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"Well Inu Yasha. I guess this is good bye". Kagome said hugging him.

"What you mean to tell me you have that guy as your mate". Inu Yasha said pointing at Gin Ryu glaring at him.

"Yup there mates now". Suma smiled at him.

"I can't believe this". Inu Yasha sighed.

"Well I guess we shall be going to". Sango and Miroku said has they left with Shippo and went back to there village.

"Since the war is over were going to be heading out too". Koga told them holding Jades hand.

"Yeah were going to make a new pack". Jade told them with a blush.

"Make sure you guys visit". Suma said waving to them as they left.

"Bye". Kagome said as she left with Gin Ryu.

"Well. I guess it time to head back to the North". Lady Sesura said holding Darens hand.

"Yes well see you guys around". Daren smiled at them as he and Lady Sesura left as well.

"Well there gone. So what do we do now"? Suma asked him.

"Well for now we'll stay here". Inu Yasha told her crossing his arms.

"You're going to stay here". Suma said a bit shocked.

"Well only if you are". Inu Yasha told her with a blush.

Suma smiled at him.

"Umm. Do you want to be my mate"? Inu Yasha asked.

"Sure I'll love to be your mate". Suma told him. Inu Yasha smiled at her and bit her neck. Blood started to come out and Inu Yasha licked it up, so it will heal faster.

He then gently kissed her on the lips. She kissed him back. Meanwhile.

Sesshomaru woke up.

"Oh good your up". Lilith smiled at him.

"I assume we won". Sesshomaru said getting up.

"Of cores we did". Lilith told him.

"Are you and the pup ok"? he asked.

"Were fine but what's going to happen to the east"? Lilith asked.

"Lady Gena is unable to take over. I'll find someone else". Sesshomaru told her. Walking to a door.

"Were are you going"? she asked him.

"Come with me". He said looking at her. She slowly got up and walked beside him. He unlocked the door and opened it.

He walked in. she slowly followed him.

This room had weapons hanging on the walls and chests everywhere. It was a dark room.

Lilith looked around the room.

"This is my collation room". Sesshomaru told her.

She didn't say anything she was to busy looking at all the net stuff.

"My father used to collect stuff in here". Sesshomaru told her.

"Why did he lock it"? She asked.

"So thefts won't come and take them". Sesshomaru told her.

"They can acetyl get past all the grand's in the castle". Lilith asked looking at him now.

"Some do but we always caught them but it never hurt to be safe". He told her opening one of the chest.

He took out a necklace. It had a sliver crescent moon on it with gold stars around it.

"This was my mothers but I want you to have it". Sesshomaru said putting it around her neck.

"But I can't take this". Lilith said a bit shocked.

"It's yours now". He told her.

She looked at him and smiled.

"Thank you". She told him.

They walked out of the room. Sesshomaru locked it back up and then the left there room, they went to the garden. Were Rin was playing with Nori. Hikirau and Elyra were watching her.

"Oh Lord Sesshomaru Lady Lilith your ok now". Rin said running to them.

"Yeah were fine now". Lilith smiled at her.

Rin smiled back an put more flowers on Nori.

"Well at lest she happy. Oh by the way you guys Elyra is going to have a kid". Hikirau told them calmly.

"What"! Lilith shouted a bit shocked.

"I'm going to have a baby". Elyra said with a blush.

"Looks like everything is fainlly peaceful". Sesshomaru said with a sigh.

"Yes. It dose". Lilith smiled at him.

"So now what"? She asked him.

"Now we shall see what happens in the future". Sesshomaru told her.

"Did I tell you guy that I'm going to be a dad". Hikirau jumped up and down. Swimming with Nori.

"Yes you have". Both Lilith and Sesshomaru sighed.

"That means you guys are going to be an ant and an uncle". Hikirau told them.

"You don't have to keep reminded them that I'm going to have a baby". Elyra said crossing her arms.

Takashi and Liyah walked out.

"Hey did you guys here I'm going to be a dad"! Hikirau shouted.

"Really congratulations". Takashi told him.

"Thanks". Hikirau said as her got out of the water.

Liyah smiled and looked at Takashi.

"What"? Takashi asked.

"I want a baby too". She told him.

"What you do". Takashi said with a blush.

"Yes. Don't you won't one"? She asked him.

"Of course I do". He told her.

"Lets go make one". She said with a blush holding Takashi hand. As she walked. Takashi had a blush on as he walked with her.

"Looks like everything will be just fine". Lilith said with a smile.

"Yes it will". Sesshomaru said kissing her.


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