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The Moment in the Middle

Chapter 1: Awakening

"Ow… my head…"

Numbuh 5 moaned weakly. Her eyes fluttered open, and she reached up, tugging off her hat to massage her head.

"Man, how long has it been? Numbuh 5 feels like she's been out for a week…"

"Three hours, to be more precise."

Numbuh 5 jumped, relaxing when Numbuh 1 stepped through the door and walked to her side. "Oh, Numbuh 1, it's you. You scared me."

"How do you feel?"

Now that Numbuh 5 was fully awake, she realized she was in the hospital wing of the tree house. She grunted softly, pulling her hat back on. "Better then I guess I should be."

"That's good," Numbuh 1 said distractedly. Numbah 5 frowned.

"Numbuh 1, what's wrong?"

"Numbuh 5, do you remember what happened before you were unconscious? Anything at all?"

Numbuh 5 frowned. "Yeah. We were fighting teenagers. Cree was leading them…" Her eyes widened and she sat bolt upright. "Cree! Is she alright?"

Numbuh 1 gently pushed Numbuh 5 back down onto the bed. "Your sister is fine, Numbuh 5."

"Are you sure? The last time I saw her…"

"She's fine," Numbuh 1 repeated. "But right now she thinks you aren't."


"You don't remember?"

Numbuh 5 frowned, shaking her head. "Remember what? What happened, Numbuh 1? What should Numbuh 5 be remembering?"

Numbuh 1 hesitated, then sighed.

"You'd better stay on that bed, Numbuh 5."


Hmmm... what does Cree have to do with this? Why is Numbuh 5 so worried about her? What should Numbuh 5 be remembering?