Darkness encircled Feral's staff car as it moved down the winding dirt road. There was no one around for miles. They were miles from civilization, deep in the rural countryside.

"My end of the research is complete." said Dr. Drexler finished cleaning his glasses and slid them back on.

"Good, good. As soon as we get your sample we can start working." replied Feral. Rex Ford was also in the car. He didn't seem to share the same enthusiasm for whatever it was they were talking about.

"This is insane." he commented. Drexler and Feral turned to him.

"Something you'd like to add?" asked the doctor.

"What we're doing here is unfeasible."

"It's plenty feasible." replied Feral. "We did it afterall."

"That's not what I mean. What I mean is you can't possibly control this thing."

"Weren't you listening to me when I said my staff would begin working as soon as we got the sample?"

"We're not about to make something we can't control." said Drexler. "Everything we've used so far during synthesis has a proper countermeasure. Stopping it is totally within our ability."

"But how are you going to get the public behind you on this?"

"What they don't know won't hurt them." replied Feral.

"But what if there's an accident. Look I think it's time we made it known to them. The administration always been supportive of scientific endeavors. If I just present it to them like that, they'll back you up." Feral cocked his head and looked at Ford strangely. He then tapped on the glass that seperate the driver. It rolled down and very calmly Feral ordered the him to stop.

"Out." he said pointing at Ford. "I said get out of the car." Ford complied and opened the door. Feral followed closely behind, shoving him hard out of the way. "Stay there." ordered the President as he went into the trunk. A few seconds later, he closed it and emerged with an object that was obscured by the darkness. As he stepped forward, Ford saw what it was, a golf club. "Why is it that the Alliance is always trying to fuck me over?"

"Fuck you over? We're the only reason you're the president."

"I'm the only reason I'm the president. And I think it's time to exercise my executive power and seriously reconsider how the Alliance should operate."

"I was only trying to get you to open your fucking eyes. I didn't say I was going to tell them."

"Is that your job?" Feral brought the club up and gripped it with both paws. "Didn't think so." He took a swing at Ford who dodged it and grabbed the head of the club. The two struggled for control of the bludgeon until Feral's strength finally won. He pulled out of Ford's grip and jabbed him hard in the stomach, winding him completely and causing him to drop to his knees. "Now, it's time you learn your place."

"Fuck you!" shouted Ford, his last act of defiance before Feral brought the club down and smashed in his temple. With the deed done, Feral threw the club back in the trunk and stepped back into the car.

"Now that that is over with, we'll be able to move things ahead of schedule." said Drexler.

"Precisely. Everything will go as planned without interruption," Feral straightened his tie. "Now that I'm President."