Title: Predator: SVU

Author: Prairiefire

Chapter: One: In the Beginning

Fandom: Predator AU

Rating: M/R

Warnings: Adult Situations, Controversial Subject Material, Graphic Violence/Gore, Rape, Sexual Situations

Orientation: Het

Pairings: Human Female/Male Predator, Female Predator/Male Predator

Summary: Two hunters separated by species and lightyears are about to team up.

Disclaimer: I do not own Predator, nor do I make earn any monetary compensation for the stories I write that feature such characters. However, all my original characters are just that, original. That makes them mine, and they cannot be used without my express written permission.

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Word Count: 4154

Yautja Home world

The female's screaming was beginning to annoy Al'brk'vix. He was a Blooded hunter, who was she to decline his advances. It was his right to spread his seed, and he had chosen to do it with this female. But she refused him. He may have been on the short side, and his muscles were not as bulging as other stockier hunters, but it wasn't his fault. He was built on the lines of a runner, and he was one of the fastest hunters in his clan. He was finally tired of getting the leftovers. Throughout his life it had been left over food. In training he always got the leftover weapons and 'awu'asa, or armor. When hunts were decided, he was always chosen last to be part of a pack. Now, he couldn't even get the leftover females. None would have anything to do with him and he had had enough of it.

Gathering his raggedy pack of other unpopular, Al'brk'vix set about to prove that he was strong enough to father his chosen female's sucklings. And now that the two unBlooded were holding her down he was ready to father his first offspring. However, first Al'brk'vix had to quiet her. With this noise, every person with in five miles would hear her. First, Al'brk'vix tried to simply cover her mouth with his hand. When she sank the teeth of her inner mouth into it Al'brk'vix tried to pull it back. With an unmistakable challenging growl the female sank the tusks on her mandibles into the flesh of her tormentor's hand. Fluorescing green blood ran down her face and dripped on the ground before Al'brk'vix ripped his hand away.

Though larger and stronger than Al'brk'vix, the female was now helpless. Without the two other males holding her arms down she could have easily defended herself from Al'brk'vix. While struggling with the two weights on her arms and Al'brk'bix straddling her torso she entertained ideas of their fates. She knew what the scrawny male intended to do. Impregnate her. Her initial rejection proved true when he needed two others to hold her down to do it. All of them would be sentenced to death. Rape was a serious crime, and one no yautja got away with. The other one, the older one that was acting as hult'ah would also share the same fate. She just had to make sure that she was found quickly so that the filth of this male could be cleansed from her as soon as possible. The possibility of dying never entered her mind. While rape was rare, the only deaths that usually resulted were the males. Either at the hands of the female at the time of the act, or at the hands of the Arbitrators.

Al'brk'vix was furious. The female kept struggling and screaming. Her strength was incredible; she would make an excellent dame for one of his line. But first he had to quiet her and stop her struggling. He didn't want to hurt himself while he seeded her. He hated being hurt, that is why he preferred the ranged weapons and rarely initiated jehdin/jehdin. Gathering a new idea, he tore the ceremonial neck protector from the female's neck. Tossing the elaborate bone-and-stone neck piece aside he took both his hands and placed them around her neck. Slowly he began to apply pressure to her windpipe. Slowly the female stopped her screaming, but never stopped the guttural growl that resonated deep within her.

Satisfied that she was now reasonably controlled Al'brk'vix unclasped the sash that held her dress around her midsection with one hand, the other still residing on her throat. Her scent was sweet. The breeding season was about to start and she smelled ready for it already. He trilled his pleasure as he moved lower on her body. The sight of her lower region almost sent him over the edge. He dipped his head lower to her and let his long, prehensile tongue wander over her opening. Her taste was as intoxicating as her temper. Al'brk'vix knew he would be able to taste her for days after this mating.

Pulling away reluctantly, Al'brk'vix quickly reached for the clasp on his own cloth. As it fell away his pulsing erection sprang free. Grunting at the two unBloods to watch the female closely he released his hand from her throat. She was no long struggling as violently as she was before, but she still growled. Many females growled throughout mating so Al'brk'vix did not worry. He gripped her hips as he prepared the sheath himself inside her. Al'brk'vix snarled at her as he forced himself inside her. He quickly withdrew from her and just as quickly plunged himself in her again. She had not been aroused beforehand and the passage was dry. That, however, would not prevent the creation of his children. Al'brk'vix continued to stare at the female snarling as he pounded into her. Her passage became slippery as her body released her juices to aid the male. The purely physical reaction of her body seemed to enrage the female and she began struggling again.

Her attempts to throw Al'brk'vix off only forced him deeper into her. As she rose to meet him, Al'brk'vix found his release and felt the tension that had been building since the day he met her was released with his seed. Feeling the filth of the male within her, the female howled her ire at the yautja that was pulling himself out of her.

Al'brk'vix panted as he once again straddled his female. She would be his and now that she was seeded, she would carry his child. She had to realize that, but she kept fighting. Vicious hisses and snarls left her as she refused to speak to the vile males that had violated her. Al'brk'vix was not afraid though. He just had to stop her fighting again. Pulling himself up her body he let his now limp penis trail along her stomach. He paused there to look down. His child would grow there. She would birth a strong whelp for him. Looking back up at her face, he saw the violent temper that attracted him to her in the first place. He replaced his hands at her throat and squeezed. He would quiet her long enough for her to see reason. Her fighting clouded his mind. All he saw was a writhing female under him as he held his hands tight against her windpipe. His instincts took over as she kept fighting, no longer just for release but for air. Al'brk'vix did not release his hold, so far gone was he that he didn't notice her face draining of its natural color. She kept struggling for several minutes before the deprivation of air began to take its toll on her. Her struggles and growls became weaker and weaker until, with one final hiss of defiance, they ceased completely.

Wrk'va approached the scene from the east and addressed Al'brk'vix, "Ki'cte. Al'brk'vix, that is enough. What have you done?" Wrk'va pulled his leader off of the female and bent down to place a hand on her chest. Already his mask was showing a fading heat signature, but the certainty of the information was not confirmed until he touched the female's still chest. Feeling no heart beat he whirled on Al'brk'vix who was replacing his armor and weapons and continued, "We have to leave. Several passing females heard the commotion and are sending for an arbitrator. We have to get out of here now. If Esh'ta finds us here, he will kill us."

"Let him come," countered Al'brk'vix calmly. "That old male can't defeat me," he continued as he reacquired his weapons, most notably his shoulder mounted plasma cannon.

"I most certainly can," a deep bass voice rumbled from the shadows of the trees. A large shape stepped into the four Bad Bloods view, revealing an armor-clad warrior. The new male stood 7'4" and was massively built. Covered in scars and decorated with small bones and skulls, the warrior was obviously an experienced veteran. He wore only one visible weapon, his ki'cti-pa, wrist blades. Undoubtedly there were other weapons hidden on his person. The ornate pewter-colored armor had several hidden scabbards to hide various blades, and the black cape flowing down the newcomer's back was perfect for hiding a ki'its-pa, spear. The only weapon that was, not surprisingly, completely missing was the shoulder mounted plasma caster. A master of combat had to handicap himself after all.

"Esh'ta!" exclaimed a startled Al'brk'vix.

"I do know my own name, you dishonorable s'yuit-de. You are an incredibly stupid one. Did you honestly think that you could rape and kill the daughter of an elder and get away with it?" mocked Esh'ta. "You and your pathetic cohorts will be dealt with here and now. If I were you I would consider the manner of my death. You can save some of your honor by ending your life now. I have no wish to dirty my hands or weapons with your filthy blood."

During this exchange the three other Bad Bloods began to back away from the two aggressive adversaries. Already the area was saturated with the smell of h'sui'se, musk. Esh'ta turned his head slightly for his mask to record the images of the three other yautja who had helped their Leader commit such a heinous act. He was not surprised to see Wrk'va here. He was always a follower, never one to question orders, some thought of him as an idiot, but an excellent fighter and hunter none the less. The two unBloods he could not place, but they would be dealt with anyway. This distraction was all the opening that the smaller male needed.

With a roar of fury, Al'brk'vix charged at the distracted Arbitrator. Not being caught completely off guard Esh'ta jumped into the air and somersaulted over the enraged younger warrior. Slashing with his ki'cti-pa, he only managed to score a small cut on the arm of his opponent. Landing behind Al'brk'vix, Esh'ta turned as the Bad Blood did. Crouching into hiju position he flared his mandibles and reached for the ki'its-pa under his cape. Bringing it around in front of him, he extended the compact spear to its full length. Every blade on it gleamed in the moonlight, the hanging decorations danced with the motion of Esh'ta's movements. There was no mistaking that this was a deadly weapon, one that had been used successfully on many adversaries.

"Care to try again," challenged Esh'ta. "Or are you too much of a coward. That new cut would make a great matching scar to the one on your hand …if you were to live past tonight."

Al'brk'vix balked momentarily at the challenge of the Arbitrator. The respite was only momentary when he remembered what was sitting perched on his shoulder. The powerful plasma cannon was almost overkill at this range, not to mention an unfair advantage over an opponent that only had close range weapons. But then, Al'brk'vix was not above taking or making an unfair advantage. Smirking behind his mask, he activated his laser targeting system and took aim at the challenging Arbitrator.

A surprised hiss escaped Esh'ta. Surely, Al'brk'vix was not so dishonorable to fire his weapon when his opponent had only hand weapons. Almost too late, Esh'ta heard the distinctive whir right before the weapon discharged. Leaping to the right he barely managed to get out of the way of the super-heated ball of gas as it raced to his former position. The searing heat left his left leg smoldering as the plasma bolt raced past him. Recovering and leaping again all in one fluid motion, Esh'ta avoided another shot from Al'brk'vix's cannon. Now seriously regretting not bringing at least a net gun Esh'ta made a final dodge to avoid a third white hot bringer of death. Even as he thought of it, a net shot out from the side of Al'brk'vix and snared him. He hit the ground hard and as he struggled the net holding him began to wind itself tighter.

With his only obstacle to escape now pinned down Al'brk'vix grinned evilly. Wrk'va had perfect aim with that net gun. Stalking up to the now helpless Esh'ta, Al'brk'vix retrieved the dropped ki'its-pa. Studying it leisurely now, he examined the decorations more closely. He noted the small bones, feathers and pieces of furred pelt that adorned its handle. He also noted the engravings.

Turning to the still form of Esh'ta, Al'brk'vix said, "It will make a fine addition to my arsenal." Receiving only a growl in reply, he took aim with the laser sights situated over by his right eye. Esh'ta however, was not ready to give up just yet. Unbeknownst to Al'brk'vix, Esh'ta unsheathed a knife from a hidden spot near where his hand was pinned. As Al'brk'vix aimed at the prone form of Esh'ta he smiled inside. The knife began to slice through the netting on the side farther away from the Bad Blood, but just as the net came free enough for Esh'ta to wriggle away Al'brk'vix fired his weapon.

The deadly fire shot point blank range into its target. There was no avoiding the projectile this time. Esh'ta went down hard. A large greenish-black hole in his chest smoked where the plasma had melted his armor and devoured its way through his heart and out his back. He fell to the ground dead.

Wrk'va shook himself out of his stupor and approached the agitated Al'brk'vix. "We have to leave NOW, Leader. Get a ship and get off the planet. They will send another Arbitrator when Esh'ta does not return. There will be m-di h'chak granted when they have seen what we have done. Bad enough killing an elder's daughter, but to kill an Arbitrator."

"Yes. We will leave now. There is nothing to be gained by remaining here," Al'brk'vix stated sharply as he turned and stalked off to the field that the ships were gathered in. "There is plenty of prey across the galaxy, and I know the perfect place to go for a Hunt."

Setg'-in Clan mother ship in orbit over yautja home world

The council of elders exited the hangar leaving two of their own to speak with the Arbitrator before his mission. As the two males and three females left the hanger of the larger ship the elder female and male turned to the younger Arbitrator. The first to speak was the male.

"Bring my daughter's killer the justice he deserves young warrior," Hin'lig commanded as he looked down at the eager warrior. "Glory and honor await you on this hunt."

"The last known trajectory of the Bad Blood ship has been downloaded into your ship's navigational computer," added the elder female coolly. With a brusque nod Hin'lig reached for the Arbitrator's shoulder and shook it slightly. When the action was returned Hin'lig turned and left the docking bay. The last two occupants watched the old male leave, when at last the female turned back to the Arbitrator.

"Thread cautiously my son," the older female warned. "You must be setg'-in, deadly and quick like our Clan name. You must also be kwei, sly and tricky. This Al'brk'vix does not fight with honor. You will have to outsmart him to defeat him."

"Mother, I shall bring honor to myself and our clan. The s'yuit-de will be meeting Cetanu soon," spoke the Arbitrator confidently as he strode up the ramp onto his ship. "And I will return the ki'its-pa that you gave father. It will be returned to its rightful owner."

"Vek'rin'ka, come back home safe. This Bad Blood is h'ulij-bpe," the elder embraced her favorite son before releasing him to continue on his way. "I pray that Paya blesses you on this hunt with much honor and many trophies."

"Mother," a slightly embarrassed Vek'rin'ka started, "I will return with everything that I need." Turning from his mother, Vek'rin'ka boarded his ship and closed the hatch. Once the bay was clear the technicians decompressed the space and opened the doors that would allow the small ship to exit.

Once clear of the mother ship the small craft accelerated until it entered hyperspace. The last traces of it remained in a flash of light for several seconds as the ships hyper drive engines engaged. Then there was nothing.

Miami MetroPark, Miami, Florida, USA

A dark figure skulked around the park. It had only been a few minutes since a brace of strung out crack heads had passed by. The lonely figure surely did not wish to be found at the moment. Glancing at the bundle of generic Wal-Mart brand blankets at his feet he relived the last week in vivid detail. The girl had been perfect. Her small body had never been touched, never tainted until he had had her himself. The look of innocence when she was delivered almost caused him to loose control. That had happened more often recently. He was getting reckless. If he didn't compose himself soon, he wouldn't be a free man much longer.

Still, her appearance when she was delivered had been divinely innocent. He had followed his same routine as with the other girls. He befriended them quickly, they were so eager to finally talk to some one who spoke Spanish. He had learned their likes and dislikes. That game was always fun to play. Then he had shown them what friends do for each other. Their small bodies were exquisite. Soft with youth not yet hardened by a harsh life. Everything from their hands to their mouths to their bottoms. Oh, how he had enjoyed this one when he had initiated her into womanhood.

He had waited as the sun set beyond the city's skyline. As the darkness crept up the only occupants of the forlorn park aside from the quiet man were the junkies enjoying their fix and the homeless drunks who couldn't get into the shelter just down the street. As the drunks bed themselves down in the bushes to avoid the often psychotic episodes of the junkies the quiet man heard a rustling behind him.

"Occupied," he hissed vehemently at the intruder.

"Shurry mun," slurred the staggering man trying to push his way into the thicket. "Ishn't room for two ish there?"

"No," the quiet man spat. "Get lost. Find your own place." With that the drunk stumbled off to find a more hospitable place to bed down for the night. The quiet man turned back to surveying the goings on in the park. Scarcely ten minutes passed before he decided where to leave his package. The now-defunct fountain in the park courtyard would be perfect. Forsaken beauty, perfect for his former treasure. The stone dolphin, whose snout had spilled water in better times, that sat in the middle of the fountain was a perfect monument to the angel at his feet. She had loved looking at the dolphins when she first arrived. That is where he would lay her to rest. It suited her. And he was terribly sorry in his own sick way for the last thing he had done to her. He would no longer be able to enjoy her or pleasure her.

With most of the drunks passed out or close to it and the junkies merrily along their own private trips the quiet man got up. Pulling the toque down over his ears, making sure that his hair was completely covered he drew his over sized jacket closer. Picking up the bundle he cradled it as if it were glass. Slithering out of the thicket he limped over to the fountain. With a final look at the precious cargo he placed it reverently down next to the fountain, under the dolphin's protective eye. He had loved this girl after all. It wasn't until she called for her mommy that he had become angry. She couldn't see what he was giving her. Her mother could never love her the way he did. Her mother sold her. How could that be love? He was the only one who could truly love his girls. Without looking back he turned and limped away, as he had done with the other girls. There would be others.

Detective Cassandra Hadley's Home

"You're going to play it, right Auntie Cass?" asked the inquisitive 8-year-old.

"Well, let's see. Did you brush your teeth?" asked Cass with a mockingly authoritative tone.

"Yep," was the simple reply.

"Had your bath?" continued the aunt.

"10-4," the young girl answered imitating her aunt's police lingo.

"Put your clothes in the hamper?" came the next question.

"Uh-huh," replied the girl with blazing green eyes and flaming red hair.

"Did your homework?"

"It's summer holidays," the young Sonya giggled almost uncontrollably.

"Oh, that's right. How on earth could I have forgotten it was summer holidays," teased the older woman while she mockingly smacked herself in the forehead. "OK, how about brushed hair?"

Rolling her eyes, young Sonya answered "Yes, but why? It just gets messed up again when I go to bed."

"It makes the tangles easier to get rid of in the morning. OK, but I want my hug and kiss now, and then you get under the covers."

The small girl jumped up and flung herself off the bed at her aunt. Cass caught her in midair and returned the strangling bear hug that was threatening to cut off her air. Sonya pulled her head out of her smothering grip and kissed Cass on the cheek and slid back down to the bed.

Once the weight had been removed from her arms, Cass bent down to tuck the child into her Disney Princess bedding. Once Sonya was comfortably tucked in for the night Cass retrieved her old, battered guitar from the overstuffed, pink chair that occupied a corner of the room. Taking time to tune the instrument she strummed each string and played a few chords before commencing with the show of the evening.

When Cass was satisfied that the guitar was properly tuned she struck a chord and began to play. It was their nightly ritual, and had been for the last four years, since Sonya came to live with her aunt. Both Cass and Sonya loved this song, and it perfectly described their relationship. While Cass wasn't Sonya's mother, she was the closest thing Sonya's could have. And they would always be close.

As the guitar found its niche Cass began to sing. The notes and lyrics were as familiar to her as the guitar in her hands. The words began to flow and soon both family members were drawn into the song completely.

May the good lord be with you
Down every road you roam
And may sunshine and happiness
Surround you when you're far from home
And may you grow to be proud
Dignified and true

Finishing the last chorus of Forever Young Cass turned to Sonya. The young girl was already asleep, snuggled tightly under her pink comforter despite the heat. Sunset had not diminished it in the least. Shaking her head knowing where the comforter would be in the morning Cass left the room and shut the door.

No sooner had the latched clicked into place but Cass's cell phone rang. Hurrying to her bed room to get it before Sonya woke up again, Cass snatched up the annoying device as she quickly looked at the call display. Reading Gerold's name she quickly answered.

"Cass, we have another one," came the husky voice of the man on the other end. "We need you down at Miami MetroPark now."

"Damn it. Do we have an ID yet?" asked Cass.

"I can't give out any information over this line. Captain Adams doesn't want anything done over radio or cell phone at the moment. He said something about a possible leak in the department," Gerold informed his partner. "Just get down here."

"Fine," Cass huffed. "I'll be there ASAP. Just let me get changed." Cass closed the phone and thought to herself 'leaks from the department? What's going on?' Quickly changing into a more formal suit she stopped at her friends's room and rapped on the door.

"Joan, I got called in. It looks like it's going to be a long night," Cass said through the door.

The door opened and Joan looked at Cass with sympathy. "It's the same case isn't Cass?"

"Yes," responded Cass defeatedly. "We haven't gotten any new leads. Hell, we haven't gotten any leads, period. This sicko could be living right next door, and we wouldn't even know it."

"Don't worry, you'll get him. And then he will pay, and pay, and pay."

"I hope you're right about that," said Cass as she ended the conversation. Turning down the hall she grabbed her truck's keys off the table by the door and was gone into the night.

The hunt had begun.