Watching Over Her

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Summary: Sara is being watched over, but not by anyone she cares for. Work is going great and she's growing closer to one of the guys she works with. In the background though, she doesn't realize that her every movement is being carefully noted by a man who wishes for nothing but her love, knowing he can't have that, he'll settle for knowing nobody else will either.

Chapter One

The sun began to rise up while Sara walked towards her Denali. Her arm lifted to cover her eyes, she had forgotten her sunglasses on the dashboard again. After a double shift, she was begging for a quick breakfast and her comfortable bed. She had just finished wrapping up a case with Warrick; a young girl named Liz who was trying to get her mom to realize her step-dad was not the man he feigned to be, resulting in her murder. Seemed her little sister didn't want the secret of her relationship with her step father coming out and she was ready to do absolutely anything necessary, all in the name of love, or what she thought was the complicated feeling.

Sara opened her truck door and let herself relax into the seat, sighing deeply. She revved the engine and waited for it to warm up a little. Pulling her black sunglasses up, she slipped them on, closing her eyes behind them for a moment. A sharp knock on the window startled her, her head swung to the side and a smile tugged at her mouth. She hit the button allowing the window to fall down and disappear into the black door. "Hey," she greeted.

"Hi," Nick Stokes returned, a broad smile opening his handsome face up.

"You just get here?" She pushed her glasses up into her hair, feeling like they were somehow disconnecting her from him.

He nodded, sighing. "I had a few hours sleep but it never feels like enough.Gris just paged me with anew case. You and Rick solve yours?"

She nodded her head, "Yeah. It was the little sister."

Shaking his head, his eyebrows rose. "Always surprises me when family can be so cruel to each other."

Her eyes fell, remembering her own past. She reached up to the tinted glasses, deciding she needed to be disconnected from the subject.

He looked at her for a moment and she could see it dawning on him. "Oh Sar, I didn't mean to-"

"It's okay," she cut him off. "Im fine." She looked out the front window, "I better go. I"ll see you later."

"Yeah," he answered, a note of dissappointment in his voice. "Hey, maybe we could get together this weekend? You, me, Rick, and maybe even Greg." He chuckled, wondering if he should invite the guy who seemed to be feeling even more drawn to his female coworker lately.

"What about Catherine?" She asked, her brow furrowing.

"I think she has something planned with Lindsey this weekend." His arms crossed in front of him. "So are you up to it?"

She frowned, "I don't know..."

"Come on Sar. You hardly get out anymore." He leaned in, his arms resting on the window. "Please." He smiled, "I promise you'll have fun."

She sighed in defeat. "Alright. Where are we going?"

"I can't tell you that, darlin'. That wouldn't be fun at all." He stepped back. "Just dress up a little. I'll pick you up at nine."

"Nine? Isn't that a little late?" She was used to staying up, but only for work. At home, she preferred to get as much sleep as possible, even if she was being called a recluse by all of her coworkers. She'd been feeling weird lately; as if something unwanted was hanging around. She couldn't shake the feeling and a shiver ran down her back, her eyes surveyed the parkling lot. She berated herself for being paranoid, but then remembered that a lot of the women who came into the lab probably had that same feeling and ignored it before they were killed.

"Sara?" She heard faintly.

She turned back to see Nick staring at her, concern and confusion obvious in his expression.

"You okay girl? You seemed to blank out on me."

"Huh? Oh yeah." She smiled lightly, "What were you saying?"

He laughed, "Just be ready by nine." He slapped the door, turned and left.

She pushed the up button, returning the window to it's usually closed position. It was just too hot in Vegas to be driving around with the window down. It was best to keep the air conditioning on and rotating around, keeping her cool and comfortable. Moving her truck into the drive position, she left work and headed for home. A yawn pulled at her mouth, her hand raised to cover it.

As she walked to her apartment her frazzled thoughts about being followed nagged at her. She looked around, trying not to look suspicious. Her neighbor fromdown the hall passed by her, a few envelopes in his hands. He glanced at her briefly but kept walking. She felt a little at ease knowing someone else was around. Unlocking her door, she pushed it open and walked into the safety of her own little piece of bliss. She knew to lock it, even if there wasn't someone three steps behind her, she saw enough dead people to be cautious.

The kitchen called to her, she didn't feel like cooking but cereal was good enough for her. She decided against coffee, knowing it would keep her awake. After polishing off a bowl of unhealthy sugar coated garbage, she walked down the hall to her bedroom. She opened up the drawer of her dresser and decided that just a shirt would be enough. Her room was rather warm and she hated feeling overheated while trying to sleep. Slipping off her clothes and pulling the white tee over her head, she climbed into her bed and pulled the beige comforter just up to her waist, knowing full-well she'd throw it off not long after nodding off.

The blinds cut out most of the light so she'd be able to sleep peacefully. She set her alarm for three, giving herself an hour to get ready before work. Rolling over onto her stomach, her sleepy thoughts became blurred. She'd been thinking of a certain someone lately. A guy she knew wasn't really into her. If she could control her feelings, she'd direct them to someone who'd really return them, like Greg.

Her past adoration for Grissom had faded into a comfortable feeling of friendship and comradery. She had been way over her head thinking she could ever truly love him and have a future. It wasn't likely that a relationship with any coworker would work, but her heart just wouldn't let go.

Warrick had warned her a few times to be careful of how close she got to certain people. He would know with all the feelings he harboured and hid from Catherine. She tried taking his advice, but to no avail. It was her curse. She always fell for those she couldn't have and she knew Nick Stokes was far out of her reach.

As she drifted away into the land of dreams, she had no idea of what danger lie ahead of her. Sara may have been feeling a little uncomfortable lately, but the real pain was yet to be revelaed. This pain was disguised in a man like any other, or so it seemed. He watched her every move, day and night. Wherever she went that he could go, he followed. The only place she was reallyaway from himwas at work. He had no way of getting into the building, but he was working on that exact problem while she slept.

He could stroke the curve of her face at any given moment. He could kiss her lightly on her pink, soft lips whenever he felt the need. But he had yet to get close to her, to tell her of his hidden feelings. Soon though, soon he would tell his sweet angel that they would be together. He would have her, there was no question in his mind. If she said no for some cruel and unforgiving reason, then he'd just have to change her mind, by any means necessary.

"Sara," he whispered aloud. His voice deep and rough. "My sweet Sara..." The knife he held bit down into his arm, agush of blood pooled beneath his limb. "I will have you..."


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