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Chapter 18: Darnell Lunaria's New Knights
"NOOOOOO!" Kari screamed as she was in shock. Ash had a massive stab wound which pierced his heart. He laid in a puddle of his own blood. His eyes were wide open, but they appeared to have no life.

"He's dead," Koga mumbled as he placed his hand over his eyes, gently closing them. Kari was beyond herself, sobbing over the sacrificed trainer. She had fallen for him, as did Rin. She knelt over and hugged the deceased trainer. Then...

"I need to merge with my body," Elizabeth said. "It's not too late to save him."

"But how?" Al questioned. Then the spirit entered her body and started to glow brightly. After a minute, Elizabeth's body's eyes started to open.

"I'm...awake?" Then she lifted her hand, in which Sasami clutched and help her up. 'I can feel again.' Sasami helped Elizabeth over to Kari and dead Ash. Still crying, Kari was still upset over Ash's death. "Kari, my mother blessed me with the gift of giving lives back. Can you stand back?" Not hearing her, Kari still wept. Rin and Junpei helped Kari over so that Elizabeth could do her thing. Then, puting her hands on the dead trainer, her body started to glow, followed by Ash's body.

"Ash..." Kari whined, scared about the turnout. A moment later, both bodies stopped shining. Kari and Rin ran over, to see if the magic worked. Kari grasped one of his hands with both of hers. "Ash, if you can hear me, please, squeeze my hands." Tense time passed, with no response. Suddenly, Ash's clutched hand started to grab Kari's. Then, his eyes started to open, which brightened the child of light.

"Kari, did I...make it?" he weakly groaned. Happy to see him alive, Kari dove onto Ash, still crying over the scare.

" hero." Everyone else huddled around the trainer as Al helped Ash to his feet.

"Ash, you crazy nut," Koga smirked as he rubbed Ash's head.

"Ash, you did the impossible," Junpei noted as he held his hand for a high five, which Ash clapped.

"Thanks, Junpei," he replied. Then, the servants made it to the group. "Queen Pandora's servants."

"We heard Kari's cry," Emma proclaimed. "What happened?" That's when Pete saw Elizabeth.

"Princess Elizabeth, you're alive," he called. Elizabeth saw her mother's servants and nodded. "We believed La Mortua killed you, but here you are. Your mother would've been in happy tears if she knew you still exsist."

"Thank you for your concern," Elizabeth hummed. "I think I need to restore the land. However, I'm gonna need everyone's help."

"We will help," Sasami said. After getting into a circle, and holding hands, the entire circle was lighting up, like a Christmas Tree. Then, an explosion was felt as a wave of magic surfed over the desolate grounds, and covered the world in light. When the light diminished, the grounds were covered in grass and trees. Then, a village had risen from the ground, up, along with a white castle, that overshadowed the lands. In the circle, the creatures had been released from their different places within the group. The planet of Darnell Lunaria was restored to before La Mortua invaded. Releasing their hands, the group breathed a sigh of relief as the creatures swarmed their colleagues. The servants were worn from using the power they had, as they were relieved to know that the place they assisted the king and queen had emerged again, as well as seeing the princess alive.

That's when they realized Elizabeth hadn't stopped glowing, yet. As a matter of fact, she was transforming. "What's going on with the princess?" Sakura asked.

"I don't know, Sakura," Neo shrugged. When Elizabeth's light dimmed...she grew up. Her face revealed a beautiful teenage look, as well as her hair lengthening to her knees. Her chest took an interesting turn as it grew to a decent D-cup size. Her legs were extremly firm as they grew. Elizabeth grew up several years in only a minute, but her beauty never changed.

"I've grown up," she said. "I can't believe it." Even the girls were surprised to see her new form.

"Elizabeth..." Rin studdered.

"Princess," Megsy started. "Now that the kingdom is back up, why don't we head there. The people would like to see you, as well as the heroes of Darnell Lunaria." Elizabeth nodded, ready to take her mother's place. After Ash recalled his Pokemon, to the respective balls, he joined the rest on their way to the castle. As the townspeople, out of hiding and trying to resume peaceful lives, were waiting at the castle when the group arrived. The servants sprinted ahead to warn of the arrival, with Daivd in the lead.

"People of Darnell Lunaria," he announced. "The princess has arrived." When Elizabeth showed up, a loud cheer rang out as the servants led the group to the castle. As time past, everyone was living the life of luxury. Ash was giving the creatures a cleaning, including Torkoal, who happened to enjoy the water, even though that water what his weakness. Al was recording his journeys in a notebook, when Sasami, in a white royal uniform, entered.

"What are you writing, Alphonse?" she asked.

"Ed would want to know what-" Al stopped talking when he saw the Juraian princess in the new outfit, and holding a black folded one. "Sasami, what are you doing in that outfit?"

"Well, Elizabeth is willing to knight us, and her servants were wondering how these fit us." That's when Stark entered, in a gray uniform.

"Because of your performance against La Mortua, you and your friends will be royally knighted as legendary heroes of Darnell Lunaria," he explained. "And, as a souviner, you get to take it home with you."

"I can only imagine Ayeka's face when she sees me in this, as well as Lord Tenchi's."

"Oh, yeah," Al huffed. "After that, we get to go home, right?"

"That's right," Stark agreed. "Plus, one of us is retiring from service here. Pete is the eldest, amongst us servants, since he was given the job after the king saved him from a horde of monsters after Pete's family was slain. Pete told us the news after Asuka wanted him to be with her." Meanwhile, in another room, Koga had gotten into his black uniform, despite the denial of wearing one.

"If InuYasha catches me in it, he'll make me a laughing stock," he groaned. "Oh, well, I can always give it to Kagome. She might think I'm more of a man than that mutt-face." That's when Junpei appeared, also in the uniform. "Let me guess, you hate the uniform, too?"

"Actually, it reminds me of what Miss Airi always wore, except it was red," Junpei admitted.

"In other words, you're use to it."

"Pretty much. So, did you hear?"

"About what?"

"About one of the servants quitting."

"Oh, yeah, that redhead wanted Pete to go with her back to...where did she say she was from?"

"Don't look at me. I mean, seriously, when we get home, we ditch these." Then, Koga removed his headband and handed it to Junpei. "Your headband..."

"I have a spare back home. You can keep it for memory purposes."

"Thanks, Wolf Leader Koga." Koga huffed a chuckle at the remark. That's when Junpei pulled a pair of gaunlets from his pockets, and handed them to Koga. "This could help you against any demon who opposes you."

"Appreciate it, Kung-Fu Junpei." Kari was wandering the halls, in her uniform and carrying a black one for Ash, when she heard moaning from one of the doors. The sounds of pleasure were sounding, as Asuka and Pete were doing something behind closed doors. Kari wanted to reach for the knob when...

"I wouldn't go in there, Kari," Parker, also in a gray uniform, warned. "Pete and Asuka have plenty of time before you and your friends are honored." Realizing what was probably going on, Kari backed off from the door. "Are you taking it to Ash?"

"Yeah, well, you know how it is," Kari proclaimed. "Soon enough, we will be separated from each other, and the same could me mentioned about Pete, right?"

"I hate to admit it, but he probably deserves it. I do envy him, but I can't really argue. He always saw the light with all of us. He certainly is one of a kind."

"Isn't everyone?"

"Well, if you put it that way." That's when Rin, also in the white, saw Kari and Parker.

"What seems to be the gathering, Kari?" she asked. That's when she heard the moans of Asuka and Pete, and mulled upon what she had thought. "Sorry I asked. Are you going to see Ash?"

"Yeah, I still am," Kari noted. "You wanna join?"

"Sure." At another room, Ash was drying off Kilala, who seemed to be enjoying it.

"For a vicious demon, you seem to be liking this," he grinned. Kilala meowed in enjoyment, giving Ash a reason to smile. Then, there was a knock on the door. "Come in." It was Kari and Rin, much to Gatomon's delight. "What brings you here, ladies?"

"We were worried when you entered La Mortua's mouth," Kari started. "And when you came out, we thought you were dead."

"If the entire Aoi Academy saw what you did, they would've been in shock at your performance," Rin complimented.

"Oh, yeah, about that," Ash quickly pointed out. "How can we explain this to Kuriko?"

"You mean Elizabeth? She shouldn't worry about it when I tell her." Kari handed the black uniform to Ash.

"Let me guess, I gotta get dressed for the knighting." When they nodded, and Kari gave Ash a kiss on the forehead, the girls and creatures left the room. Later that night the eight members were in front of an audience, when the servants and the Princess entered. After everyone seated, Elizabeth had the floor.

"Heroes of Darnell Lunaria," she started. "You have managed to come together to battle the ultimate evil of all dimensions, and save this world, as well as the worlds you all came from. You have shown will, determination, justice, and hope for everyone. Now is the time, I formally knight you, heroes." She picked up a gold sword that was presented by Emma. Elizabeth walked back as she called each one up, and tapped both shoulders, as she titled the members.

"Magic Sword Rin Kamishiro, for your discipline with the swordsmanship and magic display, I knight thee."
"Martial Artist Junpei Yamata, for your skills in hand-to-hand combat, I knight thee."
"Holy Knight Kari Kamiya, for your guidance and love throughout the whole prophecy, I knight thee."
"Alchemist Alphonse Elric, for your talents in science and help in stability, I knight thee."
"Arms Master Asuka Langly Soryu, for your skills in ranged weaponary, I knight thee."
"Speed Demon Koga the Wolf, for your agile skills and power, I knight thee."
"Warrior Princess Sasami Jurai, for your bravery in the face of danger, I knight thee."
"Monster Master Ash Ketchum, for your monster training and leadership, I knight thee."

"These eight heroes will go down as legends, and Darnell Lunaria will be a great place for them to be remembered." Everyone cheered upon the sight of the eight new knights. After a night with banquets and presents, the eight had gone to their individual rooms to sleep, as Pikachu, Gatomon, Kilala, and Ryo-oki napped in Ash's bed. The night was most pleasurable for everyone, since it was the first night Darnell Lunaria had peace.

The next morning, Koga got back into his own fur garb as he waited by the front door of the castle. Soon enough, Ash and the creatures were appearing, with the trainer back in his sweat-tee. "Morning, Ash," he said. "Sleep well?"

"Pretty well," Ash replied as Kilala hopped onto Koga's head. "I take it, you don't want to keep the uniform?"

"Nah, I'd rather be caught dead with it on."

"Makes sense."

"Are you keeping the uniform?"

"Yeah, for a momento. Even Misty would like the uni." That's when Rin appeared.

"Her or May," she added. The boys were surprised to see her, still in the uniform she was knighted in.

"Rin, why are you still in that?"

"My clothes needed to retire. At least I can make another one out of the colors you wore when we first met." Soon enough, Asuka, back in her street clothes, and Pete, who was wearing a plain black shirt and slacks, made their appearence. Pete saw the group gathering.

"Morning, knights," he called.

"Morning, Pete, Asuka," Koga greeted. Asuka observed the demon, without the uniform.

"I can clearly say, you look better in the uniform," Asuka pointed out.

"Is that so?"

"Well, you, better than fifth child. No offense, Ash."

"None taken," Ash grinned. Soon enough, Sasami and Al, still in uniform, and Junpei and Kari, back in street clothes, arrived. After a few minutes of conversation about future plans, a dirty, mid-long blonde-haired girl, whose skin appeared to be as white as Pete, approached the group.

"I wished that you could stay a little while longer, and trained me more, Pete," she murmured. Her blue eyes, which had amber and green spots told Pete she wanted him to stay. Pete smiled, knowing that the other servants would take good care of her.

"I'm sure the others will help you with your training, Hannah," he reassured.

"Pete, who's she?" Kari asked.

"This is Hannah, Princess Elizabeth's new servant. She's a bit of an oddball, but then again, I could say the same thing about me." Everyone huffed a chuckle, joking about what Pete noted. Pete laughed as well, thinking it was funny. Later, beyond the front gate, Elizabeth ran to the group.

"Knights, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for not only reuniting my spirit with my body, but also reuniting peace to the lands of Darnell Lunaria," she said. "I'm sorry that you want to go home, and I wish there was a way you can visit these lands upon your request."

"Elizabeth," Rin spoke up. "I wish Shikimori and the others would see you, now. From a ghost who traveled with Kuriko and the rest of us, to a grown princess in a reborn world. They would be as proud as we are."

"Lady Rin..."

"I agree," Al sounded. "As one who voluntered to help us in any situation, you shown us the light in your heart, in addition to ours."

"Sir Alphonse..."

"You've even relighted the light in my heart," Kari added.

"Lady Kari...thank you, all." After a moment of silence, Elizabeth rose her hand. Her hand was glowing, as it shot out beams into the open. That's when eight portals opened up...portals back home. "It's time. I wish you all good luck with the rest of your lives."

"I can say for all of us," Ash started as Gatomon hopped to Kari's shoulder, and Ryo-oki pounced on Sasami's head. "You, too, Soon-to-be Queen Elizabeth." Elizabeth chuckled and nodded. Then, they all entered their respective portal, due to the pictures of their homes. After they entered, the portals vanished, for good as the princess shedded a tear.

Life, without you, is just right.
Can't you see, I feel fine.
Since you're gone,
Or should I say, disappeared.
I'm just holding all my tears,
Since I saw you for the last time.
I've been through with all of you,
I must say, that I'm a song girl.


Winry was coming from the store in a nearby town, when she passed the Elrics' ashed-down house. The memories of what it was back then, with her, Ed and human Al, still stayed with her, hoping that she could see both boys back to full flesh and blood. That's when..."Hey, Winry," a familiar voice rang out. The girl peered over to the voice, and saw...

"Alphonse?" she hummed, before she ran to him. "Alphonse, is that really you?"

"It's me. I'm back." She couldn't believe her eyes. For the first time in six years, she saw the young Elric, as human as can be. She hugged Al, and started to cry, happy to see Al home and safe.

"I'm happy you're back to you, Alphonse."

"Is Ed around?"

"He should be back today. Did you get your body back for saving something important?" Al nodded. "You little hero. I'm proud of you." That's when Ed arrived, also seeing his little brother.

"Al, is that you?" he asked. Al turned to Ed, and walked up to him. Ed realized that Al was human, and no more in a suit of armor. "I can't believe it, it is you." Laughing and crying at the same time, both brothers hugged each other, delighted to see each other again.


At NERV, Asuka and Pete arrived at the front door, where Misato, Shinji, and Rei, ran over and greeted the second child back from her trip. "So, what was the trip like?" Misato questioned.

"Well, with my new boyfriend here, you can consider it a dream come true," Asuka joked. Rei eyed the new young man, and nodded, knowing he was trustful. "Wondergirl, what are you doing?"

"Who is he?" Rei asked.

"Pete. We met after we saved all the worlds."

"No last name?"

"Nope. He is smart and helpful, so I thought he could be helpful in NERV." Misato walked up to Pete, with a hand out for a shake.

"Hello, Pete," she started. "I'm Misato Katsuragi, Major of the Evangelion Project."

"It's a pleasure, Major," Pete greeted with the shake.

"The others here are Shinji Ikari, and Rei Ayaname." Shinji and Rei also shook hands.

"Well, it would be nice to start working with you. Especally, when Asuka and I get married." Misato froze, hearing marriage in mind. "Of course, that won't be for a few years." Breathing a sigh of relief, everyone had a laugh.


Kazuki and Yuna were returning to their dorm room, after a strenuous day of school. "I hope tonight's dinner'll be a good pick me up," he pondered to the pink-haired lass.

"That sounds like a good idea," she agreed. "I can run to the store, and pickup some eggs and rice...oh, and some mint leaves along with some spicy seasonings."

"I love that idea." When Kazuki reached for the doorknob, he noticed another presence. "Someone's here." When he opened the door, he nearly ran into a sword, but stopped short.

"Nice to see you again, Shikimori," Rin, who was ready to ambush Kazuki, greeted.

"Could you put away the sword, Rin?" Rin complied, sheathing her sword. Yuna saw Rin in her knighted uniform.

"Rin, welcome back," she cheered. "I like your new outfit."

"Thank you, Yuna," Rin replied. "However, I have news about Elizabeth." Both Kazuki and Yuna were showing interests about Elizabeth.

"Do tell, Rin."

"Ash and the rest of us reunited her spirit and her body, and found out she was a princess of a world overlooking the other worlds." Yuna nodded in understanding, but Kazuki heard what she never reffered to speak: a boy's first name.

"When we tell Kuriko about this, she'll understand, even that cute uniform."

"Rin, you called that guy by nis name," he motioned.

"I know," Rin admitted. "I did fall for him, despite him being younger than I am. He was nicer, more intelligent, and outrageously brave." Kazuki felt denied as Rin explained her details. Yuna saw this and comforted him.


Airi, Celsia, and Ritsuko were riding Mikei, with Ritsuko still worried about Junpei. As they rode the roadway, Mikei saw someone on the path, and alerted the girls. When they looked, they saw someone who they haven't seen for quite some time: Junpei, holding the uniform he was knighted in. When the tank stopped, Ritsuko ran over and hugged the brute, teary and happy to see him again. "Junpei, you're back," she cried. "Can you believe how much I miss you?"

"I'm sorry to make you worried, Ritsuko," he muttered. As soon as Celsia and Airi walk up to the two... "Miss Airi, Celsia, it's good to be with you again." Airi saw the uniform in his hand, and got curious.

"Junpei, what's with that outfit?" she asked.

"I helped save the world from an enemy that threatened to kill off this world." Then, for some reason, he winced. "Although, I'm not sure if my nuts had to be sacrificed." Thinking it was funny, Celsia laughed.

"You were hit in the-"

"Yeah, and I'm still feeling it."


The digidestined were praying at the church, hoping Kari would be okay. Suddenly, as Tai was opening his eyes, the first thing he saw was Kari, which startled him and caused him to huff a scream, as well as flipping over a pew. "Hey, Tai," she smirked. The others opened their eyes to see Kari. Tai dove and hugged her sister, happy to know she was safe.

"Oh, Kari," he sniffed. "You're back."

"Easy, Tai, I just got here." The others shared a hug with Kari, before she told them about what she and the team went through. Mimi thought it was cute that she had been knighted, with Ash by her side.

"I never thought my baby sister would be a royal knight."

"It is a surprise," Yolei agreed. "Of course, I would need proof that you were." Kari was more than willing to please, as she pulled the uniform she wore.

"I count that as proof," Matt pointed out. "Congratulations, Kari."


InuYasha and friends were enjoying a picnic...well, other than InuYasha, when Shippo heard howling winds coming there way. "It's Koga," he yelled. "He's back!" That got everyone's attention as Koga entered the scene in his dramatic fashion, with him as a tornado. When he arrived, he stopped spinning as everyone saw him and little Kilala made it. Kilala hopped over to Sango, happy to see its owner again.

"Koga, you're alive," Kagome cheered.

"Oh, I'm more than alive," Koga grinned. "I gotta say, working with Ash and the rest was a hell of a time. Geez I was even knighted by a higher power after killing off that bigger demon." InuYasha didn't seem impressed.

"Well, I'm not sure about the knighting crap," he sneered. "But that demon, I bet you didn't do it alone."

"Trust me, InuYasha. A teammate of mine would be very lucky if he ever has a child."

"Ash got a low blow?" Miroku guessed.

"No, that other brute who was with us. He even cursed himself for not wearing a cup, whatever that is." After realizing it was Junpei who was hit below the belt, the others laughed at the misfortune. "But I can confess that Kagura's gone. At least Naraku should've felt that."

"At least," Sango agreed.

"Say, why don't you join us for lunch, so that we can hear about the journey you went through?" Kagome offered.

"I'd be more than delighted," Koga smiled.


Sasami was walking up the stairs, uniform on and Ryo-oki on head, up to the residents where Ayeka was sweeping the walkway of leaves. When Ayeka saw her little sister, she couldn't believe her eyes. "Sa-Sasami?" she gasped. Slowly, she approached the little Juraian. Sasami saw Ayeka coming and started to run over to her.

"Ayeka!" Sasami called. When they met, they hugged each other, glad to see each other again.

"Sasami, you're okay..."

"I helped my friends, the best I could." When they broke the hug, Ayeka got a good look at the uniform.

"Where on Earth did you get this?"

"We defeated a demon more powerful than Ryoko, thus we were knighted in these." This drew Ryoko out of hiding, huffed about someone being stronger than her.

"I take it that you're stronger than me?" she questioned.

"I'd say Ash is stronger than any of us. Its too bad that we won't be able to see each other again."

"At least you have something to remember them by," Tenchi, who stepped out to water the carrot garden, noted. Happy to see him again, Sasami ran over and hugged the young man.

"Hi, Lord Tenchi."

"I heard it all. You did wonders for everyone...even for me." He proceeded to kiss Sasami on the forehead.

"Thank you, Tenchi."


Ash came home to a quiet house, where he got to his room. He put his uniform in his drawer, and placed a photo of him and the team by his alarm clock. It wasn't long ago that he and the rest were separated after their time on Darnell Lunaria. Then, he lied on his bed as the memories of the trip flooded his mind. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. "I'm decent," he teased. Misty entered the room, worried about what had occured to the trainer. "Hey, Misty, what's up?"

"I came to see how you were doing," she muttered. "And it looks like you're all right."

"I wish I could say the same," he confessed with a guilty face. "I was told by my teammates that I had died before, and when I had taken a shower, I found this scar." He lifted his shirt and showed a red X over where he was stabbed. "I'm okay, now." As he sat back down, the watch, from when he bought it with Yuna at the time, fell out of his back pocket. Ash picked it up and looked at it. "That's right. I wanted to give it to you when you told me about why you liked me." After Misty got the watch, she opened it and a song was playing. A soft melody, that flowed upon the waters of music, played, warming both their hearts.

"Upon all the presents you've given me, I love this one the most." She hugged and kissed Ash on the mouth, and whispered, "Just like I love you." After they broke...

"I love you, too, Misty." He took a deep breath, before he continued. "Say, do you want to see me in the uniform I was knighted in?"

"Sure, as long as you tell me how you were knighted."

No matter who they were, whether they were training monsters for helping people, performing alchemy for better help, piloting giant machines to protect the people, using the forces of magic for the enviornment, fending off villans with a single kick to the butt, guiding people to the light, speeding and dizzying creatures to kill, or being a big sister to everyone else, Ash, Alphonse, Asuka, Rin, Junpei, Kari, Koga and Sasami had one thing in common: they were the legendary knights of Darnell Lunaria.
But tell me where you are,
Where you're sleeping at night,
Tell me, "who do you love now?
Who do you miss now?"
Tell me, "What you see,
When you're closing your eyes?
If you ever remember,
When I was by your side?"

But tell me where you are,
Where you're sleeping at night,
Tell me, "who do you love now?
Who do you miss now?"
Tell me, "What you see,
When you're closing your eyes?
If you ever remember,
When I was by your side?"

"When I was by your side?"