Chapter 1-Naruto's Blood Line and Hidden Strength

One summer day it was training time. The three genins were there but something was wrong with their blonde hair teammate. He was quiet the whole morning which concerned his other teammates. "Ne Naruto? Is something wrong?" asked Sakura. Naruto just shrugged not answering her question.

'Hey Kit." said Kyuubi. 'What now fox?' asked Naruto annoyed. He definitely wasn't in the mood to talk to the great nine tails. 'You do know that you have to tell them some day. That you're an Uchiha and that you have one of the greatest blood line the Sharingan with four pupils. Also that you are the Fourth Hokage's son.' said Kyuubi. Naruto just ignored him. Then Kakashi came saying, "Sorry I was lost on the road of-…" but he was cut off by Naruto saying, "Can we start training now?"

This shocked the others. "Did Naruto say what I thought he said?" asked Kakashi. Naruto scoffed. Sasuke stared at his rival/friend curiously. He has never seen him act like this before. Kakashi cleared his throat and said, "Very well…Sasuke you'll spar with Sakura. Naruto with me." Sakura looked at him like he was kidding.

She could never harm her precious Sasuke-kun. Naruto merely nodded and then they took a spar. Kakashi threw a punch at Naruto but Naruto vanished. They were shocked. How could he increase his speed so fast? Then Naruto appeared kicking Kakashi on his side.

"Looks like I have no choice." said Kakashi. Then he took his forehead protector up and revealed Sharingan. Naruto smirked and said, "I knew you were going to use that soon Kakashi-sensei." This confused them. Then Naruto covered his eyes with his hair and Kyuubi asked, "Are you going to use it?"

"Do I have a choice?" replied Naruto. Kyuubi shrugged. Then he looked up to reveal Sharingan in his eyes. 'No way.' thought the three. In his eyes were four pupils except for three. Naruto made some hand seals then said, "Juuryoku Dangan!" Kakashi eyes widen and he dodged it as fast as he can. As he looked up he saw Naruto gone. 'What the? The Sharingan should've seen him move' thought Kakashi. Then he felt someone punch him in the gut. He looked down to see Naruto.

Kakashi was blown back until he was hit by a tree. Naruto's eyes then turned back to normal. "Eh? How did you do that Naruto?" asked Sakura. Naruto shrugged then said, "I'll let you train Sasuke now Kakashi-sensei. I need to meet with my other sensei anyway. See ya!"

Then he was replaced by black feathers. "That's weird." commented Sasuke. Then they resumed training. Meanwhile, Naruto was heading towards the lake. "There you are Naruto." said the frog sannin Jiraiya. Naruto just waved his hand in greeting. Jiraiya then said, "Let's take it from the top." Naruto nodded. Then they got to training right away.

Sakura was watching Sasuke and Kakashi sparring but she kept thinking about her blonde teammate.

'Something seems weird about him today' thought Sakura. "Hey Sakura!" yelled Kakashi. Sakura snapped back to reality and asked, "What Kakashi-sensei?" "Can you stay here with Sasuke until I come back? I need to check up Naruto." replied Kakashi.

Sakura nodded as Kakashi disappeared in a puff of smoke. Naruto heard Kakashi coming and said, "Jiraiya-sama Kakashi-sensei is coming. I don't want him to find out about you yet." Jiraiya nodded then vanished. Kakashi then appeared and asked, "Are you all right Naruto? You seemed to be concentrating on something else."

Naruto replied, "I'm fine Kakashi-sensei. I'm just having a lot on my mind a lot lately." Kakashi nodded but not buying his excuse. Then Kakashi vanished leaving Naruto alone.