Author's Note


Once again, sorry for not updating when I said I would, hee hee. Even after the story is complete I can't update an author's note on time.

Anyway, I must, once again, thank you all for your support and comments throughout this fanfiction. I doubt "Too Many Voices" would have continued had it not been for all of you. It truly has been a long journey and I laugh when I think back to when I first started this story and how it had changed and warped with each new chapter. To those reviewers who stuck with it the entire time, thank you so much for all your patience and amazing help. I know it is difficult to remain faithful to a fanfiction that is updated so irregularly, but with all your helpful feedback, ideas, and threats (haha) I managed to complete this beast of a fanfic.

For those that joined the story later, thank you for giving the thing a chance and reading the numerous chapters. I know it's hard to look at a story, see how many chapters it is and how long it will take to catch up, but go ahead and start reading anyway. Seeing that people looked past the many beginning errors and enjoyed the story anyway makes me so happy!

And speaking of errors, thank you for remaining patient as I planned the entire story as I wrote it. Yes, it is true I had only small ideas when I started this fanfic two years ago with no end in sight, but I knew I couldn't leave it hanging. Throughout the process, I asked my readers (all of you fine people) to give me ideas…because I had no idea where the hell I was going with it. And I'm sure many of you could see that, haha. In many parts of "Too Many Voices" the chapters do just drag along. Basically starting at chapter 28 and on…I really had no clue where I was going with this story. So, sorry for the lagging, kind of clueless attempts to keep "TMV" going. At the time, I also had some life issues I was trying to deal with (such as a creepy classmate stalker type thing) and a bedroom that was a constant 49 degrees (not the best room temperature for writing). I also decided to write three other fanfictions at the same time I was writing this one.

At the point when I started "Too Many Voices" I had not attempted a yaoi story yet. I was very shy to write such things and I feared the possible backlash at the idea of writing a GokuXVegeta. Surprisingly, I received very few negative comments. But, I did get very good feedback from both supporters of the couple, as well as from fans of Vegeta and Bulma. So, sorry again if I jumped back and forth from Vegeta and Goku to Vegeta and Bulma. I should have just picked one or the other and stuck with it, but it's not very often when both Goku and Bulma are picked in the end. I love Vegeta and Bulma fanfictions and I found it hard to tear them apart. I guess that's why the end turned out the way it did, with Vegeta choosing Bulma, but loving Goku at the same time.

"Too Many Voices" is funny because the plot just fell on me one day while I was at home. Without hesitation I sat down and started the first chapter. Normally, with all of my fanfics, the ideas tumble around in my head for a long time before I actually decide to write. But "TMV" hit me so hard I was too excited to wait and plan. This has taught me to be more patient from now on, so hopefully I don't procrastinate for 8 months in between chapters like I did for this story.

I found this story particularly fun to write because it gave me a chance to create completely original characters, while at the same time, not creating any characters that the readers would get bored with. I don't know about you, but I cannot stand reading fanfics where an entirely new character is introduced to the world of Dragonball and takes over the story. Using Vegeta, I created personas that were my unique idea, while at the same time, keeping them all characters the fans know. I wish I pushed the personas a bit more. Sometimes writing pure emotion gets difficult, but I think Vegeta's personality can be even more outrageous when raw emotion is in the picture. So, it was fun to use our favorite Saiyajin prince to create such wild, funny, angst-filled, sad, honest, charming, sexy....well you get it….personas.

As for the angst. Well…if you read my other stories, you should know by now…I love angst. I love it. I LOVE IT! But perhaps I did put a bit too much in. I am not an angsty person myself, so I can't really explain my fascination with such dark themes. I must say this, though: The angst and violent situations within my fanfictions are not true things I would ever want to see happen to real people. There is something about a character using pain from his past, no matter how horrific it is or was, and moving forward that inspires me in a way I cannot explain. I write such dark things about Vegeta because he's just an amazingly strong character to me. His past with Frieza acts as a muse to keep me writing. All the characters in my stories are, and always will be, fictional beings, and the cruel, dark violence I use to depict them are themes and storylines used only in my Fanfictions.

"Too Many Voices" was definitely a learning point for me. I go back and read the first few chapters and sometimes cringe at my writing errors. I truly hope that my skills got better as time went on, haha.

Now…time for the most important part of this After Word. I left the ending hanging on purpose. Yes, Goku still has a Vegeta persona within his mind, and yes there is still the evil and wild Kakarotto he must control. Vegeta loves both Bulma and Goku, but at different levels. There are many possible problems that must be dealt with. Perfect for a sequel, eh?

Will I be writing the sequel? No. But that doesn't mean you can't. I planned this about a year ago, because I knew that "Too Many Voices" would be far too long if I decided to fix Goku's mind and delve even deeper into his and Vegeta's relationship. And I'll be honest; I just don't know Goku well enough to do an entire story within his mind. And truly, I just can't do another "Too Many Voices." I have had other fanfic ideas in my head for two years that I must get started on. If I wrote a sequel, it would be very disappointing.

So here are the rules basically. I am giving anyone who wants it the opportunity to write a sequel. I don't imagine this will happen any time soon, or if it will happen at all, but the offer is out there. If you (any one of you) want to take a shot at writing a sequel to "Too Many Voices," whether it's a story about Goku's mind, or more problems with Vegeta, or even life after this mission, let me know. I'm serious. I want to know if you're writing one so I can read it, too! Also, give me credit for the original idea (as well as Toriyama, hee hee). I think people might be confused about a sequel if they haven't read the first one. Just say I wrote "Too Many Voices" and you're doing a sequel to it, so there's less confusion or possible outrage. And basically, don't plagiarize, haha. Meaning, don't copy and paste my entire story. If you do a sequel, use your own ideas and words. I DO NOT want to see a dozen word-for-word "Too Many Voices" out there.

And that's that. I am so very happy that people have read and liked my story. All of your helpful words and amazing feedback really inspired me and gave me the kick to continue. Sorry for all the delays throughout this journey, but your encouragement made this story complete. I will hopefully be starting my new fanfictions soon. Until then, don't be afraid to say hi and thank you all so much for everything.