Okay this starts DIRECTLY from the point where Shego gets kicked into the tower and electrocuted in STD so tell me what you think...

KIGO obviously

I'm putting Shego at 27 years of age

Authors note I'm putting the wego's at 17 years of age they've had their powers since they were 3 years old hego is 29 years of age and mego is 24 and Shego quit Team Go 5 years ago


Emerald Rogue

Chapter One


indescribable pain.

that's what Shego was feeling as the electricity coursed through her body.

She wanted it to stop.

But it went on...

But there was something else... a different kind of pain she couldn't understand... and then...

And then her heart stopped.

And suddenly Shego remembered.

And her heart started to beat again with renewed purpose.

As she was thrown in the back of the armoured transport Shego opened her eyes and looked around...

"My beautiful planssssss!" cried Drakken, "ruined! Totally ruined! Shego are you listening to me?"

"No," said Shego "I wasn't, I was to busy remembering... oh bet..." she started to laugh a strange laugh. It wasn't her usual laugh this was something colder... there was a sense malice in the laugh

"Shego?" said doctor Drakken.

Shego turned and looked at doctor Drakken and doctor Drakken pissed himself

Oh he'd done it before, Shego always scared the crap out of him but what he saw in those eyes chilled him to the very core of his being this wasn't rage, it wasn't the threat of pain...


This was a promise...

A promise of annihilation

"You're not going to kill me are you Shego?"

" I should, it would make up for the crap you've put me through for the last 3 years... but no I have bigger fish to fry..."

1 hour 35 minutes later.

GJ head quarters...

"So run this by me again Shego was electrocuted by Kim possible and while incapacitated secured and thrown into the van?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Then approximately 10 minutes later Shego broke out of the van beating up the assigned GJ agents to the point that one of them will never be on active duty again and fled the scene all the while leaving Drakken behind?"

"Yes ma'am."

"That doesn't seem like Shego, Drakken pays her bills and if I remember the contract she signed with Drakken she's supposed to get him out of jail..." Dr director frowned

Agent Duncan nodded "we questioned Drakken about why she left him... Drakken was in a state."

"What do you mean?"

"He had soiled himself ma'am he was absolutely terrified. He couldn't wait to go into a maximum security prison."

Dr director started to get a sick feeling in her stomach "he wanted to go to jail? What did Shego do to him?"

"That's it ma'am as far as we know she didn't lay a finger on him."


"She did give him a message to give to you through"

"A message?"

"Yes I believe his words or rather Shego said for him to tell Betty Director I remember, I remember madragor"

Dr director went as white as a sheet "madragor? Oh lord... oh jeezus..."

"Dr director?" agent Duncan was shocked to see Dr director so scared

But Dr director wasn't listening she picked up the phone "Angel One this is Seraph... we have a code 14... Shego remembers... I understand"

"Duncan tell all GJ agents that Odin protocol has been issued," said Dr director

"A Odin? That's our highest danger level! Dr director surely Shego isn't Odin level..."

"Duncan, trust me when I say Shego's higher than a Odin and we are in deep shit."

somewhere deep beneath Middleton 24 hours later

Shego had always been smart she had built this hidey-hole herself in case she needed to lie low for a few days

Like she need to right now... she walked to the industrial freezer and pulled out a bottle of milk...

Suddenly the pain hit her again... she dropped the bottle and collapsed to the floor spasming uncontrollably. It figures thought Shego with her memory returning her body is repairing it self, muscles and nerves that had been inactive were firing up...

Shego realised she welcomed this pain...

she needed this pain.

This pain was a testament to the 8 years she had been running around neutered...

It was fuel...it was fuel for her need for vengeance...

Global justice will pay...Betty would pay... they would pay for madragor...

Shego sighed as the pain stopped and she sat up... she had to get to work... first things first she had to go get Monty. She got up and walked to a large set of doors...

Inside was a small craft, the venom...it was one of the few good things to come out of working for that idiot, Drakken. Drakken made her learn the schematics for his escape jet and Shego discovered she had a knack for engineering... so Drakken sent her to a evil engineer night school so she could learn about building aerial crafts... it was she who had designed every craft Drakken used to escape...and the venom... the venom was her pride and joy... it was a VTOL 3 seater jet, with built in stealth shield, she didn't build the shield, was good but nowhere near that good, transcyclonic shielding loaded to the hilt with rocket launchers and had a powerful targeting computer... she went to hop in but stopped herself... before she went to get Monty...she had to go visit somebody...

the possible house

A young red-haired 17 year old and 17 year old blond haired boy were kissing... well actually the red haired girl was kissing the boy and he wasn't reacting

Kim pulled away from Ron

"Ron what's wrong?"

"I can't do this." said Ron

"Ron what are you talking about?"

"I wanted you KP, I wanted you for the longest time... but this isn't right."

"Ron? What are you..."

"Kim you don't want me... I'm just the rebound guy admit it... you were in love with Eric, deeply in love I thought for sure this time I had lost you. And when you were betrayed you were totally crushed."


"Let me finish KP, you went from having your heart broken to declaring me the love of your life, all within the space of an hour. Kim, that's just not kosher, it's a rebound thing KP and we both know it, this is false. You don't love me Kim not the way we want."

"Ron please!"

"Kim I will always love you but you can't force yourself to love me."

"I could! I...that didn't come out the way I meant!" gasped Kim

"No that's what you really mean Kim." Ron sighed and got up. "On Monday we'll go back to how things were before you the hero, me the bumbling sidekick and your best friend Kim... I love you too much to let you settle for second best Kim..." and with that, Ron left.

Kim looked at Rons retreating figure and realised with a growing horror she had hurt Ron by playing false. She hadn't meant to, she did feel a strong urge that Ron could be the one, but she knew the minute she kissed him he wasn't, but she decided that she would make him the one for her... but he saw through her and now she felt bad.

Suddenly her kimmunicator beeped.

" What's the sitch wade?" asked Kim.

"Kim there's been a break in at Middleton space centre " said wade

"I'm on it wade," said Kim. She wondered if she should call Ron as back up... but she shook her head right now they were not in a happy place, their emotions a little too raw. And Kim needed to vent her frustrations and this burglar was a convenient target... she grabbed her mission outfit and but stopped...she looked at her 'super' suit, and decided to wear that instead...

10 minutes later she arrived at Middleton space centre... she snuck in and made her way threw the facility...

"You sure the burglar is still in here?"

"I'm sure Kim i've been using the facility's own sensors and security systems to check nobody has left..."

Kim nodded and turned off her kimmunicator she entered a large room and suddenly the hairs on the back of her neck stood on end...

"Hello princess..."