Title: Amore Cieco
Author: sitarra
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Keywords: MSR
Rating: R
Spoilers: no spoilers for this one but general season seven knowledge.

Summary: MSR
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A/N: I know this has been done before but now I'm doing it.
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amore insaziabile

It started out as just sex. Now it was full blown love. Maybe that's what it was to begin with, just disguised. They now looked at their lives as joyous, everything had purpose. They still had their difficult moments; there were still times they got on each other's nerves. But they were happier. Scully positively glowed. Mulder was absolutely beaming.

Everything had come full circle.


battito; vita

"I've never been in an OB/GYN's office before for personal reasons," Mulder mused out loud, looking at diagrams on the walls.

"Looking to get an exam?" Scully teased from her spot on the table. She adjusted the cover sheet once more and leaned back against the pillow.

"Yeah right. I'd rather spend the whole day in Kersh's office by choice."

He made his way back to her, his hand finding hers. She unconsciously moved him toward her head. He kneaded her shoulder with his free hand, surprised to feel tension.

"Nervous?" he guessed.

She shook her head. "Anxious." She kissed the back of his hand to help calm her nerves.

The doctor entered the room, her ever present smile there on her face.

"How are you two today?" Dr. Meizer asked cheerfully.

Scully answered for them. "Incredibly anxious."

"Let's get started then."

It took no time at all to start the machine and monitor. Scully inhaled sharply and squeezed Mulder's hand when the probe was inserted. All those years and she still wasn't used to it.

The trio kept their eyes on the screen. The doctor was the first to see it.

She pointed to a spot on the screen. "That's the head and over here is an arm. Two legs, the other arm…"

The doctor's voice seemed to fade away. Mulder couldn't tear his eyes off his unborn child. It was absolutely adorable.

Scully's jaw started to hurt from the smile she couldn't get off her face. That was her baby. Her long awaited child.

"… You're in luck, Dana. Would you like to know the sex?" Dr. Meizer brought them back. Scully nodded, unable to form words.

"You can tell so soon?" Mulder tuned in.

"Oh yes. It's a little tricky since you're just entering your thirteenth week but from what I see, you've got yourself a little girl."

Mulder didn't think it was possibly but Scully's smile expanded. She was glowing.

She kissed the back of his hand again, expressing her love. He leaned down and placed a kiss to her forehead.

It was finally real. She wasn't in denial anymore. She was ecstatic.

"Would you like to hear the heartbeat?"

The soul mates had never heard such a sweeter sound.

Their eternal connection. Their flesh and blood.

Their life.


La fine

Author's note: I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I want to thank everyone who reviewed and everyone who read. It really made my days brighter and encouraged me to keep writing. I'll have another story out soon surrounding Memorial Day. It kind of goes with this one but not much. I hope you all read that one, too