Fic: De Dum Da Dum

Fandom: Navy NCIS

Pairing: Tony/Abby, implied

Rating: PG-13, just to be safe

Category: Humor

Word Count: 311 words

Spoilers: Kill Ari 1 & 2, Probie

Nobody knew of his obsession with these movies including the new remake or with the cartoon, and for as long as Anthony DiNozzo lived, it was going to stay that way. No one would know. Not Gibbs, not Ducky, not McGee and especially not Ziva.

He shivered at the thought. Ziva, with her ass backwards way of learning American slang, would make his life hell if she found out. The sperm bank incident was a sure indicator of that. She was definitely one hell of a tease.

But if there was one person, he hated to keep this from, it was the Goth Goddess of the forensic lab- the perky, sexy and spontaneous Goth Goddess, Abigail Sciuto. Just Abby though. Calling her Abigail was like asking for a steel-toed boot in the balls for everyone except Ducky.

Their relationship that had resulted from the disaster that was Chip. It had left them feeling both euphoric and, strangely enough, more wanton and spending most of their time off together. Now spending time, without her, in the theatre felt strange and made him feel guilty for not inviting her.

'I'll make it up to her. Soon. Four more Caf-Pows. Some black candles, her favorite CD's… bada bing bada boom'

Thinking of the NC-17 rated scene that would soon follow the scenario in his head brought a wide grin on his face. He was looking forward to tomorrow night's … activities.

Whispers ceased in the darkened theatre as the opening credits of the "The Pink Panther" rolled. Sitting alone in the row and munching his buttered popcorn, he hoped his 'forgive-me-please' tactics worked well. He had other plans for her, involving hot monkey sex, which would be well worth it in the end.

As he watched the movie, he couldn't help picturing a naked Abby with a pink panther tattooed on her inner thigh.