Okay here's a try. Not sure how good it is, but i haven't been writing for awhile, so here goes.

One Way Ticket to…Paradise?

Cast of players:

Jeslyn Fitzhughes- 26, 5' 10", 160lbs, great body. Registered nurse. Shy. Pale blonde hair hangs to mid back and very straight with fringy bangs. Violet eyes. Tattoo of a sword between her shoulder blades etched with Celtic symbols and ivy encircling it. Pierced belly and tongue. Recent bad break up.

Plays a fighter in the game who uses two magic weapons, and wears enchanted plate mail.

Larissa Jones- 24, 5' 5", 120lbs, not taut and toned like Jes, but very curvy. Maybe a few pounds overweight, but thinks of herself as fat. Chef. Extremely shy. Curly, shoulder length auburn hair. Golden-brown eyes. A small tattoo of a fairy on her left hip. Single.

Plays a wizard in their game. Wears a robe of useful items, a cloak of Monte Blanc, and carries a wand of fireballs, and wand of sleep.

Carly Andrews- 25, 5' 3", 110 lbs, skinny with small breasts. Professional dancer. Very bubbly personality. Black hair cut in a bob to her chin. The edges are dyed bright teal. A smattering of freckles across her face, and vivid green eyes. Her right eyebrow is pierced along with many piercing in her ears. A tattoo of a black winged stallion rides her left thigh. Single, but dates often.

Plays a rogue in their game. Leather armor, a cloak of invisibility, bag of holding, a set of enchanted daggers, several magic rings, and figurine of wondrous power in the form of a Bengal tiger named Chou-sung.

Tonia DeMarco- 24, 5' 9", 145lbs, average build, pretty Italian girl with the exception of having shoulder length, honey blonde hair. Musician. Dark brown eyes. One tattoo of a moon and star on her right shoulder blade. Dates, but no one serious.

Plays a ranger in the game. Carries a magic bow, boots of spider climb, and a cloak of the bat.

Danielle 'Danni' Dubois- 26, 5' 10", 161lbs, body similar to Jes's. Sarcastic but loves her friends. Teacher. Dark, chocolate brown hair, naturally wavy. Navy blue eyes. Tattoos of angel wings on shoulder blades, and a monarch butterfly on her lower back. Pierced bellybutton. Single.

Runs the game, runs an npc cleric. Wears enchanted plate, carries an enchanted mace.

The five Houston girls have been friends for ten years, and gaming together for five years, with these specific characters running for two. They game every Saturday night. Their outlook is 'people probably think we're freaks, or nerds, but hey, we're freaks and nerds with no criminal records, money in the bank, and friends we can count on in any situation'.


Danni opened the door and grinned at Jeslyn. "Happy Birthday."

Jes grinned back, "Sure, be all smug because I'm all old like you are now." She walked in to see the rest of her friends already setting up the game.

Danni snorted. "Please, if 26 is old, then you're in for a long disappointing life." She shut the door and followed the other girl into the room.

"Happy birthday!" the other girls cried out sporadically as they saw her.

"Thanks guys." She answered taking her spot at the table. She'd been waiting for this game all week. Work had been hellish, and she'd had to handle one disaster after another. Guess that's what came from being an RN. The soundtrack to King Arthur was playing in the background. "Okay guys, this is the week Dagonet is supposed to get whacked. We have to figure out a way to save him."

"But can you…" Danni said mysteriously, "Does this group have the power to save the heroic knight?"

"Honey, if ol' Dagonet looked anything like the actor from King Arthur, you're damn skippy we're saving him!" This statement came from Tonia and elicited laughter from all.

"Before we begin we should give Jes her present!" Carly was practically bouncing in her chair.

"My thoughts exactly." Danni said setting an elegantly wrapped jewelers box in front of Jes.

"You guys didn't have to get me anything. This game is enough."

"Shut up and open it." The normally quiet Larissa ordered.

Jes opened the gift slowly resisting the urge to shake it first. She lifted the cover, and then the cotton layer to reveal a set of shined stone dice. "They're beautiful." she whispered. She loved dice. Collected them really. She knew she'd never play with all of the dice she had, but they were making them so pretty these days. This set was beautiful, and she could imagine they were expensive.

"They're from the British Isles." Tonia stroked the dice. "We figured since we were playing this Camelot campaign they seemed appropriate."

"Thanks you guys. I love them. I'm using them tonight!" She made sure to look at each of her friends and she hoped they knew how much she loved each of them. "Let's play!"

(an hour later)

"You travel for a day with no incidents and come upon a group in wagons. They tell you they've crossed the ice and the knights sent to protect them have stayed back to take on the fast approaching Saxon army." Danni described and looked at them for their reactions.

"Fuck that, I'm heading for the knights." Jes stated and looked at the others who were nodding in agreement.

"Ok. You race towards the knights and start to hear the screams of dying men."

"Shit! They've already started shooting, we have to hurry!" Carly said breathlessly.

"You break into the clearing and see a large man with his back to you racing up the ice with his great axe in hand. What do you do?"

"Race to their aid." Larissa added.

The knights seem startled by your appearance but seem to understand you're there to help."

"That's because they can't tell we're women yet." Tonia laughed.

Danni smiled at her. "Okay Jes, roll to see how many rounds until the ice cracks."

Jes picked up her brand new four sided and took a deep breath. "Here goes…" She blew onto it gently and rolled it.

As it hit the table their was a loud crack and a stinging pain flashed through her head. She heard her friends cry out as well and then entered a world of black.