Yuri awoke like normal this morning. That is, he woke with Wolfram's arms around his neck, and the prince's lithe pale body pressed securely against his, much to his dismay. His arm was asleep from being laid on, and he realized with a flush of heat to his cheeks that his other hand rested on the blonde's hip.

"YEAGH!" He shouted, sitting up and scooting back. Wolfram stirred, sitting up to rub at his eyes. One shoulder of his oversized—purposely, Yuri swore—nightie slipping from his shoulder to bare his pale neck and collarbone. He yawned unceremoniously, then smiled sleepily to his fiancé.

"Whatsa matter Yuri?" He said quietly, and Yuri flushed.

"What's the matter? What's the matter! You're the matter Wolfram!" The teenaged Maou shouted, pointing an accusing finger at the prince.

"Is something wrong with me?" Wolfram asked, waking slowly and becoming irritated.

"No, but…that is… you're in my bed again!"

"Our bed, Yuri. I'm your fiancé." The blonde reminded, crossing his arms. Yuri placed a hand over his face, groaning. There was a knock at the door, and Conrad entered.

"Heika, are you ready for your lesson?" He asked with a smile. Glad for the interruption, Yuri hopped out of bed and nodded,

"Yeah! Just give me a second to get dressed." He called, and Conrad closed the door to give him some privacy. Yuri unbuttoned his night shirt and was about to slip the shirt from his shoulders when he felt them itching. Looking over his shoulder he saw that the blonde on the bed was watching him intently.

"Do you mind?" He snapped, wrapping his arms around himself, and Wolfram glared.

"Humph." He exclaimed, slipping his long pale legs off of the bed and standing as he pulled his wayward sleeve back up to cover his shoulder. "I'll see you at breakfast…call me if you're going to take a bath beforehand, and I'll wash your back." He was saying as he headed for the door.

"Why would I do that? I can wash myself, you know! I don't need you to help me!" Yuri huffed, continuing to dress. Wolfram stopped, holding the door open, but by the time Yuri turned to look he was gone. He hadn't caught the hurt look on his fiancé's face.

When he was finished dressing, the Maou opened the door and greeted Conrad again with a smile. On their way to the court yard, Yuri heard Wolfram's voice, and he told the brunette to go on ahead as he went to investigate. Wolfram stood in front of his own room, accompanied by several of his hand picked men. Apparently they'd caught their prince before he had had time to dress, because the light pink nightie was still being worn shamelessly. Wolfram was smiling broadly, and talking openly with his subordinates. The blonde reached out, clasping his hand onto one of the soldier's shoulders and giving it a squeeze. The boy blushed so brightly that Yuri could see it from down the hall, and when the blonde leaned a little closer to say something to him, drawing all three boys' attention, he wished he knew what the brat prince was saying to them. With a huff, he turned and headed for the court yard. He didn't have time for that anyway, and if Wolfram wanted to gossip, that was his business!

He forgot all about a certain blonde that was not to be named as he played ball with Conrad. By the time they were finished he was ready for a bath before he joined the rest for breakfast. Gathering his things together, the Maou headed for the baths.


Murata stood at the entrance to the Maou's bath, his dark eyes clouded with an unreadable emotion. His face remained expressionless as he watched the pale blonde prince in the baths, half-hiding. He couldn't help it, he really couldn't. He knew he was just torturing himself, but what else could he do…? Had it really been so long? His memories were clear as ever, and even more so whenever he spied on a certain Mazoku prince…


Yuri blinked when he turned the corner to see Ken standing at the inner entrance of the baths. He was about to call to his friend when he saw the other's lips move, uttering a phrase that was to quiet to hear from his distance. The teenaged king frowned, and his clothes fell from his hands. "Oh, oops!" He exclaimed, startling the Great Sage. Murata smiled his wide smile, greeting his friend cheerily as he passed him by.

"What, you're not going to take a bath?" Yuri asked.

"Oh, n-no. I already did." Murata said, waving to him. "Have fun!" He chuckled as he turned the corner.

"Fun…?" Yuri asked, one dark eyebrow rising. He shrugged, gathering up his things and heading into the over sized room. He was greeted with a full view of his fiancé's pale, slender, and very naked body as the blonde stepped out of the bath. Face coloring brightly, he smiled. "O-Oh, Wolfram! Getting out already? Heh. Well, I'll see you at—" He said as he began to undress.

"Oh." Wolf said, looking up. His face brightened, and he smiled. "I was going to go, but since you just got here I might as well wash your—"

"No, no! It's alright!" The Maou slipped into the bath, and Wolfram turned towards him, stepping back into the bath.

"No really, it's the least I can do!" He rests his hands on Yuri's shoulders. His skin was warm and wet, and the dark-haired teen could practically feel the blonde's breath on the back of his neck as he leaned in to wash him. The image of the pale naked body behind him was just too much for his adolescent mind.

"Don't touch me!" Yuri snapped, his voice echoing off of the walls and high ceiling. Wolfram withdrew his hands quickly, startled. He glared, turning at once even as Yuri tried to apologize. The sight of Wolfram's perfectly shaped rear retreating from him caught his voice in his throat, unfortunately.

"Fine, you wimp! Don't blame me if someone else comes in here and attacks you though!" He said angrily, grabbing his towel and wrapping it around his slender waist. He stormed off without another word, and Yuri sighed. He hadn't meant to snap… What was wrong with him! Since when did he need to actually raise his voice at Wolfram? He felt horrible. Wolfram had looked upset, really upset, not just agitated as he left. Yuri sighed as he shook the images from his head and concentrated on how to apologize to his fiancé…And since when was eh thinking of the blonde as his fiancé?

Now wait just a… Murata, that jerk! 'Fun'? Tch, right! But then… He'd never taken his best friend to have that kind of a fetish…Okay, so maybe if it was a woman, but… He'd been spying on Wolfram? For some reason, Yuri's chest felt a little heavier at that thought.


Wolfram stood quickly as the Maou entered the room, throwing his napkin down on the table and walking brusquely past him. Yuri's smile fell and he turned to say something but he was stopped by Celi's bear hug. Honestly, he loved the ex-Maou, but when was she going to continue her free-love journey? He barely escaped Conrad's piercing look throughout breakfast, carefully keeping the topic off the blonde prince's sour mood. That was twice he'd snapped at Wolfram today, and two excuses he didn't have. What –was- it about Wolfram that made him so jumpy?


Their prince was –not­- in a good mood this morning. That was the group thought of Wolfram's company right now, as he took down one after another faster than they could get up a proper defense. He spared no mercy, calling them weak and pressing them until they could no longer stand. The midday heat was getting to them, but Wolfram only flipped his damp bangs out of his blazing green eyes and called for one of them to stand.

"I'll try." Came a voice from the side. Green eyes shot towards the speaker, then widened slightly at the sight of the one standing there.

"Great Sage…" He said in surprise.

"Do you mind?"

"But you don't have a weapon." Wolfram said nervously, knowing very well that this man didn't need one.

"I'll be alright. Ready?"

"Ah." Wolfram agreed, getting into a stance. The wooden sword made a sharp sound as it swept through the air, but Murata dodged backwards carefully, slipping to the side where he bowed away from a second swipe.

"Oops," Ken mused as he got a tap in on Wolfram's side with his hand. The blonde flushed, his strikes becoming wider and more furious than before. "Uh-oh…almost! Oh… that could have hurt!" The Great Sage was teasing him, he knew it! The sun caught Murata's glasses, shielding his eyes, and he dodged under a hit to come up in Wolfram's face, his foot slipping behind the prince's heel as he went to move back. Backwards he went, but instead of hitting the ground, Wolfram found himself embraced by two slender arms. He blinked up into Murata's dark eyes, confused over the happy smile. Blonde strands of hair stuck to the sides of his face with sweat, and his breath was mingling with the Great Sage's. Flushing with heat suddenly, Wolfram stood on his own.

"I-I'm sorry…" The usually collected blonde said, brushing off his clothing. "I got carried away…"

"I know." Murata said, shrugging. "It's alright…. Your men looked like they needed a break." He laughed, adjusting his glasses as he turned his back.

"You're right." Wolfram smiled a little. "Thank you…" He offered as Murata walked away.

"No problem." Murata said smoothly, but in fact, it was a problem. The close contact had done something more than he'd hoped for in this adolescent body…


Yuri yawned as he headed for his room, thoroughly tired from a day of not being able to escape Gunter's endless lectures. The silver haired man was –much- to happy to be spouting all of the useless text-book garble! Voices caught his attention as he navigated the endless halls of Blood Pledge castle, and he would have ignored them—if he hadn't heard the name of the blonde-not-to-be-mentioned.

"I've never seen Wolfram-sama so passionate!"

"Who are you kidding? Someone was going to get hurt."

"Yeah, but did you see him and the Great Sage?"

"Oh! Yes! It got so heated, I thought one of them might get hurt!"

"They were totally serious!"

"Nah, I think the Great Sage was just playing with him."

The went out of earshot, but Yuri's heart was racing.

--Never seen Wolfram-sama so passionate!

--him and the Great Sage?

--It got so heated!

--Totally serious!

--Just playing with him…

Murata… and Wolfram? His fists clenched all on their own, fingernails digging into his palms. His face was hot, and he hurried to his room. It wasn't even a thought that Wolfram wouldn't be there. After dark, Wolfram was always in bed before him by now. It was commonplace. He opened the door quickly, trying not to slam it behind him. The lump under the sheets stirred, and he stormed over to the bed. Grabbing a hold of the sheets, he ripped them back. His heart jumped into his throat, and he felt the blood rush from his head towards a decided lower destination.

Wolfram laid curled up like a kitten, hands in lose curls under his chin. His pink nightie had ridden up past his waist, leaving his perfect pale thighs and calves bare to reflect the moonlight pouring in through the windows. It didn't help that the only thing he was wearing was the black thong underwear that this country deemed 'standard'. The blonde curled up tighter when the sheets were pulled back, and then he shivered. Yuri realized that his hair was damp, and the scent of fresh bath oils filled his nose.

"Yuri?" Wolfram asked sleepily, "What is it? Hurry and come to bed, it's cold…" He yawned, groping for the covers. Yuri pulled them back over the almost naked boy, covering him as quickly as possible. " 'Sank you…" And he was out again. Yuri sank down to sit on the floor slowly, swallowing hard. What on earth—or Mazoku—was happening to his body? Since when did the sight of a naked –boy- make him…excited? But that didn't make any sense! He'd seen Gunter and Conrad, and even Gwendal naked before! He stood shakily, moving over to his wardrobe to change into his night clothes. He would ignore it… But how long could he?


To Be Continued…