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This was it. The moment Sarah Williams had waited for her whole life. Long hours of doing homework, the weekends spent on doing a project or report or…something. The moment of her high school graduation. Everything at the moment was perfect. The outside ceremony was a great place to have it because there was a good amount of trees and flowers around.

Sarah watched all of her classmates before her walk the short few steps to the last moment of high school for them.

"Kayla Parker" the principal announced. Sarah watched her best friend walk up and shake hands and receive her diploma. They had been friends sense the first day of high school. They had no secrets from each other. In fact, she was the only person Sarah told about her trip to the underground soon after it happened on that stormy night four years ago. She was tall, about 5'9. Kayla had blue-gray eyes, and her hair was brown with natural highlights. Sarah always said it was from being out in the sun too much.

After a few more people were called up it was finally time for Sarah. "Sarah Williams" called the principal. She walked up shook hands with the principal and the other teacher, and received her diploma.

On her way back, Sarah spotted her father, mother, Karen, and Toby in the crowed and smiled in their direction.


After the graduation was over Sarah went over to where Kayla and her finally were waiting.

Kayla ran over to Sarah and gave her a hug. "Oh my god Sarah!" Kayla said excitedly. "Can you believe that after those long four years of studding and suffering are over?"

Sarah chuckled. "Yeah the suffering is finally over. Well for now at least. So, Kayla do you know where any good parties are tonight?"

"Yes I do. June Ross is having a BIG one tonight. Almost everyone will be there!"

"Girls do you think we can get a word in before you go off partying?" asked Linda Woods (used to by Williams but went back to her maiden name after the divorce).

"Mom I'm happy you could make it! I didn't think you would show up after a while," Sarah said as she went to give her a hug.

"Hey Mrs. Woods" Kayla said.

"Please call me Linda" Kayla shook her head in approval. "Sarah I wouldn't miss this for the world and I thought that you and I could go out for a late lunch and then you can meet up with your family and Kayla later. How does that sound?"

"Oh, ok just let me say my good-bye's and then we'll leave."

"Alright when you're done come find me and we will leave."

"Well I guess I should go find my family" Kayla told Sarah.

"Ok but I will call you later and we can go to June's party"

"Ok, see you later!"

Kayla went off to her family and Sarah went to hers. She found them by the snack bar (of course).

"Sarah congratulations!" Robert Williams yelled and gave his daughter a congratulatory hug.

"Thanks dad but could you let go…I can't breath"

"Sorry sweetie. Just got caught in the moment."

"Yes Robert we all know how you get 'caught in the moment' Karen said as she lifted Toby off of the table form sneaking food.

"Yeah dad. Anyway, mom wanted to take me out for lunch. Just mom and me, and I will meet up with you guys later and then go to June's party later tonight! Ok?" Sarah asked.

"Alright. I guess that would be alright I at least think we got enough pictures of you today anyway," Robert said.

"Thanks!" Sarah started to run off in the direction of her mother. "See you later!" she yelled back.


Sarah took off her graduating gown and hat and now she just wore her black skirt and black tee shirt that had decorative sequins on it. And then she and her mother left the graduation and went to a near by restaurant.

"Here is your table" their waiter told them. "What would you like to drink?"

"We'll just start off with some water please" Linda told him. He nodded and left to go get them their beverage. "Sarah we have some things to discuss."

"Really? Like what?" Sarah asked. Wondering what in the world her mother would want to discuss now?

"Sarah you know how you have always been fascinated with your fairytales?"

"Yeah, what about them?" Sarah was starting to get the sudden feeling that she might not really want to hear this.

"Now what I am about to tell you might freak you out a little but don't make a scene." Sarah started to fidget around in her seat. "Sarah…I…you…I don't really know how to tell you this but…" Now Sarah started to really get uncomfortable. "I am not who you think I am, Sarah. I am the Fairy Queen of the Underground, and you are a princess. You are my one and only heir to the throne. It is time for you to go home…with me…home to the underground."

Sarah started to laugh. "You have got to be kidding me right?" Linda shook her head no. "You know this isn't a funny joke."

"Sarah this is no joke, I assure you. It is all very real see." Linda raised her hand and formed a crystal. It reminded Sarah a lot like Jareth's crystals, but her mothers had a pink tone to it. This left Sarah speechless…for a while.

"What…how…my whole life…wait does dad know?"

"Yes he does know. That is one of the reasons your father and I divorced. He found that the underground didn't suit him and he wanted to leave. But at that time neither of us wanted to leave each other and I found out that I was pregnant with you. So, we left for earth. Around the time you were six years of age my mother and father wanted to hand down the throne to me. I tried to get your father to come back with me but he refused. We argued and argued. We both decided that a divorce would be best for us. Even if I had to leave you for a while. You were too young to have understood what was happening then if I would have took you with me."

Silent tears started to escape from her soft green eyes. "So all this time…I…I was…I want to go home, my home, right now."

Linda sighed in sadness. 'I should have told her sooner' she thought as she transported Sarah and her self back to Sarah's home.


Sarah was confused for a little bit when she popped back in her own bedroom. But once that was over with she went to her bed and started to cry. The one big secret that her mother and father never told her. "And she just had to tell me on graduation day" She said to herself. Her own voice muffled through the pillow.

Then she started to hear loud voices downstairs.


"You told her!" Robert yelled at his ex-wife.

"Yes I told her. It's something we should have told her a long time ago!" Linda yelled back.

"But we both agreed to tell her when she was ready!"

"Yeah and I think she IS ready!"

"Well she obviously isn't"

"Toby why don't we go outside and play in your sand box?" Karen asked Toby as she quickly retreated out the room with Toby in her arms.

"Well I need her to be ready. I need her to start her life as a princess. And the sooner the better for all our sakes!"


Sarah thought she was going to burst. Their voices were getting louder with every word they said.

"Oh I can't take this right now" Sarah told herself. She went over to her closet and put on a nice pair on shorts and her sneakers. Then she went over to her window and opened it. She slid herself out and climbed down the tree. Once she climbed down she started to run in the direction of Kayla's house.


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