Ok here's the last chapter of A Dogs Life.


Me: Klawz is currently not available at the moment for she is reliving her past so I got Raven!

Raven: uh what am I doing here?

Me: I captured you from a date with Beast Boy and forced you to read the disclaimer!

Raven: and what if I don't want to read your stupid disclaimer?

Me: I'll force you to…to…. urgh…Ahah! I'll have you sing, in front of all these wonderful readers!

Raven: Fine! The Dark Wolf Of Your Nightmares doesn't own Fluke or Teen Titans but she owns Klawz who is currently reliving her past.

Klawz: Make it stop! MAKE IT STOP!

Raven: oookay get on with the story

Chapter 10: Epilogue

Fluke or Starfire whatever you want to call her. Was lying under a tree in the Jump City Park. She was resting peacefully when she was rudely awoken by acorn falling on her head. She ignored it and continued sleeping. But she kept getting pummeled by falling acorns. She looked up seeing a squirrel with an arsenal of acorns.

'Yo Fluke! Is that you!'

'R-Rucus?' Fluke couldn't believe her eyes

'Yeah it's me' the squirrel came down and sat next to her

'So did you find what you where look'n for?' he asked a nut clenched in his tiny hands

'Yeah I guess I did' she smiled and looked at the setting sun

Sniffle…Sniffle I liked writing this. But now I have my first complete story Yay!