Warning: Angst, character death

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Shuichi Shindou sat on the floor heartbroken. His life that had been Eiri Yuki had been abruptly sucked out of him and left him deflated and dejected. He was a hapless pile on the floor, sobbing raggedly in front of photo of his late lover, in the Uesugi Shrine.

The father of the renowned novelist stood off to one side, edgy of his eldest son's hysterical lover. When he had first met Shuichi it had been under odd circumstance, resulting in him being flashed by the vocalist. He had not ever approved of the relationship between the boy and his son but could not find anyway to bar the rock star from the funeral settings. He had made quite a spectacle of himself sobbing loudly, wailing as reporters circled like hawks even in the family's darkest hour. He could still hear Shuichi's pleas: "Onegai!" He had cried piteously. "Onegai! I want to! I belong here….Yuki was my husband in every right!" After these heartfelt cries he had not had the heart to keep the vocalist caterwauling out on the temple steps.

He sighed at the loss of such a promising young monk--but even more the loss of his son.

Eiri….Foolish boy.

The monk was not one to openly display his feelings like the boy.

No one had been able to move Shuichi no mattered how much they begged. Other people had come to bring their condolence to the family-including the Usamis—but no one had been able to approach the altar because of Shuichi.

"Shuichi…" Mika said lightly touching the boy's shoulder.

"I'm his wife…can't I stay…"

"It's not that…it's just that…" She looked to where her brother and father were kneeling. Tatsuha was looking off to the side, trying to hide his tears by bringing his face down to the arm of his robe while her father remained stoic.

Mika moved away from Shuichi, sensing no amount of comfort would be enough solvent for the deep wounds within his carefree, fragile heart.

Lightening flashed outside the temple and people stood huddled outside the temple with umbrellas as the rain continued to poor. The heavy rain and dark clouds further exacerbated the complete hideousness and dark moment for their family. The media vultures could not be lead astray. It angered her but she held her composure. They had to look stable even if Shuichi wasn't. Inside her heart had broken bit by bit. Eiri had been her kid brother. He may not have been agreeable half the time while he was alive and had lost a lot of his sweetness but she couldn't help feel sorrow. She looked at the simple watch around her wrist, her body swathed in a dark mourning kimono.

A silhouette caught her eye and Mika looked up to see Tohma standing in the doorway, totally drenched from the rain.

"Tohma…" she started but caught an unfamiliar aurora about her husband and shrank back for a moment in uncertainty.

The president stood still, his head bent low covered by his black bowler. Water dripped of the brim and off platinum blood locks in a steady pat-pat-pat. His face was shrouded in shadow. The dark coat he wore looked to be hanging heavier than ever as it was heavily soaked by the unexpected downpour. Water was left in puddle at his feet. Tohma's fists were clenched tightly at his side and Mika could almost see him shaking as if from the cold. Yet, somehow she knew the cold was not the reason for his uncontrollable shakes.

Tohma lifted his face, tears muddled along with the rain. His eyes were bloodshot, flashing with a deepest hatred.

Mika flinched at the look in her spouse's eyes. She had seen many things in those eyes, but the look she saw now was one she had never seen.

"You did this..." He said taking step forward. "You did this didn't you?" He advanced upon the unaware Shuichi. "You, who have no sense of dignity or right, you who only know evil and pain. You did this didn't you! KITAZAWA!"

Shuichi brought his timid head up, cheeks stained with tears, trembling in pain at his loss. He looked up into his employer's eyes and froze. The look Seguchi gave him was possibly one that could kill a man on the spot. The look in his eyes held no mercy or kindness. They held no room for forgiveness. They knew only undeniable hatred.

"Seguchi-san..." Shuichi squeaked, frightened.

Tohma took a menacing step forward.

"Kitzawa, this is your fault! Eiri-kun is dead because of you! You destroyed the boy so innocent whom I love more than anything in this world." He shook violently, fists clenching and unclenching, his eyes glazed over with revulsion.

"I should have killed you myself! Maybe it would have saved poor Eiri-kun all that unnecessary pain!" He then lunged for Shuichi, a mad look in his eyes.

The singer scrambled in terror of his boss' unseen rage.

"I'll kill you myself right now! This is for Eiri!" He almost had the singer backed up into a corner when two pairs of strong arms grasped the president from behind holding him back. Tohma's eyes returned to normal, tears streaming from then. He looked in daze as if snapping back to his original self.

The vocalist looked up frightened into the face of one Tohma Seguchi. His gaze then changed from the American K and the Russian named Ark. Both men and cooperated grudgingly with each other for this moment and held the president at bay.

K looked to the president's wife askance.

It was not needed however. The president sagged and broke down on the spot, his eyes pouring forth a river of tears. "Damn you, Kitazawa…I DO hope to heaven your soul is truly gone…Damn you." He was still intently looking at Shuichi as he said this.

Shuichi shivered. He was quite frightened at the danger to his life. He was even more aware that the president was not acting rational as he usually was. No, the habitually composed and clear-headed keyboardist was quite unstable at the moment.

Probably more desperately sorrowful than Shuichi could ever be himself.

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