OK, I know a lot of people have done these where Sam becomes half ghost, but I figured I had to try it out, and besides, she isn't gonna be working alongside Danny… This idea just came to mind when I was like… bored earlier today, but anyways, here ya go! Oh yea.. and this is gonna be a little fast paced because it's just an intro kinda, trying to explain why she does what she does later on… just so you know why it's not very describing or anything

Chapter One: Phantom's Fall

He had been gone since earlier, told me to stay behind and just go home. He always seemed to think he could do anything, and everything, and really didn't want people to try and mess up his reputation. Yet now I was left sitting at home staring out my window to his room waiting for him to return home, worrying that maybe something had gone wrong. Something told me when he left me that I should have followed, but I didn't want to make it seem as though I didn't believe that he could do it. I believed he was strong enough after all this time and I didn't want to make him think I didn't find him that way. After all, he would only push harder if he thought he wasn't doing good enough.

Although now I had to worry, there was no way I was ever going to fall asleep, and I had almost snuck out of the house to try and find him, but then it hit me that I was probably just worrying over nothing. After all, I did overact sometimes, and besides he was indeed good enough, I shouldn't have had to worry over him. But then there was something inside of me that made me not want him to be out of my sight for a second, I liked knowing he was safe

"Sam, you going to go to bed anytime soon?" My mom asked poking her head into my room. I had to worry about Danny, and my mom was worrying about me staring out the window ever since I had gotten home.

"Yea, maybe. I dunno. Depends."

"What's wrong? You've been staring over at Danny's house all day just about," she said and walked the rest of the way into the room. I felt myself blushing; I didn't realize it was that obvious as to where I was staring off at. My mom never really tried to be my mom often, and when she did it felt weird and made me feel uncomfortable.

"I'm not staring at his house…"

"Really? Seems that way. Something happen?"

"No," I said and kept looking out the window making it even more obvious, but I didn't want to take my eyes off of it for a second, I didn't want him to show up and me not notice.

"He's not home, well not like as though you can go see him or anything, look at how late it is. You can see him tomorrow. When I come back up here in ten minutes…"

"I had better be in bed? Sorry but I'm not going to be able to sleep, so why bother?"

"You guys get in a fight?"

"Mom! Not like as though we are going out!"

"Never said that."

"Don't make it seem that way then," I said, my face was totally burning up now and she was just getting a kick out of it. Sure yea, I liked him… but I didn't like other people knowing that. She was being too friendly tonight; it was as though she was trying to be nice because she knew something I didn't know.

"Tell me what's wrong then," she said placing a hand on my shoulder. I wanted to hit it off and shove her out of my room, but I wasn't going to, not tonight. I didn't feel like bothering with it, and at least she was keeping me a little occupied from thinking about all the horrible things that could have happened to Danny.

"He never came home, ok?" I said a little snotty, but she was so used to it that she found it to be normal anyways and still talked in a soft comforting voice, although I was more used to her strung up snooty type attitude that it just didn't seem right.

"Maybe he just needed a break from home. Not like as though you have never ran away from home before for a night."

"Yea, but I ran to his house."

"Doesn't mean he has to come here," she said, and it wasn't helping any because I knew he was probably out there somewhere all by himself hurt from that ghost he was fighting earlier. Tantra, she was new, I had never seen her before and neither had Danny and he seemed to be struggling with her a little when I left. Then he ended up chasing her and didn't want me to get caught up in it all, so that was it, I got left knowing that he was fighting someone tough, and new so he didn't even know her weakness or anything to even help him out.

"Yea, can you please just leave me alone?" I asked her and she sighed and walked out of the room closing the door behind her without saying another word. Yea, I was a little rough on her, but it was only because half the time she didn't want a thing to do with me because I wasn't in the prep group, and now all the sudden I matter to her.

"Danny, where are you?" I asked myself staring out the window, although I ended up laying down and drifting off to sleep. Although, that didn't last too long because the phone woke me up about an hour later. I sat up slowly and looked around then realized what had happened the night before. All the lights were on in Danny's house now, why, it was the middle of the night!

"Hello?" My mom asked into the phone and I came around the corner staring at her wondering what it was about.

"Oh… yes… All right we'll be there in a second," she said and hung up the phone. She looked over at me and smiled, but then it faded and she stood there for a second.

"Go grab your coat and get in the car," she told me and walked into her room. I looked at her expecting to know what this was all about, but then headed off towards the door grabbing my coat on the way out. When I got into the car I noticed Jazz's car pull out onto the road and speed down it, what was the hurry? Danny.

"Mom, what happened?" I demanded her when she got into the car. She put the keys in the ignition and we sat there for a second in silence, she was searching for the words to say.

"Danny got hurt, that's all," she said, and I looked at her my eyes immediately watering.

"Mom, what happened exactly?"

"I don't know, but we'll find out in a second. You knew something happened to him earlier, didn't you?"

"I just had this feeling," I told her and she started the car up the rest of the way without asking me anymore questions or saying anything else. As soon as we got to the hospital Jazz was still trying to build up the courage to go in, and I ran up to her.

"Sam, so happy to see you," she smiled and gave me a quick hug.


"I don't know anymore than you do," she sighed and I nodded. We both walked up to the hospital, and my mom just sat in the car, goes to show how much she really cared anymore. She hated Danny, but did she have to be so dim to the point where she stood out in the car when who knows what happened to him?

"You ready?" She asked me as we walked into the door. We both took in a deep breath and walked onwards. People were rushing all over the place; it looked like as though Danny might have just gotten here too.

"I waited out there hoping he would have been in all the way," she said holding me back from running up to the stretcher across the room. I just stared at it until they moved him down the hall and now I was even more desperate than before.

"Shouldn't we go?" I asked her and she shook her head and led me to some chairs across the room and we sat down.

"Wait just a little while longer, ok? Mom and Dad are all ready down there with him; they can tell us what happened before we want to find out."

"You think it's that bad?"

"No... No… That's not what I'm trying to get at," she said feeling bad now from making it sound as though he was dying. I stared at the ground for a little while, then stared at the clock, then stared at my shoes and hit them together.

"Sorry I'm making you wait," she said noticing how antsy I was getting, I didn't say anything but stopped being so fidgety and stared down the hall waiting for his parents to come around the corner. It was an hour before Jazz stood up and I followed behind her. I guess she could no longer take it either. It was either that they had forgotten to come out and get us, or they still had to wait as well. When we got down the hall his dad was standing out in the hall, but his mom was no where to be seen, most likely in the room in front of him. Knowing Jack, you didn't expect him to ever get sad, in fact you didn't expect him to really be serious about anything in his life, but he was sad. I could never really imagine him being sad, but it was possible, and it was happening right in front of my eyes, which meant whatever had happened to Danny was pretty bad.

"Dad, what happened?" Jazz asked him, and he shrugged and kept staring into the room, was he actually to sad to talk? Did Danny die or something, because if he had just been hurt Jack would have had one of his funny comments or dumb reactions to it, or at least I was sure. Maybe he had just gotten hurt really badly, maybe he broke a bone or something like that. Although in a way that wasn't all that too bad either, everything was racing through my mind and I just wanted to get it done and over with.

When Maddie walked out of the room her cheeks were stained with tears and her eyes were watery.

"Sam, he wants to see you, just in case," she said, and I looked at her, just in case what? I walked in there though without stalling and was afraid of what was around the corner. I looked at him, he looked like he was in pretty bad condition, things were hooked up to him all over the place, and his eyes were just barely opened, it looked as though he had little strength left in him, I had never seen him this warn down before in my life. My eyes started to water and I walked up to him slowly, I was afraid to know if he was going to be ok or not.

"Don't cry," he said weakly, and I walked up to him the rest of the way. He lifted his arms up slightly and I reached down the rest of the way and gave him a light hug.

"Danny, what happened?" I asked him trying to hold back the tears, but it was impossible.

"I was just… stupid," he told me, and I shook my head, "Your never stupid, you just make mistakes."

"Well… this one… might have cost me my life," he said slowly and I froze for a second, did that mean he really was dying?

"Your… your going to be ok, right? You never give up Danny, don't do it now."

"Sam… I could try my hardest… I'm not going to make it."


"But you have to promise me… you will never think this was your fault, because… I know you will. You will always know that I will be watching over you, ok?"

"Yes," I told him, I almost was having more trouble talking than he was. I sat as close to him as possible, why did this all have to happen to me?

"Promise me Sam… that you will try your hardest and make me proud? I don't want you… to ever bring yourself down because of this… live your life to its fullest."

"Yes, I promise," I told him quietly and held onto his hand tightly, maybe if I held on tighter, he couldn't go anywhere, he would have to stay here with me.

"But… think about me everyday… talk to me as though I'm there... Because chances are, I will be," he told me, and I shook my head slowly, "I promise Danny."

"I love you Sam, never forget that," he said slowly, I could tell he was slipping away; he was taking all he got to waste his last words on me, but why?

"I love you more than anything Danny," I told him and kissed him on the forehead lightly and he smiled at me one last time before his eyes closed. The monitor let of the long beep, he was gone. I tried to hold my tears in, but I had to let them out, I couldn't hold them in even if that's what he wanted me to do. I couldn't believe all of this was happening to me, it seemed so fast… so much like a nightmare that I had to have woken up and it would be all gone, it had to have been all a nightmare. But it wasn't, it was all real, I couldn't wake up from this.

"I love you," I said resting my head on his chest and giving him one more hug before I had to leave the room, before I could take it no longer. Jazz never even got to see him before he died, why did he want to see me before his own family.

"Sam…" Jazz said, she too was crying, you could hear the monitor out here, everyone around was crying, and I felt so bad that I was the last one with him before his family even. Yet if that was what he wanted, it made me feel proud that he cared that much for me. But to make him feel proud of me, I had another thing coming…

Ok, like I said that was really fast paced because well.. it was just an intro type thing