Chapter 5: Through Your Eyes

It was about three days after "the incident". That was what it was called whenever anyone talked about it, whether they were teenagers or kids: "the incident". They couldn't think of any other way to describe it. A child had fallen, had been presumed dead, and a teenager had wept over their body. And not in private, either; she had wept right in front of the Kids Next Door, in front of her own fellow operatives. It was something that shook the teens and the kids deeply, and brought up the age-old question: could teens and kids really get along?

Look at that cloud, as high as a tree

At least that's how it looks to me

How 'bout you? What do you see?

What if we see things differently?

"Abby" as she had been referred to over the past three days had been unsure of how to exactly approach Cree on the subject of what exactly had happened; all she had going for her was Numbuh 1's recollection and her imagination of how Cree must have felt at that moment which, really, wasn't that much. But for now, it would have to be enough; she couldn't keep quiet about it any longer, and she was practically exploding with the urge to ask.

Show me how the world looks through your eyes

Tell me 'bout the sunrise

Let me see the stars shine

Show me how the world looks through your eyes

And I can show you how it looks through mine

Cree was in her room, lying on her belly on her bed, a pair of earphones clamped firmly on her ears, flipping boredly through a magazine. Her eyes were half-closed giving one the impression that she would fall asleep at any moment. Abby timidly walked into Cree's bedroom door, shaking slightly. She cleared her throat; Cree stirred, glancing up at her. Her eyes widened, and she pulled off her ear phones to let them rest around her neck.

"Abby? What is it?"

If I had wings, and I could fly

I would tell you all about the sky

How 'bout you? If dreams came true

What do you imagine you could do?

"Cree… can I ask you something? I won't talk in third person, I promise."

Cree slowly sat up, closing her magazine, watching Abby in confusion. "Um… okay. Go ahead."

"Remember what happened, three days ago? When I fell?"

"… Yes…"

"How did you feel? When I didn't get up, how did you feel? Numbuh 1… he told me, what he saw. But I wanna know from you."

"Why do you…?"

"Please, Cree. I've never asked you anything before."

Show me how the world looks through your eyes

Tell me 'bout the sunrise

Let me see the stars shine

Show me how the world looks through your eyes

And I could show you how it looks through mine

Cree chewed her lip. "Abby, that's a really hard question."

Abby seemed to shrink. She hung her head; after a moment, she sighed, nodding.

"I… I get it, Cree. It's… it's probably still hard to talk about for you." She stood there for a moment, then nodded, as though to herself.

"I guess I should beat it." She turned and began to walk out the door.

Cree's heart sank. "Abby, wait," she called. "Just… hold on a second. Please."

Abby paused, glancing back at her sister. "Yeah?"

"… Come over here."

And I could show you secret trails, where no one's ever gone

I bet you've got secrets to, so don't be shy

Come on, come on, come on

Come on and

Abby walked slowly to the bedside, climbing up onto it when Cree nodded. Without really thinking Abby crawled into Cree's lap; she had done it so many times when she had been small that it felt like second nature, and Cree didn't push her away. Instead, she gently wrapped her arms around her sister. She sighed softly.

"I don't… I don't know how to explain everything that I felt when you… fell."

"Can you try?"

Cree hesitated, gently playing with Abby's braid. Abby didn't push her. She just waited. After a moment, Cree took a deep breath.

"Well… there was guilt."


"Yes. I thought… when I got down there, I kept thinking it should have been me, not you. That if anyone had to die, it should have been me."


"Maybe die was to broad a word…"

Abby trembled, huddling closer to Cree. Small chills shook her body. She had never thought that Cree talking of death… of her dying… would make her feel this way. Cree blinked in surprise as Abby huddled closer.

Does me dying… does that scare her? Gently Cree rubbed her back, trying to soothe her.

"After the guilt… well, there was grief. When you didn't get up… I just wanted to scream. I couldn't believe it. And that's when I realized how stupid I'd been."

Abby looked up at her sister curiously. "Stupid?"

Cree nodded. "Yeah, stupid. I realized that by trying to please Father… by trying to get revenge on the Kids Next Door, I had lost the one thing that mattered the most. I lost my family." In a softer, almost hushed tone, she added, "I lost you."

Abby raised her head so her eyes met Cree's.

"You never lost me," she murmured. "We just… got disconnected for awhile."

Cree subconsciously held Abby closer. "Are we still disconnected now?"


Show me how the world looks through your eyes

Tell me 'bout the sunrise

Let me see the stars shine

Show me how the world looks through your eyes

And I could show you how it looks

Let me show you how it looks through mine

After a few minutes, Cree opened her mouth. She wanted to tell Abby so many things. She wanted to tell her she was sorry. She wanted to tell her that she was proud of her little sister. Most importantly, she wanted to tell Abby that she had left the fight. She wouldn't be on anyone's side anymore.



"We're not gonna fight anymore, right? I mean, not like before?"

Cree gently rested her chin on Abby's head, and Abby snuggled against her, closing her eyes, pulling her hat off to place it on Cree's head.

"Not anymore. I promise, Abby."

The End


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