Not Mind But I Don't Care

Chapter 4?

Btvs/Ats crossover

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Summary: Angel comes back to Buffy...human. Buffy and Riley are engaged and Buffy is pregnant. She leaves Riley and she and Angel get married. Can they live happily ever after or will Buffy's little bun in the oven drive a wedge between them? What really makes a father?

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When Angel got back to the hotel with the pepperoni and green pepper pizza that Buffy wanted he walked into their bedroom and found Buffy lying on her still flat stomach with her head towards the edge of the bed watching the TV.

"Hey. I'm back."

"Shh. InuYasha is on."

"Inu what?"


Angel put the Pizza down and sat laid down next to her to see what had her so fascinated. He was shocked to see that is was nothing more than a Japanese cartoon. When the credits started rolling he tried to talk to her but she just shhhed him again.

"Buffy it's the end."

"That's the best part! I love this song!"

"Do you even know what it says?"

"Actually, yes. I do. Now shut up."

Angel was surprised when Buffy started singing.

"fukai fukai mori no oku ni ima mo kitto

okizari ni shita kokoro kakushite'ru yo

sagasu hodo no chikara mo naku tsukarehateta

hitobito wa eien no yami ni kieru

chisai mama nara kitto ima demo mieta ka na

boku-tachi wa ikiru hodo ni

nakushite'ku sukoshi zutsu

itsuwari ya uso wo matoi

tachisukumu koe mo naku

aoi aoi sora no iro mo kidzukanai mama

sugite yuku mainichi ga kawatte yuku

tsukurareta wakugumi wo koe ima wo ikite

sabitsuita kokoro mata ugokidasu yo

toki no RIZUMU wo shireba mo ichido toberu darou

boku-tachi wa samayoi nagara

ikite yuku doko made mo

shinjite'ru hikari motome

arukidasu kimi to ima

boku-tachi wa samayoi nagara

ikite yuku doko made mo


michi wo tozashi

aruite'ku eien ni

boku-tachi wa samayoi nagara

ikite yuku doko made mo


michi wo tozashi

aruite'ku eien ni"

"I love that song." Buffy said when the song finished.

"So you know what all the means?"


"So sing it in English."

"You can't really. When it's translated it loses a lot of its flow."


"It's like why you read books in French. You lose things in translation."

"Got it."

"Got my pizza?"

"Of course."

"Ok. Wanna watch a movie?"

"Depends on the movie. Nothing with vampires. I may be human now but it's still insulting."

"Don't worry. No vamp movies. How 'bout 'The Princess Bride'?"

"What's my second choice?"

"The Fast and The Furious'."

"I'll take door number two, Bob. Not in a chick flick mood."


They put in the movie and snuggled next to each other and ate their pizza and watched the movie in between kissing.


"Buffy are you gonna invite your father to the wedding?" Angel asked as he and Buffy sat in the lobby planning the wedding.

"I guess so. If I can find him. I want Giles to give me away though. It seems right. He's been more of a father to me than my real dad ever has."


"So who's your best man going to be?"

"Umm…maybe Wes…or Gunn…I don't know."

"Well who are you closest to?"

"Oh I know! I'm not sure if I'll be able to find him though."


"I don't think you know him. Whistler."

"Oh I know him alright. That's who you want as your best man? Are you nuts? Last time I saw him I wanted to rip out his rib cage."

"Well…I just think it kinda fits. He's the one who showed you to me. I've been in love ever since."

"That's really sweet but some how I think you would have found me anyway."

"You're probably right. Ok so no to Whistler."

"Well if you really want it to be him then-"

"No. No it's fine. I don't think I'd find him anyway. Ok oh how about Oz?"


"Well yeah. He was who I was closest to when I was in Sunnydale, you know besides you. We had our own sort of taciturn guy understanding."

"Well I got a postcard from him from Alaska about a month ago. I think he might still be there."

"Great. Do you think that might bother Willow at all?"

"I don't know. It might. Ok. Ushers."

"Wes and Gunn obviously."

"And Spike."


"He's been one of my best friends for years now. Please Angel."

"Ok fine. He can be one of your bridesmaids."

"Ok you get to tell him that."

"Ha, ha. I'll love the look on his face. Can I take a camera?"

"Be nice."

"Ok. Now you."

"Ok Willow will be my maid of honor. Tara, Dawn, and Anya will be my bridesmaids."

"And Spike."

"Angel." Buffy said warningly.

"Alright, he doesn't have to wear the dress but he does have to stand with you. I don't want him on my side."

"Fine. Ok so…anyone else? I know we want a small wedding but this is really small."

"Well that's good right?"

"Yep. It means there is less to plan so we can do this before I get all fat."

"Not fat, hun. You'll be swollen from carrying a child."

"You make it sound slightly better."

"Speaking of…when's your first appointment?"

"Next week. Um…are you gonna go with me? I mean you don't have to if you don't want to. I was just-"

"Of course I'm going." He sighed. "You're not gonna get over this any time soon, are you? I think this might bother you more than it does me. Sweetheart I don't care that Riley…I don't care. This child is part of you…and…and you're mine. I'm not giving you up again for anything and if you're mine and the child is yours then the child is mine too. And I'm not giving them up for anything either. I love that little one already. That is my child. I don't care what the DNA says. It's mine. I know Riley is gonna want to be in this kid's life but…I'm their father. Riley can do what he wants…you can't keep the kid from him but I'm gonna be there every day. I'm gonna be the one who sees their first steps, who teaches them to ride a bike, who…does all that other stuff that dads do. That my job as soon as that kid is born. Riley can be the guy that comes around when he's not wanted and gives the kid money and annoyingly loud presents that we would never let him have. I'm the dad, he's the guys who wishes he were! Ok?"

Buffy was looking at him with tears in her eyes. "Thank you. Thank you so much, Angel. I don't know what I would do without you."

"You'd still be stuck with Riley."

She hit his arm playfully and then pulls him down for a kiss.


"Ok, Miss Summers. You are about two months along, yes?"

"Yes." Well your doing fine. Comeback in three weeks for your ultrasound."

"Ok. Thank you. Um…how long before we find out the sex?"

"Just another couple on months." Dr. Kirkpatrick replied.

"Yay! Ok, Angel lets go."

She and Angel left the hospital hand in hand.


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