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Summary: In the wizarding world, Harry is still the Boy Who Lived, yet Voldemort is gone for good and Harry's in his fifth year. Now that Harry lives with his godfather, Sirius Black, all is grand, until a mysterious prophecy sends Harry and his friends to partner with a most unusual ally; Danny Phantom.

Chapter One: Strange Words

Harry grinned at the freckled before him. "Three… two… one…"

"Harry! Ron! I've been looking all over for you!" Cried a girl, bursting into their compartment. "I couldn't find you anywhere… Harry, is that your invisibility cloak? You weren't deliberately hiding from me, were you?"

"No Hermione, of course not," said Ron, barely able to stifle his laughter. "We just adore sitting in a compartment invisible, and it just so happens Harry forgot to tell you we were here."

"Ron…" Harry mock-threatened his friend.

"Oh, move over," said Hermione and forced her way between the two boys. An orange cat with bowlegs and a squashed face, which very much resembled a pug, trotted inside the compartment before Hermione closed the door.

"God, you've still got that vulgar cat," Ron grumbled, glaring at the beast. It matched his gaze ferociously.

"Crookshanks is not vulgar," Hermione snapped and the cat growled at Ron. "So, Harry how was your summer?"

"For once, it was great," Harry replied, smiling. "Without my elephant cousin pummeling me every day, and especially being able to fly my Firebolt every morning. Did you know Sirius used to play Quiddich? He's really good actually."

"That's really great Harry," said Hermione.

"And do you know what a relief it is to be able to see you without flying a car into your house?" grinned Ron. "I don't think I could stand being grounded again."

"Harry isn't the only reason you get grounded Ron. I wish I could have seen you Harry, but my parents really wanted to see France," Hermione looked down guiltily. "I got to tour some amazing wizarding villages though."

Harry perked up at this. "I wonder if they have a wizards school there."

"Of course they do. Do you mean to tell me you've never heard of Beaubatons?" Hermione snapped, acting once again like it was common knowledge.

"Hey, I think I've heard of that place," Ron said. "It's French, right?"

Hermione slapped her forehead. "Why do I even bother with you two?" She buried her nose in the book Hogwarts, A History, even though she had read it nine times before.

"Hey Ron? Do you think we'll have our first normal year this go?" Harry asked. "I mean, one without basilisks and young Voldemorts and homicidal killers popping out of nowhere?"

"Well, as far as I know, why would You-Know-Who keep more than one diary, even if he was psychotic? And Wormtail's locked up in Azkaban, which only Sirius was able to get out of. Don't they have Pewee in chains that change with the size of his body, so even if he did turn into Scabbers, he couldn't crawl away?"

Harry nodded, and mentally laughed at Ron's new nickname for his rat, which turned out not to even be a rat, but a follower of Voldemort named Peter Pettigrew. In their third year, he had tried to kill Harry and avenge his master, but luckily did not succeed.

There was a knock on the glass of the door. Harry, who sat the closest, slid it open to reveal Neville Longbottom, a shy sort of kid who was highly talented at herbology.

"Hi, Harry! Um, have you seen Trevor? He ran off again, and I haven't seen him since I got on the train."

"Sorry, Neville, I haven't-" Harry stopped as he heard a shrill scream from down the aisle.

"Get it off me!" A cried.

"Sally, it's just a toad," came another voice.

"Trevor!" Neville said gleefully and ran off towards the commotion.

The Hogwarts Express pulled up in the station at Hogsmeade. Harry looked up joyfully at the castle that could just be seen twinkling in the distance.

"Harry!" a voice called, and a massive figure appeared. He had to be at least nine feet tall and his face was almost completely covered in long, dark hair.

"Hagrid!" Harry gasped through his friend's mighty embrace. "Good to see you too."

"Just sad I weren't be seein' much o' ya this year. Oops! I wuddn't supposed to tell ya that… Oh, Dumbledore'll fill ya in on all the details. Don't worry, yer not in trouble."

"Hagrid, what's going on?" Harry questioned.

"Be patient, Harry, and get on one of them carriages before ya miss 'em."

Harry walked a ways to where a dozen horseless carriages awaited. He found the one that Ron and Hermione were on and climbed inside. "Sorry Hedwig," he mumbled as the owl squawked in protest at his actions. "Why don't you just…" he opened the latch on her cage and the snowy owl flew off in the direction of the school, sure to settle in the owlry.

"Guys?" Harry said, and quickly sat down as the carriage lurched forward, pulled by some invisible force. "Something weird is going on. Hagrid just said he won't be seeing much of me this year, and that Dumbledore wants to talk to me."

"Hmm…" Hermione furrowed her eyebrows. "You don't think he's going to send you somewhere, do you? I hope something's not wrong. But if it were, why wouldn't they just send a more experienced wizard to handle it? I mean, you may be clever Harry, and pretty strong-"

"Hermione, shut up," Ron interrupted. "You're really getting ahead of yourself. Harry, Dumbledore wouldn't put you in danger. Though he could be more addled than he looks…" He shut up at a glare from the others.

"C'mon, let's not make false assumptions," Hermione said. Ron scoffed and Harry raised an eyebrow at her. "Like Hagrid said, Dumbledore will talk to you about it."

"Yeah…" Harry sighed and leaned back. "I was just hoping for once to have a normal year."

"Harry, at Hogwarts, nothing is normal."

The trio walked into the front hall and stared happily at their familiar surroundings. They put down their trunks, which would be taken up to their house dormitories during the welcome feast.

They started to follow the rest of the students into the Great Hall, but were stopped by Professor McGonagall.

"Mr. Potter, Mr. Weasley, Miss Granger. Dumbledore wishes to speak to you three in his office. Please follow me."

McGonagall started up the grand staircase to where Dumbledore's office awaited on the second floor. The teens followed reluctantly.

"Professor?" Harry asked. "You wouldn't happen to know what this is about, would you?"

"I think it's better if the Headmaster tells you himself, Potter," was the reply.

The group came to an ugly statue of a gargoyle and stopped. "Pumkin Pasty," pronounced McGonagall and the statue came to life, jumping sideways to reveal a staircase.

They entered a very cluttered room, full of books, twirling objects, and portraits of sleeping headmasters of the past. Dumbledore himself sat at the desk farther in. Harry looked up hopefully as he saw that Sirius Black stood at the man's shoulder. Sirius nodded slightly at Harry, and then motioned for them to sit down.

The trio took the three seats in front of Dumbledore nervously.

"Harry, it's good to see you again. Now, I know you are probably wondering what this is about. Minerva, would you give the welcome speech to the other students?" he asked McGonagall. She nodded and left the room.

"Just yesterday, Professor Trelawney had her third true premonition. I was just lucky enough to have carried with me a quill and parchment at that very moment. This is what she stated:

In the land across the sea, a new power rises.

A force greater than the Dark Lord, yet already dead.

Only the halfa, who dwells in each world,

And his twin who has Lived and cheated death

Can defeat this new evil and reunite the earth in Amity.

It seems to me that we are dealing with a ghost. Harry, you are in the prophecy, as the Boy Who Lived. We believe that the land it speaks of is America, and after researching ghosts in that country, only two places appeared with high ghost activity; Dairy, Wisconsin, and Amity Park, Illinois. Hence, reunite the earth in Amity."

"Harry, I'll be going with you," said Sirius. "To help you fight this creature."

"You can't be serious," said Harry, shocked. "A ghost can't take over the world. They can't even touch us."

Dumbledore frowned. "You haven't talked of this in class yet, but the ghosts that haunt the halls of Hogwarts are benign, and non-active. Thus, they phase right through us and leave us unharmed. But there are such things as active ghosts, usually evil, though very rare. Harry, I wish there was some other way to fight this."

"But you can't even be sure it's me that Trelawney was talking about. And she said it was more powerful than Voldemort!" Harry stood up. "Shouldn't you be sending a bunch of senior wizards to fight it, instead of three kids!"

"Harry," said Sirius calmly. "Don't forget that America isn't wizardless; every magical being there will know your face. You will not be alone. And I know you three can accomplish anything when you set your mind to it."

Harry looked pleadingly at Sirius, wishing that his godfather could make the whole thing disappear. He had just escaped from Voldemort's past to enter into a more horrid future. And he didn't feel this way often, but he was scared. He was even shaking as he lowered himself back into his chair. Hermione took his hand and he looked at her gratefully.

"Miss Granger, your parents will be accompanying you. Who better to help you adapt to the muggle world than two muggles themselves? And, as you already know, you are allowed to use magic around them. I know you and Harry will fit in fine, but Ronald and Sirius grew up in two pure wizarding families, so it will be completely foreign to them.

You are to 'catch a plane' tomorrow morning. The Hogwarts Express will take you back to Kings Cross Station tonight. Your main concern when you arrive in Amity Park is to find this 'halfa' that the prophecy speaks of. He is the key."

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