Disclaimer: To those people who want to see a lemon between Shinji and Maya I don't think I'll be putting any in this fan fic, sorry if some people are disappointed. Things are about to turn serious in this chapter, I know some of you like the stuff that's happening between Shinji and Maya but just because this is a fan fiction doesn't mean some of the things they do in private are appropriate, so I'm going to tone down their sexual activities until Shinji turns sixteen which for him is six months away. And now on to chapter 12.

The ride to the harbour in the limo was certainly entertaining. The two sunroofs allowed both couples to stand up to enjoy the warm night air and Caribbean nightlife. In the inside pockets of their jackets Shinji and Touji had a very special gift for Rei and Maya to give during dinner which they fortunately hadn't noticed as they were pressed tightly against each other in the open sunroofs. As they neared the harbour the driver asked them to take their seats as any vehicle entering the harbour was required to have all their passengers sitting in their seats or face a large fine. Maya wouldn't stop trying to make Shinji tell her what surprise he was planning after dinner on the cruise ship The North Star the same ship they'd be taking back to Japan, but Shinji was used to this kind of pestering from Touji and Kensuke so he had to develop an immunity. Not even her best pout combined with puppy dog eyes made him cave in, he did promise it would be well worth the wait which seemed to put an end to any further attempts. Arriving at the dock Shinji and Touji quickly stepped out of the limo, holding out their hands to help their dates step out in a very gentlemanly fashion.

"Before we step onboard I should tell you two that once we enter the restaurant we'll be taking separate limousines back to the condos, but we will be seated at different tables so if you have any other advice to give to Rei, Maya, I suggest you do it now," Shinji suggested standing a few feet away from the gangplank.

"I gave Rei all the advice I can give her for tonight," Maya replied, winking at the blue haired girl. "Shall we?"

"Absolutely," Shinji answered linking his arm with Maya's.


"Something wrong Hikari? You've been staring at me with that spaced out look ever since we got here," Asuka said, sitting beside Hikari on the upper deck of the showboat, which was now passing between the first and second main islands.

"Oh nothing really. I was just thinking back to when this vacation was announced by Commander Fuyutsuki in Nerv headquarters and Shinji told everyone we had the hots for each other. We've only been together for a month and yet we keep going at it like crazy," Hikari replied. "Have you ever wondered how we got this far in such a short time?"

"Sometimes," Asuka answered. "Why don't you like the things we do together?"

"Of course I enjoy it. I'm just a little worried we might be taking things too fast, that's all," Hikari explained hoping Asuka would understand.

"Is that all that's worrying you?" Asuka asked placing a hand over her lover's.

"Yeah," Hikari replied sheepishly.

"Well it might not be proper for us to be doing the stuff we do because of our age, but Second impact and Eva made all of us grow up faster than we should have. Part of me is glad it happened because if it didn't I wouldn't have fallen in love with you Hikari," Asuka said. "And we can take things slowly if you want,"

"Thanks Asuka," Hikari responded, lacing her fingers with Asuka's

Disclaimer: Sorry it took me so long to update and with such a short chapter but the amount of ideas floating around in my head make it hard to keep one story on the tracks. I'll try making chapter 13 longer, that's if I don't get anymore ideas in my head.