"You see, I got a postcard from Kyle." Sam said, entering her bedroom where a happy and very much naked halfa was laying down, fast asleep. "Hey, wake up; we're going to miss school."

"Don't we still have an hour to go?" He groaned, covering himself with the blanket, sheltering himself from the awake world.

"We do, I don't mind but it is you who ran away from home to come here last night." She said, sitting down next to him and shaking the mattress as much as she could. "Your parents will put two and two together you know…" She didn't want to continue, but she also remembered that every eye in school was on them, because of the old rumors the teachers were suspicious if they arrived late and the last thing she wanted was to have the principal to call their parents.

"Oh, and yours are fine with it." He said, grinning and pulling his head from under the covers.

"Honey, mine are in England, remember?" She asked, sweetly, bending over him to kiss him on the lips.

"Oh right… so, you were saying something about a postcard." He said, picking her up and laying her on top of him as he kissed her lazily across the face.

"Yea, it's from Kyle. He is in Italy training to become an opera singer, can you believe it?" She laughed when Danny buried his head on her damp hair and used his skillful hands to roll them over so he would be on top. "Don't we have a double date with Tucker and Valerie?"

"I believe so." Danny answered, still too busy kissing and caressing her to answer her properly. "I could wake up like this every morning for the rest of my life."

"I hope this is not a marriage proposal." Sam laughed, answering him. "I usually turn them down." She felt him kiss her hair and caress her back. His fingers lifted her nightshirt and leaving her completely bare to him.

"It's not a proposal if you don't want it to be." Danny answered, kissing her sweetly on the lips, thinking that it was enough for conversation. They both melted into the kiss and she reached up with trembling fingers to caress his face. She still couldn't control herself whenever he kissed her. She'd shake helplessly.

He knew exactly how she liked to be kissed, experience coming from lots and lots of practice. He knew she liked it when he touched her softly with his tongue before parting her lips. She liked it slow and sensual.

They matched perfectly and they fit like they had been made for each other. She moaned desperately as he continued kissing her lips each time more passionate. Her lips were his. He owned them.

"Oh my… I love you." He said, burying his head on her neck.

"And I am extremely attracted to you." She replied, which was her usual answer when he said those three words. "And it will last for a long, long time."

"… I hope so." He said, returning to the point where they had stopped and Sam was very glad he did.

The End

So The Pretend part of their relationship is over and now the real thing starts. I'm warning you that the sequel won't be as heart-warming as this one was; there will be more drama and more complications because I'm going to explore how a real and adult relationship works. Sam's disbelief in Love will be deeper explored, too.

They date happily until they have to part for college and when they meet again after graduation they will notice some changes. The sequel will be called In Love Again and it will show Danny and Sam' struggling to overcome their new addictions and find love in themselves all over again.

Just in case you're curious the sequel was inspired by several movies (I'm sorry, I am a film student, I can't help it!) that explore the odds and the joys of the relationship in a depth that is rarely seen in teenage stories. Some of the movies are Last Tango in Paris, Closer, Before the Sunset and An Affair of Love. So, if you have watched one of them, you'll have an idea how the sequel will be like.

Just don't worry because I am a DxS shipper and I am helplessly romantic as you can see in all my fanfics, so there will be drama, but there will be fluffy, perhaps smut.

Thanks for reading and reviewing this story, I never thought I would get so many reviews, I'm so happy! Thanks everyone and wait for the sequel in a few weeks.

And Thanks Rae!