By Kasan Soulblade

Book one: Illusions

Author's note: This opening -the first page of the book if you will- that will be the new beginning to what will eventually hold a re-write of the story "Everafter". The original text may be found on Kasuto's website under my old pen name "Swift Kithkuun". While the events of the story will change little, they will be added upon and all errors that existed in the original will be corrected, even if this means adding chapters. My writing style has change significantly and the re-write's going to take "full" advantage of that... Think of this as a teaser… I'm going to finish "Song" first but this is a glimpse into what that project will lead into. Those who fear for the "Shards" series, I'm not abandoning, but I'm taking a break from it for a while so I can come back to it with a clearer perspective and fresh ideas.


"Good and Evil" an exert of the "Book of Flame and Night"

It's all heart breaking and simple, good and evil.

No, I did not mean "heartbreakingly simple" I meant what I said

Good and evil are absolute, good and evil come into conflict, evil reigns for a time then good "wins".

That's the simple part.

For the heartbreak, well to be evil one must have a broken heart. One must feel pain, despair, loss, and be broken by such things. One must hunger to spread these things in others. So evil spreads, like a ripple on the still pond of life, it goes farther out, and thins even as it stretches out…

Eventually it reaches some isolated village, some small valley, and it disrupts something there.

The nature of the disruption hardly matters, if it leads to a death then so much the better.

So much purer the crusaders cause.

Retribution is swift, the thinnest veneer of evil's presence is killed, and the innocent who takes up blade decides to go off and uproot the rest of the problem.

As if evil was a weed, a nuisance, which could be merely uprooted.

If it were I might be tempted to go out and give it a try. "Uprooting evil" looks to be a profitable venture, the status and power that it garners would sweeten the pot if financial gains were perhaps not to scale with the effort exerted in eradication.

Why look so shocked? Money is a lure; it's a type of power.

Ahh now you see! Recognition flashes in your eye as an answer springs unbidden to your lips. Greed, you mouth, greed is the answer, the core of it all. Greed is a basic evil that even the most simple of children can grasp; it is a simple answer, and the root of it all. The root of all evil is greed, is that not some obscure Hylian saying?

Yet… what you call greed I call self preservation.

It's possible to argue it over and over again -to nitpick over the details- but what point is there in that?

Hold to whatever edicts you like, hold to whatever illusion you love, if that brings you comfort then what poor words of mine could wrench you from such a fitting union? A fool to their lies, the parting is hard and bitter and sadly rare.

Rare are the ranks of the truly wise, rarer still are those who listen to the wise.

Am I wise?


If I am then it is a bitter wisdom is found in loss as I have lost everything. I have lost home, family, even the choice of holding my own fate. I can not die, even as you can not. Oh you may pass from this world… if only to be reborn. Or your title may manifest on the shoulders of your children or some other hapless child… and being that title, because you claim that title and therefore are that title, you never die.

You never forget because they never forget you, hence even if rebirth is not literal it still occurs.

If it is remembrance that causes all of this, then ignorance would be a salve to all of our pains, Ignorance though, might very well prove fatal. Not to us, because if ignorance did occur we would be gone long ago, but fatal to all those who remain. So it is in that possibility that we endure, or perhaps it is why I endure this inane cycle of your good and evil.

Yes, your good and evil, I would never lay claim to it.

Yours is the type of evil that can be slew by a sword of masterful make.

Yours is the type of evil that can be uprooted with will and strength.

It's the evil I stopped believing in long long ago.

My evil is that of the broken heart. Your evil is the monster of fang and claw.

Your answer is found at the crimson end of a silver arch of a gleaming blade.

My answer is in the ages that have passed and the ages that will come.

My answer comes from the air that is rasped by passing halls of glittering fang.

You look to the light in guidance I look through the dark. Who then, is the more blind? For, to look into light only or to look into dark only, both would eventually be struck blind. Is a measure of blindness even relevant then? I imagine it is as relevant as the shades of color are to a man who has no eyes.

But I stray, I regress…

You can not comprehend the contradictions, I can see that when I see your eyes. So golden is the glory, so pure the light, you can only comprehend that. So too must I then draw on the light of simplicity to get my words through your thick cavernous skull.

Vengeance, greed, and hate, all are evil.

Justice, selflessness, and love are good.

Yet justice is vengeance, the ultimate selfless act is an act equated with greed, and love and hate are but one and the same. Justice, to right a wrong using force, is that not the same as vengeance? Selflessly giving your life for a cause, could that not be called suicide? Is not suicide an act of greed?

For love and hate, how could two opposites be bound you ask?

Simply, very simply I reply.

Love and hate are born of passion, one destroys the other creates. But hate to a creature that brings destruction, hate like that which is acted upon results in the destruction of the creature. Does that not bring life back to a ravaged land? Love, love that is twisted, misunderstood, has brought forth the greatest tragedy has it not?

Perhaps in the end it is seeking of simplicity, the act of embracing willing blindness for the sake of comfort that is the true evil.

Or perhaps it is the catalyst for true evil to come amongst us.

Perhaps, just perhaps-

(End of exert)