The Dark Demoness

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Chapter 1

It was a dark night darker then most and a girl who's about sixteen came lapping from tree to tree. In her forest called the dark forest most demons could never survive there. But she lived there her whole life by her self. It got lonely some times but when that happened she would find demons who ventured in her forest and she would go on a kill them all and then she would forget about her loneliness. She was miserable. She never smiled. And she had scars all over her body and face but she was still beautiful. With short brown hair and hazel eyes and her skin was tan witch was unusable because she lived in a place were the sun never shines and most of her time she spends in her cave. And she wares a black ninja top and a skirt with armor on it and gold swirls on it.. then she comes out at night to kill any one who dares trespass on her territory. But this night was deferent she could feel it in the wind. So when she was on patrol looking to see if anything was out of normal. "Hmm I don't see any thing that's unusable here". "I wonder if the old lady was right about tonight". "Looks like am going to have to visit her at her village". With that she lap to the nearest tree branch. And went to the old ladies village witch was near the dark forest. She was a mysteries women. Who had told her this night would change her life forever. "Hmm". "Looks like she was wrong about tonight". She continued towards the village. Finally she got there but what she saw was that the village was in ruins ever thing was destroyed. "What could have happened here"? "I wonder". "Huh? Oh my dear you came back"!

"Old lady what happened here"?

"Some demons attack us from the west".

"Hmm I see but why would they attack this poor village aren't the west rich or something"?

"I don't know but please. I beg you help my village". The old lady beg.

"Old hag I wouldn't care about a bounce of humans like you"! "Why should I help you for"?

"I'll give you anything please"! On her knees

"But you lied to me you said tonight my life would change forever! But nothing out of ordinary happened tonight"!

"Please Lilith am begging you. You must be patient. It might be tonight or tomorrow it could be any night".

"Please help me! Please". She starts to cry.

"Fane old hag! I'll help just stop crying"!

"Thank you Lilith am very grateful to you".

"Yeah. Yeah just tell me were the crops are so I can Bering them back from the dead". She said in a annoyed tone.

"Very will follow me there right in this hut". She walked in the hut Lilith followed.

"Huh what is this"! Lilith screamed

"Ha. Ha .Ha! You filed for it demon". She pulled something out of her kimono and put it on Lilith it absorbs in her skin and she was paralyzed.

"What! Why you! How dare you. When I get unanalyzed am going to kill you old hag"!

"But am not old and am not a women". She turns into a demon man with black hair and gray eyes and scars on his faces. And his warring kind of like knight armor with a black cape and hood.

"What! Who are you and what did you do to the old hag? You psycho path"! "And what are you going to do with me"!

"Well aren't we fistic. And don't worry I killed the old lady and ever one in this village and you shall make a nice gift to my lord".

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