This Is Not A Love Story

It's name may have come from a Public Image Ltd. song but that really has nothing to do with the story. Good band though check em out.

This takes place sometime after Remy and Rogue meet and before Rogue graduates high school. And Oh yeah, warning, this was not pre-written and I'm not sure the direction in which I'm going with this.

Disclaimer: I don't own characters, or basic scenerio, I'm just a bored person with Microsoft Word


Rogue sat huddled in that back corner of Baville's only existing bookstore completely wrapped up in The Da Vinci Code. Next to her room when Kitty was absent this was here favorite place to do nothing. It was quiet and it was a bookstore so it wasn't like she'd see anyone she knew there, plus you could read a book without spending a cent, just hide in the back near all the erotica.

"Hey, mah Chere" Said a deep voice above her. Rogue looked up. A tall brunette man dressed in a trench coat, jeans and a beater stood in front of her.

"What are yah doin' in a bookstore? Ah mean, it's not lahke yah can read." Rogue said without taking a second to think. She was naturally good at comebacks and Remy helped her exercise that talent.

"Remy can do anyt'ing dat Chere wants." The Cajun said with a smirk on his face. Rogue rolled her eyes and tried to go back to reading even though she knew Remy would make that impossible for her. "The Da Vinci Code, good book."

"So yah had someone read it to yah? Did yah understand all the big boy words?" Rogue asked. Remy rolled his eyes and sat on the floor of the bookstore next to her. Rogue sat and read a few sentences while Remy stared at her. She glanced over at Remy quickly to catch him looking away. But her didn't. His dark sunglasses stayed on her. "Really, why are you here?"

"Pietro, de car-less dumb-ass, forces Remy to drive'em here every week to pick up de new issue of his horny manga." Said Remy taking off his sunglasses, seeing that they were alone in the back of the store.

Rogue snorted at this. "Why don't yah just let him borrow your car?" She asked.

"Psh, Remy'd rather drive it off de bridge himself. But yah would think he wouldn't mind jus' walking, seein' as he can walk a mile in a split second."

"That's Peitro, for yah."

Remy smirked. "But, yah know Remy won't mind it so much if he get to see Chere here."

"Thirty eight seconds." Said Rogue.

"Huh?" Remy asked.

"Since the last pick-up line you spit out, thirty eight seconds."

Remy shrugged. "Remy ain't feelin' his best today."

Rogue shook her head. "You're a conceited immature bastard."

"So do you love Remy despite or because of that?" Remy asked.

Rogue rolled her eyes. It wasn't that she liked Remy bothering her like this, but it gave her someone to insult. "My point exactly."

Pietro stumbled into the isle in which the spat was going on clutching a comic book that had an animated schoolgirl on the cover with two D cups and plaid skirt that was yanked up past her ass. "Remy c'mon" He whined.

"Y'know it'd be cheaper if yah jus' jerked off in de store, rather than buy it and jerk off at home." Said Remy standing up.

Pietro ignored Remy's comment when he saw Rogue on the floor. He smirked. "Hey, Roguey." He said devilishly.

"Go screw yourself." Rogue muttered.

Remy smirked. "It be funny cause dats jus' what Petey was goin' to do."

"Hey! I read this for the plot." Defended Pietro.

"Sure, you 'read' it." Said Remy, dragging Pietro towards the cash register. He turned back to Rogue for a second. "Au Revoir, Mon Chere, Remy'll be seeing you in his dreams." He said blowing her a kiss.

"Get lost, Swamprat."


Rogue returned to the Xavier institute that night having finished The Da Vinci Code. It was, like Remy had said, a good book. Kitty was sitting at the computer desk IMing about eight people and squealing like a little girl every few minutes. Rogue was lying on her bed doing French homework when Kitty jumped out of her seat and squealed even louder and more hi-pitched than her usual squeals.

"So Ah'm gonna ask yah what's up since you'll probably tell meh anyway." Rogue said sitting up. Kitty smiled happily.

"Josh Dawson just asked me to the Semi!" (Semiformal dance, I don't know if anyone else calls them that.) She yelled. Rogue was generally frightened by Kitty's normal amount of enthusiasm, but this was disturbing.

"Oh my, like, god!" Mocked Rogue and she went back to her French. She should've known it was a boy. That's all it ever was with Kitty.

Kitty sighed and walked over to Rogue. "Oh, Come on, Rogue. He's the hottest boy in school."

"He asked meh how to spell 'sugar' last week." Said Rogue blankly.

"Seriously?" Kitty asked frowning. Rogue nodded. "Well, whatever, that's not the point. He's gorgeous and an awesome football player! And he just asked me to semi." Said Kitty proudly.

"Because that's all that matters in lihfe, who yah went to a dance with in high school." Said Rogue sarcastically. "Kitty, Ah'm serious yah've got an acute case of boy-feveh."

"Rogue, like, you're not interested in boys."

"Not at the moment." Said Rogue. Kitty's mouth dropped. Rogue sighed. "It's just all the boy's at our age are only interested in one thing."

"Fine, I'll give you that the majority of high school boys are just horny bastards, but not Josh Dawson."