot fired to get going'", said Grandpa again.

HM stood there and waited on one foot. He wishes his Grandpa would hurry.

Seeing his grandson's anxious look, Grandpa grinned again. "There, I'm finished. Let me get my suitcase, and we're gone."

HM shows him the suitcase. "I got it for you Grandpa."

"Thanks HM", said Grandpa. He glanced over at Jassa, and said, "Jassa me dear, HM and I are heading out."

Jassa walked over and gave him a kiss. "Be careful Jes. "

"I will Jassa. I always am. And with that Jesper and HM left and got into their car and headed for the airport.

End of part 1