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It's set AU after Daniel's ascention - very important for later on.

Jonathan looked down again at the old picture in his hands, tears forming in his eyes. "It's our fifteenth birthday, Dad," he whispered to the worn picture of a young man in his Air Force dress blues. "Mom says I look exactly like you. I'm not so sure, though. I miss you so much, especially at moments like this." He sat there for a while longer, writing down his words in the book in his lap, letting his tears flow freely. "Esther is so smart, so good with languages. I know you'd be proud of her. Abagail looks just like Mom. Apparently her temper and attention span rival yours though, but all the teachers say she's a genius. And then it comes down to me, Dad. I don't know what to tell you about me today. I told you before that I'm not that smart, but I do like to put things together. Mom says that's just like you. Mom also said that I could take the GED next year and go into the Air Force. I really want to, I want to make you proud of me. I love you, Dad."

Jonathan was pulled out of his writing by the sounds of the door opening, and his sisters and mother entering. He quickly put the book and picture away in their hiding spot, as he wiped the tears from his face – he was a man, men did not cry. Carter's don't cry.

"Jonathan!" He heard his sister, Abagail call from down stairs. "We got chocolate trope and the original Batman! Will you please come down?"

The young man smiled; yeah this was his life – being asked to go downstairs for a very rich chocolate cake and his favorite movie. His sisters must really be trying to make him feel appreciated and loved; they both had a distinct distain for that movie.

"I'll be down in a minute!" he called back. Very quickly he checked his unruly dark brown hair in the mirror, cropped prematurely in a military haircut. He raced down the stairs and nearly plowed into one of his sisters – Abagail.

"Slow down, JJ!" The blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauty complained, as she gracefully walked up the stairs. She truly was the spitting image of their mother, right down to the short hair that was cut in a little longer version of her brother's.

"Maybe you should actually look where you're going, Abby!" The third sibling shot from the kitchen, where she was helping their mother put away the groceries. Esther was the perfect combination of both her parents. She had the most beautiful shade of golden honey hair that went down to her waist, and a pair of sparkling brown eyes that had the tendency to grow so dark they were almost black when she was angry.

"Nobody asked you, Esther!" Abagail shouted down from the top of the stairs. As the oldest of the triplets, Abagail had the unfortunate side effect of being ignored by her siblings. It seemed that Esther and Jonathan could do almost everything together, leaving Abagail to be alone. Of course, this was really just hormones and sibling rivalry talking. The three were practically inseparable.

"Stop arguing!" their mother called from the kitchen with Esther. "And hurry up and get into the dining room, I only bought one cake this year so you guys can't blow out your candles separately like you did last year."

A few minutes later found all three fifteen-year-olds sitting side by side, at the family's well-used dining room table. Abagail set a picture of their father down in the middle, as was the tradition, as their mother turned off all the lights and brought in their birthday cake.

After 'Happy Birthday' was sung three times for each of the three siblings, they grabbed each other's hands and blew out the candles together, like always. All four cheered and Jonathan started cutting the cake while their mother turned the lights back on.

The dining room light had just come back on when the doorbell rang. "I'll get it," Esther offered as she got up to see who it was. On the other side of the door was a face she had never expected to see, except in pictures.

The middle-aged man that stood before her had the look of a greatly loved uncle. "Um, hi," he said. "Is this the residence of Samantha Carter?"

Esther stared wide-eyed at him and could only nod. Her mother came out of the back, "Esther? Who is it?" she asked as she walked up behind her daughter. Esther moved out of the way so the man on the other side could see her mother.

"Hi Sam," the man said when he saw her, relieved that he'd gotten the right address. "Is this a bad time?"

Sam shook her head, not so shocked by his appearance as her daughter had been but equally surprised to see him. Briefly she remembered that she hadn't told her children about his return; "No, actually we were just sitting down to cake and coffee if you want to join us, Daniel."

"You've always known the way to my heart, Sam," the archeologist said with a forced smile as the three of them moved back into the dining room. When they arrived, Daniel stopped as he took in the three children together after Esther reclaimed her seat in between her sister and brother.

"Kids," Sam started, "This is one of my friends that I told you about, Daniel Jackson. Daniel, these are my children Abigail Janet-Lee, Esther Theresa, and Jonathan Jacob."

The teens could see the wheels turning inside Daniel's mind as he began to process everything that he had just found out. He spotted the picture on the table and Abigail's hand went to cradle it protectively as if she thought Daniel would take it away.

"Who's that?" he asked in reference to the photo.

"You know who it is, Uncle Daniel," Jonathan said lowly. Just like his father, the young lad was very territorial when it came to his sisters and his mother.

The older man shot him a quick glance. "Yes, I do, but who is he to you."

"Dad," all three answered simultaneously.

Daniel looked at Sam who suddenly found her shoes very interesting, "That's what I thought." He thought about it for a minute before adding, "That's why you left." It was a statement of fact, not a question.

Sam looked into Daniel's eyes and he saw how much she was hurting, "Can we please just sit down and have some birthday cake?"

"Birthday?" the man asked curiously.

"Today is their fifteenth birthday," Sam replied proudly.

Daniel smiled genuinely for the first time in months, "Well, happy birthday to you all."

Esther smiled sadly, remembering who else was born on that day, "Thanks, Uncle Daniel."

"What's up with the 'uncle' part of all that?"

"Mom always called you our uncle, just like she always referred to him as our dad. It's just the way we grew up," Abigail replied.

"What would you like in your coffee, Uncle Daniel?" Esther asked as she stood to fill his cup and the cups of her two siblings. Esther herself found that she couldn't stand the taste of the dark liquid.

"Just black, thank you."

"Here you go." When she sat back down again Daniel took drew a long breath in, taking in the aroma of the freshly brewed pot. "So, not to be rude or anything, but what are you doing here at 0930 on a Sunday morning?" the girl asked as she sipped her green tea.

Daniel sighed and put the mug down. "Sam, they're going public."

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