Title: Predator: SVU

Author: Prairiefire

Chapter: Twenty: Bittersweet Victory

Fandom: Predator AU

Rating: M/R

Warnings: Adult Situations, Controversial Subject Material, Graphic Violence/Gore, Rape, Sexual Situations

Orientation: Het

Pairings: Human Female/Male Predator, Female Predator/Male Predator

Summary: Two hunters separated by species and lightyears are about to team up.

Disclaimer: I do not own Predator, nor do I make earn any monetary compensation for the stories I write that feature such characters. However, all my original characters are just that, original. That makes them mine, and they cannot be used without my express written permission.

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Word Count: 1966

Notes: This is the end of the line for this story. I hope you enjoy. And Chancellor22, happy birthday, here's your present.

Vek'rin'ka turned to look for Cass. During the fight with Al'brk'vix he had lost track her and had focused on eliminating the Bad Blood. He saw her laying half under a fern at the edge of the clearing. One hand was held over her chest, the other clung loosely to the knife Vek'rin'ka had given her.

Vek'rin'ka walked over the Cass carefully taking note of her injuries. She was unconscious, probably mercifully, and her breathing was shallow. Blood seeped out from beneath her hand, staining it and her chest with its bright red. The stab wound on her leg that the ooman Bad Blood inflicted had crusted blood around the edges, but looked to be freshly torn open and bleeding again.

Gingerly Vek'rin'ka knelt beside Cass. She didn't stir when he called her name nor when he moved her hand to take a closer look at the cut across her chest. The wound would not have been serious on its own, but combined with her other injuries it needed to be taken care of. Cass had lost too much blood already to be able to loose any more. Vek'rin'ka didn't have anything to replace it with.

Al'brk'vix's scent covered Cass and Vek'rin'ka growled at the thought of the Bad Blood violating her. As his ship touched down in the clearing, crushing several trees during the landing, Vek'rin'ka carefully picked Cass up. On the back of her arm he felt a small bump under the skin. Cursing himself, he remembered the tiny tracker he placed there. If he had just used it, instead of only relaying on his senses, he would have been able to find her faster. He would have spared her this torment. Now, he would seek redemption for his failure by trying to heal her.

Vek'rin'ka's other hand felt warm blood flow over it as he pulled her legs from the ground. Shocked, he ran to the ship with Cass securely held to his chest. He had little time to waste if he was going to preserve Cass's life. The blood flow needed to be stopped, and the wounds needed to be cleaned to prevent infection from setting in.

Laying Cass down on the padded floor of the kehrite he pulled vials of the healing agent out of the medical storage drawer. He didn't know if they would help her or if they would react adversely with her ooman physiology, but at this point it could do no more harm than good.

The internal scanner of his mask showed Vek'rin'ka the tears in Cass's passage caused by Al'brk'vix. Quickly he mixed the appropriate compounds into the thick blue healing gel that would seal the injuries and prevent further blood loss.

When the gel was ready Vek'rin'ka hesitated only for a moment. As he wiped Cass's entrance clean again he could only praise Paya that Cass was still unconscious. The gel would burn the toughest hide and he had to apply it to one of a female's most sensitive areas. Holding Cass down with his free arm he forced the applicator containing the gel inside her. He made sure to spread it over all the internal wounds.

Cass stiffened for a moment, but did not wake. Vek'rin'ka slid the spatula-like tool out of Cass carefully, worried he would do further damage. When it came out covered in Cass's blood he growled again, the sight making him feel as if he had violated her as well.

Focusing instead on Cass's other injuries, Vek'rin'ka sterilized and sealed the deep stab wound on her leg and moved to the cut over her collarbone. A shallow enough cut, but the Bad Blood knew where to cut to draw the greatest amount of blood.

Tending to that would was simple and smaller scratches were covered with what was left of the healing gel. Once the injuries were seen to Vek'rin'ka pulled all the small parasites off of Cass before picking her up. He left the stimulant injection, not intending to use it on her. The Hunt was over, now Cass would need rest if she was to recover. If she did, Vek'rin'ka would have to decide what to do with her.

Carrying her still limp form out of the kehrite to his quarters Vek'rin'ka relished for the first time the physical contact. Her light form was held in his arms like a sleeping pup. Vek'rin'ka put Cass on the bed and she was nearly swallowed by its size. Before he pulled the fur over her, Vek'rin'ka ran his hand over her face one more time. Her skin was cool to his touch, cooler than it usually was. Vek'rin'ka knew she was a strong female, but he wondered if she would be strong enough to recover.

As Vek'rin'ka pulled away, Cass's eyes fluttered and opened heavily. "Vek?" Her voice was small and fearful. Her pain was obvious as she called out to him. Through the haze of her vision she could see someone over her and she tried to sit up. She sucked in a sharp breath as the pain lanced through her and fell back.

"Rest," Vek'rin'ka said as he put his hand on her shoulder. Cass's eyes were already closed when he withdrew.

"Found me," a soft breath carried out of Cass before she succumbed to her fatigue and injuries again.

"Yes." Yes, he found her, but not fast enough. Vek'rin'ka was again pulled to the fact that he could have found her faster if he had just used his technology and not allowed his anger make him forget about it.

Cass's fate was up to her now. Vek'rin'ka had done all he could and Cass would have to fight this battle on her own. He left the room to clean up the kehrite and then to the cockpit.

He sat in the control chair, brooding about what to do now. Assuming Cass lived, what would happen to her. She knew too much about the Yautja and himself. Her body also held evidence of their existence. There was no way that she could be allowed to return to her life.

Besides that, Cass had said that killing the Bad Blood would cost her her livelihood. She had no family to go back to and in the eyes of the primitive ooman justice system she was dishonoured and no more than a Bad Blood herself. There was nothing except a dwelling for her to go back to, a place she told him she would never return to anyway.

What was left was what to do with her. She was a worthy warrior, and without the pup she was now eligible again as prey. Vek'rin'ka did not even dismiss this. He never considered it. It was never an option for him to kill her.

Still, taking her with him was not an option. At most, his clan would view her as a living trophy. There was no way he could view her like that, and subject her to the treatment she would receive as such a possession. So no, she could not come with him.

Vek'rin'ka wondered if relocating her would be possible. Oomans were primitive but advanced enough to track and find what they considered Bad Bloods around their world. She would not be safe, for her understandable, grief-stricken action she would forever be hunted.

If she was found, and sent to an ooman 'prison' Vek'rin'ka did not want to think what would happen. One former Arbitrator among hundreds of Bad Bloods? She would not survive. Vek'rin'ka began to wonder if she would not be better off succumbing to an honourable death now.

His brooding continued throughout the evening and still he could not come to a decision. No possibility he could think of was an option for him. He could not bring himself to kill her or place her in a situation where her death was certain. Nor could he take her with him to live at the mercy of his clan.

Leaving the bridge, Vek'rin'ka walked back to his quarters. Cass was where he left her, laying on the bed. Dreams have taken her mind, he noticed as he watched her eyes move under their lids and hears the mewling noises come from her mouth. She was breathing easier than before but her color was still pale. Her blood would take much time to replenish itself. That is where most of her recovery would take place. That and preventing any possible infections. Standing in the doorway, Vek'rin'ka clearly realized one thing: he would not abandon her.

Her strength, born of a natural stubbornness and a devotion to children, drew him to her. He was now aware of how protective he was of her and he would not allow her to go without his protection.

Consequences be damned, Vek'rin'ka decided while looking over Cass. She would come with him. There was no other way he could be sure she stayed safe. The details could be worked out later, but she was home. She could come back to this wretched little ball of dirt anytime she asked, but no one would force him to bring her back here. He would forego living on the Clanship if he had to, living and traveling just on his own little ship if that's what he had to do to keep her.

Leaving Cass to rest, Vek'rin'ka went back and began to prepare for departure. Just before he fired up the thrusters he heard his comm system chime.

"Arbitrator Vek'rin'ka here," he acknowledged. He was edgy now that his decision was made and he wanted to leave quickly. If the Council, who was undoubtedly calling, asked about Cass he would have to tell them. It was doubtful that they would agree with his decision.

"Message from the Setg'in High Council incoming," the warrior working the communications station on the distant Clanship relayed.

"Ready here," Vek'rin'ka informed the other Yautja.

Sytra'ti's image appeared on the holoscreen in front of Vek'rin'ka moments later. The rest of the Council could be seen behind her. "Have you any news to report of your hunt?"

"Yes, High Eldress." Vek'rin'ka thought about how he would tell them about his hunt. The High Eldress had not specifically asked about Cass and he wasn't about to volunteer any information. He decided to keep the information centered on Al'brk'vix. "I have disposed of the last Bad Blood and am readying to return to the Clanship."

Behind Sytra'ti, Vek'rin'ka could see Hin'lig pull his mandibles into a smirk. The knowledge that his daughter's rapist and murderer was dead must have pleased him greatly. Sytra'ti nodded her head in understanding and continued, "That is excellent news, however, discussion of it was not why we contacted you."

Vek'rin'ka cocked his head to the side, curious as to why the Council would contact him over such a vast distance if not for a Hunt's update. He waited for his mother to continue before prompting her on. "Why is it you contacted me then if it is not business that can be attended to when I return?"

"We have another mission for you on the ooman planet. It is of an unusual nature should you accept it. It would put our sister clan in an honor debt to us."

Vek'rin'ka asked them to go ahead and tell him the details. It was made exceptionally clear that he did not have to accept this mission and he would loose no status, and he was even more intrigued by it. As Sytra'ti told him of the mission he realized how unusual it was and told the Council that he would take it. After all, it might give him some leverage with the Council on his decision to return with Cass.

To Be Continued…

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