Chapter One: The Difference Between Dreams and Reality

Hiei was leaning against a tree in the Makai. His fingers held something tightly in his hand as he awaited the arrival of a certain red haired kitsune. As he saw the said fox come into view, Hiei's heartbeat quickened as he remembered what he had intended to do. The red head stopped and they made small talk as Hiei gathered the courage to set his plan in motion.

Without warning the hiyoukai tossed the object he held in his hand at Kurama. He caught it without thinking and then looked at it. He let out a quite gasp as he stared at the hiruseki that belonged to Hiei.

"Hiei," he said softly, "I can't accept this."

"Kurama, I want you to have it." was Hiei's only reply.

"But your mother cried this for you. I can't, no, I won't accept this."

That comment hurt Hiei slightly, but he didn't let it show. "The reason I want you to have it… is because…" At this point the hiyoukai's face had a light blush and he avoided direct eye contact. "It's because I care about you. Kurama I-"

"Oi! Hiei! You just gonna sleep in that tree all day!"

Red eyes opened to see chocolate brown staring up at him. Hiei didn't realize he had fallen asleep. That dream reminded him of that day seven years ago. There was only one problem with it, that wasn't what really happened.

"Hiei, I can't accept his," said Kurama as he stared at the hiruseki that lay in his hand. "I value our friendship and all the we've been trough, but…" His gaze finally met Hiei's slighty perturbed one. "I'm not interested in you that way."

"You fool! I'm not giving my stone to you!"

Those words rang through his head for a few moments before he quietly said, "I was such a coward."

"Oi!" Yuusuke Urameshi called again. "Come on Hiei, Koenma wants to talk to all of us!"

In a blur of black, the hiyoukai was by the former tantei's side and began walking with him towards the temple. Once inside the temple he noticed Yukina was smiling, Kuwabara was blushing madly, Koenma was laughing, as was Kurama. Hiei's cold gaze softened ever so slightly, but the only one who saw this was Yuusuke. The former reikai tantei stored this information for later, when he could talk to the usually distant youkai in private. Deciding to distance himself from Kurama, Hiei calmly walked over and sat on a windowsill.

"So, Yuusuke what have you been up to?" questioned Kurama.

"Nothing really, just killing what few sinister youkai try and take over." Kuwabara glared harshly at his friend. "Of course with the help of Kuwabara. So what exactly have you been doing?"

"Nothing much either. Mostly helping out at home whenever my job allows."

"You have a job already! But I thought you were planning to go to college right after high school," Kuwabara muttered in jealousy.

"Planned is correct. My stepfather convinced me to work for his company. It's not hard work, just very time consuming and boring for the most part. I-" Kurama stopped suddenly as he heard a quiet sharp gasp.

Everyone's gaze silently moved to Hiei. H was asleep on the windowsill. He had a slightly pained expression and a light layer of sweat. His face was flushed and his breathing was coming in ragged pants. Suddenly he started to fall off of the windowsill. Kurama raced to catch him, but Yuusuke (who was closer) caught him first.

"Hiei!" he yelled at hiyoukai trying to wake him. "Hiei wake up this isn't funny! You-" Yuusuke stopped immediately as his gaze fell upon a tiny needle. He pulled the needle out of Hiei's neck and stated blandly, "A poison needle."

"They must have been very skilled to catch Hiei off guard," added Kuwabara.

"Hiei-san!" cried Yukina as she rushed over to him.

"Lay him on the floor Yuusuke," stated an ever-calm Kurama. Doing as instructed, Yuusuke laid Hiei on the floor and removed his cloak in order to prop up his head. "Now I need you and Kuwabara to restrain him in case he fights back."

"Why?" questioned the ever-stupid orange haired boy.

"Well if he does then he'll get hurt stupid!" shouted Yuusuke.

"Oh right."

"Not only that, but Hiei might think I poisoned him." stated Kurama reaching into his hair.

"What?" asked Yuusuke.

Kurama's fingers landed upon a seed and he quickly pulled it out of his hair. Forcing it to grow at an alarming rate, it turned into a sharp needle. "This is the adoko needle. It rids any type of poison from a person's body. Since I will be putting the needle into his neck, Hiei will think I did it in his confused state of delusion."

Lowering the needle to the small puncture on Hiei's neck, Kurama slowly pushed the needle into the jaganshi. Crimson red eyes snapped open and Hiei began to thrash about trying to break free from Kuwabara and Yuusuke's tight grip. The hiyoukai's eye stared unfocused at Kurama as he began to yell.

"Fucking let go of me Kurama! Why do you want it so badly! I said let go you bastard!" The half koorime's body temperature began to rise drastically. "LET GO!"

Hiei opened his eyes and realized he was resting against a tree somewhere in a Ningenkai forest. He sensed Kurama's energy approaching and stared at the object in his left hand.

"I was wondering if you'd just dumped me here."

Kurama sat down and leaned against the same tree as Hiei. His body was adjacent from that of the youkai's.

"Koenma felt that we should lay low in light of his troubles." Hiei grunted at the comment as Kurama looked at him. "So, you have the infamous chapter black? I can only imagine what you could do with that. Demons would pay a high price."

Hiei jumped up to avoid the whip that would've decapitated him. "Kurama?" he questioned turning around. He came face to face with the legendary bandit Youko Kurama. "What the-" he never finished as something pierced his neck. No doubt that it was a poison needle. "Why?" Youko picked him up by the front of his cloak before he could finish his statement. "Fucking let go of me Kurama!" He began struggling. "Why do you want it so badly! I said let go you bastard!" Hiei instinctively began to rise his body temperature drastically in an attempt to force the kitsune into letting go. "LET GO!" Then he knew no more as he had blacked out.

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