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Hazel eyes stared at the thick folder lying on the desk before him. Sighing, Koenma opened the folder and began skimming through all the papers inside.

'I knew he'd qualify,' he though, still going through the papers. 'But something doesn't feel right. Something about all this just feels… off.'

It had only been about a day since Hiei sacrificed himself to save Kurama. The scene still playing out repeatedly in his mind…


At that moment, his fiery red eyes slid closed and the hand touching Kurama's face abruptly fell. He looked like he was finally at peace with himself.

"Hiei?" the fox called out to him softly while shaking him lightly. The tears finally spilled over as he cradled the deceased fire demon in his arms. "Don't go Hiei! Don't leave me all alone! Hiei!"

In response to Kurama's sad outburst, Yuusuke turned and punched the tree behind him a few times, tears streaming his face. Kuwabara was staring intensely at the ground, tears also streaming down his face. Koenma wasn't crying as he figured something like this might happen, but it was still rather sad. He would wait for the right time to take Hiei's soul back to Spirit World with him.

"It's my fault," he heard his love say. Turning, the demi-god looked sadly at the half demon. "If only I hadn't walked into her trap… Hiei might still be here…"

He reached out and placed a hand on his former employee's shoulder in a comforting manner. "It wasn't your fault. Hiei knew he would die today. There was nothing any of us could have done to prevent it."

Chocolate brown eyes narrowed into a glare at him. "You knew?!"

"I suspected it, yes."

Yuusuke raised his fist to strike out him, but stopped just short of the brunette's face. He lowered his arm, but his fist tightened. Before Koenma knew it, his love had turned and ran out of the forest. He contemplated following, but decided he'd give the boy some time before he would talk to him.


The demi-god had every intention of hunting the boy down earlier that day, but his energy had literally disappeared. None of Spirit World's tracking devices and systems could pick up on his love's unique energy signal. Hopefully, he wouldn't do anything stupid.

The brunette was snapped out of his thoughts as his eyes fell upon a form in the folder that explained his uneasiness.

"What is the meaning of this?!" he yelled angrily.

His blue ogre assistant opened the door a bit and poked his head through the opening. "Sir, is something wrong?"

Koenma held up a paper with a seal of approval on it. "Who approved this?!"

"I believe your father did Sir," he responded.

"That bastard," the demi-god growled out. "He had no right to judge one of my former employees!"


"Send Botan to purgatory and inform her to retrieve Hiei's soul immediately," he ordered.

Nodding, the ogre scurried off to do as he was instructed. Paper still in hand, Koenma stormed out of his office, headed for his father's. Once in his father's office, he held up the paper and glared angrily at him.

"You had no right to send Hiei's soul to purgatory!"

"He stole from my treasure vault," the Emperor responded.

"Years ago!" Koenma countered. "He's more than repented for it!"

"It doesn't change the facts."

Glaring at his father, he ripped the paper into tiny pieces before throwing it at the Emperor's feet.

"You dare go against me?" Enma growled out.

"You have no jurisdiction over my former employees. The Spirit Detectives were entrusted to me, including the judging of their souls. Because of your asinine decision, I'm going to give Hiei his life back."

Enma frowned deeply at his son. "If you do, then you will be punished severely."

The brunette's eyes narrowed at his father, daring him to try. "Next time, I won't allow you to kill one of my former employees before their time is up."

The demi-god turned around and quickly left his father's office. Rather than return to his office, he went to his personal chambers. He sat heavily on the lavish bed in the middle of the room. Taking a few deep breaths, he successfully calmed himself.

"Where are you Yuusuke?" he whispered. Closing his eyes, Koenma collapsed back onto his bed and eventually drifted into a light sleep.

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