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Ryan and Kirsten joined Seth and Sandy in the kitchen. Seth was fussing over his dad who obviously hadn't wanted to be in the kitchen. He had wanted to know that Carter was gone for good.

"Seth we should go get the girls or they will be mad that we are so late picking them up. You alright, Sandy?" Sandy just nodded his head at Ryan. Ryan wouldn't be punished for hitting Carter, Sandy if anything was pleased he had done it and Kirsten just wanted to forget about the entire situation as soon as possible.

"Ryan, buddy, am sure the girls will understand that… I mean sure we should go wewouldn't want to give Summer an excuse to attack me!" Ryan had been glaring at Seth while he was talking, surely it was as obvious to him as it was to Ryan that Sandy and Kirsten needed time alone. "Mom we'll be back by 12 and we'll see you in the morning. Dad don't go getting into anymore fights." Seth laughed at his own joke while Ryan just tried to push him out quicker.

Kirsten walked over to Sandy and put her hands on his chest lightly. "Are you really okay?" He looked a lot more tired than he had done even half an hour ago but more than that he looked worried, anxious.

"Is he gone for good? I can't live with him coming back all the time. Its not that I'm not willing to fight for you, I am I would fight until my last breath, but if I'm fighting a losing battle I need to know. Are you giving him a reason to keep coming back? Do you still have feelings for him? I mean were your feelings that strong for him in the first place?"

She couldn't believe that he was asking her this. Well she could, this is exactly how she would feel if Rebecca came back and she did have many of the same feelings last year. She just didn't think Sandy would doubt her love for him.

"I think he is gone for good yes. You don't need to fight for me you've got me, I'm yours. I have been since college and I will be forever. It's the one thing I know will never change. I had feelings for Carter last year but I wasn't in love with him he just helped me feel less alone I guess." She was looking deep into his eyes hoping that he would see that she was being completely honest with him. "I don't have feelings for him now. I mean I feel guilty that I somehow made him feel there was something to come back herefor. I feel guilty that this whole thing started in the first place but I don't want to be with him. I thought if he came back that old feelings might too but they didn't, Sandy. We are trying hard and before he came back we were getting back to how things used to be I don't want that hard work to be for nothing."

Sandy was starting to smile at her now. He loved the fact that she had said "I'm yours" it just made his heart melt. He took her face in his hands and lightly kissed her lips, which surprised but delighted her at the same time.

"We're not going back to what we used to be, we're going to be better than that. There's nothing more important in my life than you and the boys, you're my everything. From now on we've just got to make sure things don't get as bad as they did last year. I won't let them get that bad." He kissed her jaw line and worked his way up to her ear. "I love you forever."

She knew he meant it with all his heart and she felt the same. Jimmy or Carter or even Brad Pitt couldn't compete with him. He was hers. She took himby the hand, grinned at him and led him to their bedroom. Words were no longer needed.