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Sarah was in the library reading. Her mother didn't come chasing after her after she ran out of the study. She was glad she didn't. She just really needed to be alone with her thoughts.

'Would it be really that bad to get married?' She wondered. 'No,' she decided. 'I knew I would end up getting married someday, but I thought that it would be for love. Not some kind of arranged marriage for 'peace' between kingdoms.' She sighed. 'Then again, would it be so bad being married to Jareth?'

There was a loud knock on the library doors and one of the castle maids walked in. "Princess, you have a visitor. Would you like to see him?"

'Who would be visiting me? Oh, I hope its not Jareth.' She put her book down and stood up. "Yes, please let him in."

The maid stepped aside and there coming in was no one but Hoggle. "Hoggle!" Sarah shouted and ran to hug her friend. "Oh, Hoggle, I missed you!"

"Gee Sarah, it's alright." Sarah let go of Hoggle to see that he was rather embarrassed about the hug. "So…. Uh…how's ya been?"

"Well I've been better, I guess. It's not that I'm not happy to see you but, why exactly are you here?"

Hoggle cleared his throat and held out a letter to Sarah. "I'm to give ya this on behalf of his Majesty, King Jareth."

Sarah took the letter from him and looked at it. "What is it?" She asked Hoggle.

He shrugged. "I don't knows. I don't go snoopin' around or nothin." Sarah looked at him suspiciously. Hoggle tried not to meet her eyes but he ended up anyway. "Ohs alright. All I overheard was that it's some sort of letter explainin somthin of improtance. Satisfied? Now if you would of just read the letter, yous would of known."

Sarah smiled. "Thank you for telling me Hoggle."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Don't mention it."

Sarah gave a little laugh. "So are you hungry? Thirsty?"

Hoggle shook his head. "Thanks but I, uh, hafta get back to the Labyrinth. I garden the castle gardens ya know, and I really should get back to them."

Sarah looked confused. "There was no gardens last time I was there. Was there?"

"Nah, there weren't. But they have been there for a few years now. And that is how I got promoted."


Hoggle turned a bit pink and muttered a thanks. "Wells I best be off now. See ya latter Sarah."

"It was nice seeing you again Hoggle. I do hope you'll come visit soon."

Hoggle nodded and left the library the way he came and left Sarah alone with her letter from Jareth.

She looked at it. It had her name on it in some fancy writing. She didn't dare open it. She was debating whether to open it and find out what it was all about or burn it. She had learned a nice little flame spell a while ago.

"No, I better just open it." She whispered to herself. She opened it and found that it was in fact a letter written to her. The same handwriting was on the letter that was on the envelope addressed to her.

Dear Sarah,

I am not aware if your mother has told you about our situation yet or not. Hopefully she did. I would like to invite you and your mother to the Castle Beyond the Goblin City for dinner a fortnight from now. I have already informed your mother about this but from the way she would tell you would be her waiting to tell you last minute. So therefore I sent a letter to you also. There will be no others dining with us. Just you and your mother are invited. And we can have a discussion about 'us' later.

The Goblin King, Jareth

PS. I do hope we can settle our ways. The past is the past and that is where we should leave it.

'Dinner? With Jareth and my mother?' Sarah took a deep breath and slowly let it out. "Well that will surly be interesting."

In another part of the Underground…


The prince of Vampires quickly materialized into the study of which his father and mother, the King and Queen of Vampires, had called him.

"Yes, your Majesty's?"

His mother looked at him with the same turquoise eyes. "You went to that ball, yes?" The prince nodded his head. "Good, now how did it go?"

"It went fine. The princess was not what I expected." He said with a smirk on his face.

"Oh, really?" The dark King answered. "What did you expect then?" He asked bud did not want an answer and the prince knew this. "Don't underestimate her, my son. For that is what the fool King Jareth did. And look at where that got him." He chuckled at what he thought to be his own little joke, it was not a nice, jolly chuckle.

"Did you get any good information about this princess?" The Queen asked.

"No," Raven answered. "I didn't really have time to speak to her. She was getting to know all of the other Royalties."

"So, you didn't do as we asked? Such a pity." The Queen said.

The King spoke next. "We expected more from you Raven. We ask you to do one simple task. That is to get close to the girl, and you can't even do that, now can you? No, you cant. You are our only son, the least you can do is do as we tell you."

Raven just listened to his parents lecture him. He would not fail; he could not fail. He would do what ever he had to. Then his parents would be happy. Then soon the Vampires along with other dark forces would rule the entire Underground. Then he could do as he pleased. He might even let that fairy princess live, he could definitely use her. Maybe as his dark Queen. He didn't listen to the rest of his parent's lecture. He was already dreaming of the pleasures the little princess would bring him.

Back to the happy Fairy Kingdom…

Sarah was in another magic lesson. She could now conjure most things and could transport herself fairly well. Now she would start going into how to change into her heartbeast.

"What is a heartbeast?" Sarah had asked her mother.

"A heartbeast is an animal that you can change into, with or without magic. All of the Fae have one; usually they are some form of a bird. My great grandfather was an ice falcon, Jareth is a barn owl, and I'm a white dove."

Sarah was confused. "But how will I know what type of bird I am? And can you be the same as someone else?"

"You won't know until you try. And yes, two, or even more, can be a type of the same bird. Like lets take the King and Queen of the elves for example. They are both robins. But it has nothing to do with your mate, or at least so I'm told. Anyway, lets not waist anymore time. Now close your eyes and concentrate."

Sarah did as she was told.

"I want you to look deep in your mind and think of flying and let your instinct take over."

Sarah did, or she hoped she did. She couldn't really tell with her eyes closed at the moment. She opened her eyes and saw through a different perspective. Everything was a lot bigger than she was. She heard a light chuckle and recognized it as her mothers.

"Well, I can say that I was expecting something fascinating, but surly not as fascinating as this Sarah. She tried to say something sassy back to her mother but found it didn't work. All that did come out was a rather loud 'hoot.'

'Oh this is just great,' she thought.

"Come on Sarah its not that bad."

'Can you read my thoughts?' Sarah wondered.

"No, I can't. You are communicating telepathically. I only here the thoughts you want me to here. And the same goes to anyone else. Now Sarah hop on." Linda bent down and Sarah hoped on her arm (since she really didn't quite know how to fly yet) and took her over to a mirror. "There is your heartbeast Sarah."

Sarah looked in her bird form. And wanted to scream. It was know wonder that her mother had been surprised. Her heartbeast turned out to be exactly like Jareth's (except for the feather details). She was a barn owl too.

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