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12 - The Deal

The next night Rogue changed three times. She'd never been on a date before, other than the two Remy'd weaseled her into, and she didn't know how it all worked. Kitty assured her she looked fine though.

Rogue looked the other goth up and down as he stood in the front door of the institute. His hair was jet black and combed over his eyes in an emo fashion but Rogue could over look that. He wore black bondage pants with chains that clanged when he walked, a black t-shirt that read, "It can't rain all the time" (1) and a black leather jacket. Rogue glanced at his hands and smirked. Along with a couple skull rings he had on black nail polish. It'd be a breeze getting him in some eyeliner.

After awkwardly greeting eachother Jack and Rogue both glanced over to Josh and Kitty who were eating each other's faces.

"Yah wanna go?" Jack asked in a low voice.

"Sure." Said Rogue following him. Kitty pulled away from Josh to give Rogue a wink as the two Goths walked away.

"I hate getting set up by friends," Muttered Jack to her as they walked down the street.

Rogue smirked. "Me to."

"Of course, this isn't so bad."

"Nah," Said Rogue. Did he just say this "isn't so bad"? Whatever, Ah didn't expect him to ride up on a white horse and sweep meh off mah feet, the horse would mess up his whole color scheme.


Once again Rogue's expectations where right when Jack pulled her into a little musty bar. It was dirty as hell and probably home to a family of rats, maybe some cockroaches. And it wasn't a surprise who she spotted in the back at one of the pool tables.

The Australian looked drunk off his ass and was standing on the pool table screeching the lyrics to Highway To Hell, which was playing on the Jukebox, while the Russian was trying to pull him off the table and the Cajun was just laughing.

Rogue cringed. "Uh, hey," She said to Jack who seemed quite at home. "Yah wanna go somewhere else, its kind of crowded in here." Said Rogue looking around at the eight or so people in the bar.

"Not really, besides this is the only place that'll serve minors."

"but- Started Rogue.

"Relax, they never card anybody."

Rogue reluctantly walked over to a table and sat down while Jack got their drinks. She made sure to pick the table that was farthest from the sight of her Cajun idiot.

It was going to be a long night and all she'd be thinking about was him. Not that he or his drunk friends were any interest, she was just dreading him seeing her and them both wondering weather they should just ignore each other or do the whole small talk thing.

Jack returned with their drinks and Rogue realized that she'd forgot to tell him what she wanted.

"What is this?" She asked looking at the drink that'd been put in front of her.

"Scotch." Said Jack taking a sip of his own drink.

Rogue smirked when she remembered what Remy had done to her at the concert. She might have been mad about it then but now it did seem funny. She still didn't drink it though.

"Yah wanna play pool?" Jack asked getting up.

"uh...umm." Said Rogue looking over at the three Acolytes on the opposite end of the bar. "Ah'm not that good." She managed to spit out.

Jack rolled his eyes. "I'll teach you."

Rogue's mind moaned as she stomped over to the pool tables behind Jack. The stomping got some attention and she caught the eye of the Cajun. He just glanced at her, but it was long enough for recognition.

Great, Thought Rogue, Now he knows Ah'm here, and that Ah know he's here, and that Ah know that he knows Ah'm here.

He didn't come over though. He was too busy with John, who was trying to see how many pool balls he could stuff in his mouth.

After an extensive speech from Jack on the rules and how to play the game of pool, Rogue got three balls in on her first turn. The truth was that she and Logan played almost every day and she was the only person in the mansion who even rivaled him in it.

Through out the game she was distracted though. She kept looking across the room at the Acolytes catching glances from Remy who seemed as distracted as she did.

Jack went through a couple drinks quickly and wobbled over to the bar to get another refill and Rogue sat down on the table waiting for him to come back. She couldn't wait for the night to end, she'd beaten him three times all while her mond was focused on the Cajun across the room.

As she was playing with the laces on her Converses she heard footsteps behind her. Her whole body went stiff, she knew who it was.

"Hey," He muttered in a low voice. She turned around still sitting on the table and looked at him.

"Hey," She said back.

"Who's you're date?" Remy asked.

"He's not mah date." Lied Rogue. So he was going to do the small talk thing, was he?

"So is it common for yah to go out to bars with strange men?" He asked with a smirk. He looked over to where Jack was begging the bartender for another beer. "And one with a nose ring no less."

Rogue rolled her eyes impatiently. "What do yah want?"

Remy shrugged. "Nothing, just thought dat Remy should probably say hi so we can quit avoiding each other's glance."

"Well, Hi."

Just then Jack walked over with another round that he set on the table.

"Hey," He said. "You two know each other." He asked the two of them. Well actually his question was a bit more slurred but that was what he meant. Remy nodded but Rogue interrupted him before he could say anything.

"Remy was leaving, right?"

Remy looked at her for a second then nodded and walked back over to the other two Acolytes.

"Were'd you meet a guy like that?" Jack asked noticing the other two men who were with him, a red head who was hopping from pool table to pool table and a 6 foot 6 Russian with muscles stretching his shirt.

Rogue shrugged. "Around." She figured she could probably tell him exactly who they were and who they worked for and he'd just forget the next day.

Rogue didn't even have to try to win the next game, after two more drinks Jack was ready to fall over. But as much as Rogue tried to persuade him that it was late or he'd had enough he wouldn't leave the bar.

So at least an hour later Rogue lay on the top of the pool table counting the tiles on the ceiling. Jack was rambling about something. She wouldn't have understood his slurred words if tried to listen.

Kitty is gonna get it when I get home. Thought Rogue evilly. At that very moment she felt a hand on her shoulder and looked up to see Jack leaning in towards her lips. Despite the fact she'd kill him if he touched her she really didn't want her lips anywhere near his, or any other part of his body. She winced at an image that popped into her head and quickly did the only she could think of: Push him the hell off her.

"What the hell?" He spit out. "I take you out, buy you a drink, and you can't even stand to kiss me?"

"No, not really." Said Rogue staring at the drunk.

"You dirty little –

Rogue didn't let him finish the insult. She landed a punch right on his left eye. He fell on the floor and Rogue turned right around and marched out of the bar.

Steam was shooting from her ears. She paced around the sidewalk in front of the bar for a second trying like hell not to scream. She hated guys like that. This if you don't put out or anything that some how makes you a slut.

When she heard the front door of the bar swing open behind her she didn't bother to look and just launched her fist at the man exiting the bar. Of course she regretted it the second she saw who it was. Luckily Remy dodged it and her fist just hit air.

She just turned away from him and continued to pace around the sidewalk.

"Hey," He said uneasily, he really didn't want her fist flying towards his face again.

"What?" She snapped. Remy didn't answer. Again, he didn't want her fist flying towards his face.

He sighed and resorted to the obvious. "Dat guys a jerk."

"Yeah? Yah're one to talk." Rogue muttered.

Remy was about to snap back but stopped himself. Again, the fist thing. Plus she was right. He sighed. "Yah got meh there, but at least Ah apologized."

Rogue spun around. "Yah nevah –

"Ah'm sorry."

Rogue sighed and sat down on the sidewalk. "Fihne, whatevah."

"Does 'fihne whatevah' mean yah forgive meh?" Remy asked.

Rogue sighed again. "Yes" She said like it was torture. Remy smirked and sat down next to her.

"So it seems Ah have a nag for going out with jackasses, huh?" Said Rogue bitterly.

"Hey, Remy just apologized."

Rogue rolled her eyes. "Ah know."

"Serious question?" Asked Remy.

"Shoot." Said Rogue staring at the pavement.

"Why did go out with Prince Charming back dere? Ah mean he's obviously yah're type, but c'mon."

"Ah dunno, why'd yah sleep with 'Claire'." Said Rogue mocking her name.

"Well, Chere." Remy started. Rogue noticed the use of her nickname. "Remy was so worked up over yah he had to get out his frustration somehow, seeing as you wouldn't let him."

Rogue smirked. "Yah know, Ah'm not gonna answer seriously if you don't."

Remy laughed. "Dat was the truth."

Rogue sighed. "Kitty set us up on the basis that we're both obsessed with the same musicians."

"Yah still didn't have to go out with him." Said Remy. She wasn't gonna weasel her way out of admitting it this time. "Besides what happened to the whole you not wanting to date thing?"

"Ah still feel that way, I just…" She trailed off. "Ah dunno."

"That's no way to live."

Rogue snorted. "Neither is sleeping with random strangers."

Remy nodded. He knew she was right, but so was he. "Fine, Remy'll make you a deal."

Rogue sighed, expecting Remy's usual flirtatious remark, which she got.

"Ah'll stop sleeping with random strangers, if yah go out wit' meh."

Rogue rolled her eyes. "That's hardly a fair deal."

"How's dat? We both stop doing the things we shouldn't be."

"You really expect meh to believe that yah're willin' to give up yah're beloved one-night-stands for a relationship with no sex at all? Cause with meh that whole 'physical touch' thing's kinda complicated."

Remy smirked at the goth. "Remy can think of a couple ways around dat issue."

"Yah have a dirty mind." Said Rogue shaking her head.

"One date." Said Remy. "And if yah still feel the way yah do about the whole dating thing den fine, yah can go back to yah life as a hermit."

Rogue rolled her eyes at that but sighed. She looked at the smiling Cajun for a long second while she considered it. "One date." She said. "Just one,"

"Well actually," Started Remy. "It'll be more like a third date, if yah consider the first two, fourth if yah consider the concert,"

"And ignore the fact yah slept with the bartender." Added Rogue.

"Fine, Third."

"Alright," Agreed Rogue.