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A Dogs Life Chapter1: The Bomb

It started off as any normal day (AN you must hear this a lot) Cyborg and Beast Boy where playing Super Ninja attack force 2. Raven was reading. Starfire was in her room. And Robin was sparing in the gym.

Suddenly the alarm went off. Each Titan stopped what they where doing and raced to the computer Mainframe. "Slade" Robin said through gritted teeth. For lo and behold Slade appeared on the screen. "Good morning Titans," Slade started

"What do you want!" Robin yelled slamming his fist on the table.

"Calm down Robin, Now somewhere in the city there is a bomb, find it your precious little city is saved, if not…. say good-bye forever" Slade said and signed off.

"Titans Go!" Robin yelled as the team ranflew out of the tower.


The Titans where in front of the old boarded up video store. Cyborg took out his scan. "Th-the bomb it-" Cyborg pointed to the video store. In a few seconds after he said that a loud explosion rocked the block. Raven put up a shield around her and Cyborg who was closest to her. Beast Boy turned into a cockroach at the last minute. Robin shielded him-self with his cape. Starfire couldn't escape fast enough. The white light engulfed all of them.

Star POV

Next thing I saw where a lot of flashing lights and different colors .I opened my eyes as a female dog was licking my face!

Regular POV

Beast Boy slowly awoke and shifted back human "Yo! BB you're OK!" Cyborg yelled. He was practically unharmed. Beast Boy was a little burnt but otherwise ok. Raven was about as good off as Cyborg. Robin was scraped up but fine. "STARFIRE!" he yelled and the other Titans looked over her scorched body. "Is she-"Beast Boy started but Raven Elbowed him in the side. Cyborg did a scan over her. He felt hot tears welling up in his human eye. The other three didn't need more. Robin was crying hard. Beast Boy stood there he couldn't believe his friend was gone. Raven couldn't let herself cry, oh how she wanted to, Starfire was the one person who would take time to understand her. Robin picked up her cold dead body letting his tears soak into her bloody uniform.

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