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Eight members: a trainer, a pilot, a martial artist, a light, a demon, a princess, an alchemist, and a swordswoman will embark on a journey for the ultimate salvation to all dimensions.
Chapter 1: Ash Ketchum, the Trainer

It has been a week since Ash, a boy from Pallet Town, came back from the Hoenn League after finishing in the Final Four. He had been home training for the next adventure. Brock had momentarly parted from Ash to check up on his little siblings. May also parted to see Misty's place in Ceruliean City, and Max had been staying over at Professor Oak's house, This morning, Ash is stretching out on the porch with his Pikachu, getting ready to work on spread attacks. They were going to the beach just south of town to do it, when Delia, Ash's mother, steps out. "Hey, Ash," she calls out. Ash turns around.

"Yeah, mom?"

"Hey, I recieved a call from Prof. Oak a little while ago. He says he has something he wanted to show you."

"Did he say what?"

"His attitude seemed hush-hush about it." Ash thinks about it for a second.

"Well, knowing him, it must be important."


"Well, other than training, I've got nothing else planned."

"So, it's a yes?"

"Yeah, I'll head over there now. C'mon, Pikachu." With Pikachu on his shoulder, Ash started to run to Prof. Oak's lab. As the two arrived, they saw Max exercising out by the front gate with Ash's Bulbasaur. "Hey, Bulbasaur. Hey, Max. What's up?"

"Hey, Ash," Max said. "You got the Professor's message?"

"Sure did. Is he inside?"

"You bet." Ash thinks about what the 'something' is.

"You don't suppose it's a girl that best fits me, is it?"

"Ash, he's a Pokemon researcher, not a matchmaker."

"Just kidding," the trainer squeeled. He proceeded inside, where Professor Oak was on the computer. "Professor, you wanted to show me something?" Oak turns to the trainer.

"Indeed, Ash," he said. He get out his chair and walks to a tarp covering the 'something.' "It's here." Oak pulls the tarp to reveal a gate-like device. "The Sam Oak Port, Version 1.0. I thought about some of the items that you picked up, and how they weren't able to transport through, before." As he was speaking about the teleport machine, Pikachu hands Ash the blueprints of the device. Oak talks about how this new teleporting device being able to transport using some electro-chemical formulas and components and turning the items into a light to travel to other locations in the world. "Should I try it out?" Ash hesitates.

"Can I look over these for a second?" Oak was a little surprised about the trainer's request.

"Go ahead." Ash goes to a table across the room and laid out the blueprints. He constantly checked the layout and the device, as if something was overlooked.

"Professor, how long have you been developing this? I understand that you hardly get any time, since you have the Pokemon to take care of."

"Actually, that's somewhat true," a male voice spoke, as he entered the room. It was a brunette wild-spike haired individual.

"Hey, Gary. What's up?"

"I heard you finished in the top four at the Hoenn League. I hate to say it, but I'd never would get that far. I envy you, Ashy boy." Ash blushed at the comment.

"Why would you say that?"

"Well, it's your determination that you show everytime you go out a battle. What else can I say?" Then Gary remembered something. "Oh, by the way, do you know where Brock is?"

"Yeah, he went back to Pewter City to check on his little brothers and sisters."

"Do you know when he'll be back?"

"Yeah, tomorrow afternoon. Why?"

"Perfect. I need to get the surprise ready. See ya." With that, Gary exits.

"I wonder what that was all about?" Oak asked.

"Hopefully, it's not the Nurse Joy from Gringy City," Ash guessed. He gets back to the device. "No offense, but this looks like a design for one of Team Rocket's inventions."

"Why do you say that?"

"Well, I'm not quite sure how to put this, but these look like the prints were done before you had your hands on it."

"Well, Prof. Westwood had asked me to do this since he believes I have the technology to do it. Tracy was also a big help in this." Ash now understood what the deal was. "Now, are we ready for that demonstraition?"

"Sure, but what are we using?" Oak holds a large gold key, with the head in the shape of a queen's crown. "This key was located by your Bulbasaur a couple days before your tournament. I thought of sending it to Prof. Ivy for her to look at it." He turns the device on with a push of a button. The device started to show a counter-clockwise swirling vortex of green and blue colors. The swirling got Ash in an awe state of mind. "Why don't you take the honors, and place the key in." Oak hands Ash the key.

"Sure." The raven-haired kid tosses the key into the swirling vortex. A few second later, sparks were shooting out of the vortex, followed by the place shaking like an earthquake. Oak realized something went wrong.

"We gotta get out!" Oak runs downstairs, just as the celing cut any path of escape for Ash and Pikachu. They were trapped.

"Oh man..." Ash groaned. Then...everything goes white. "What's going on?"

("I don't know,") Pikachu squeaked. Then, the white suddenly faded. Ash and Pikachu were still standing, but this time they were in front of a sign.

"Oh, man. What just happened?" The trainer asked, shaking any 'cobwebs' out of the mind.

("Well, we're okay that's all that matters.") That's when they see the sign.


"Resembool? Is that near Pallet Town?"

Ash and Pikachu have survived the incident in Pallet, only to find themselves in a place called Resembool. How on earth did they wind up in that town?